Jeremy and Amanda


"Thanks so do you. And your wearing that smell again. " I said as I twirled around and put my face in his chest. I looked up at him He kissed me passionatly and slowly grabbing my ass and massaging it. God was he so cute I thought to myself as I shivered. We broke the kiss and he said," Your ass feels. . . . . and looks good tonight" as he looked over my shoulder at my perfectly plump cute ass. "So you wanna go watch our movie?" He said as he rubbed my back. "Yea, I got Harry Potter, Is that ok?" I said as I giggled and cutesly ran up the stairs to our movie area. Jeremy followed short behind me. He grabed my wrist and said "Come here you. " as he picked me up and layed me on the couch.

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   I wrapped my legs around his waist and began kissing him. He broke the kiss and said " MM damn you look good Amanda""Thanks your so sweet. " I said still holding onto him. "Maybe I should get up and put the movie in?" Giggling. "Yea, maybe you should. " He said smileing. I got up and went to the tv. I bent down making sure he could see my cherry red thong hanging out just a little. I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was looking and i bent down farther. Once the movie was put in and the tv turned on I slowly and sudictivly walked over to him and sit close to him swinging my legs over his lap. I looked at him, smiled and then looked at the movie. I saw that hes still staring at me and looking me up and down. " What you lookin at babe?" I said sweetly" You, all of you" He said rubbing my legs and the insides of my thighs. I felt his cock twich in his pants. Jeremy and I had never done anything before with eachother, we were both a little experienced but I was still nervous.

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  "Oh, well why dont you feel a little more?" I said as I moved his hand to my hips and scooted closer to him. "I like that. " he said beginning to feel my sides and curves down to my ass and to the top of my inner thighs. He grabbed my head with his other hand and began to kiss me slowly and passionatly with just the right amount of tounge. I pulled him slowly on top of me and felt his hard throbbing cock through his pants. He broke the kiss and began to look at my body underneath him. He slowly began to rub his right hand underneath my shirt tale. He looked back up at me and looked me in the eyes. I nodded and he slowly pulled my shirt up to see my perfect erect tits sitting high on my chest and my perfect pink nipples round and pointy from all the excitment and the chill of the room. "Oh Amanda. " He said just gazing at them. "MM let me have them. " He said as he went down and began sucking and pulling on them. "Mm Jeremy" I said as I rubbed his brown hair. I felt his cock twitch and I knew he wanted it touched.

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   I pushed him up off me and sat up on my knees on the couch. I kissed him and began to unbukle his pants and pulled them down slightly. Still haveing my tits exposed his carassed them softly and sucked on them as much as he could. "Amanda!?" My mom shouted. "Oh shit. " I said as I pulled my shirt down. "Stay here. ""Yea mom?" I asked as I stood at the top of the movie stairs. "Im goin to the store, your dads in the garage if you need anything ok?""Ok mom thanks" I said as I looked over my shoulder and began to laugh. I walked back over to Jeremy and straddled him letting him pull my shirt back up over my head. "You like my tits don't you babe?" I said sudicivly. "MMM hell yea baby, I love em. " He said as he massaged them and pinched my nipples. "So where were we?" I asked as I grinded him a little and got down on my knees in front of him. " You want me to rub it dont you baby?" I asked pulling his boxers down.

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  "Amanda what has gotten into you?" Jeremy said looking at me. "You've never done this before. ""Do you want me to stop?" I asked with a dissaponted face. "No No I dont Im just happy that you want to touch it. ""MM I want to touch it all over. " I said as I began to stroke his dripping cock. "Yea stroke my cock baby, Thats it, mm thats so nice. " He said as he leaned his head back and relaxed. I had only given a handjob once and was a little nervous I wouldnt do it right and not make him cum. But I gave it my best shot. I began to stroke it harder and faster pulling it up and pushing it down. "MM rub it just like that Amanda" Jermey said as my hand rubbed the precum all over his cock. His cock was at least 8 inchs and soo thick. I rubbed my clit with my other hand and began moaning. As my pleasure increased I began to rub his cock harder and faster.

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   Jeremy slowly lifted his head and began to watch me play with his throbbing member in my hand. I looked up at him and began to jack it faster and harder till my hand became a blurr. "Ohh, Ohh, Manda. Jack my dick. Yea" He said as he leaned his head back and moaned loudly. "Yea you like when I stroke your huge dick baby?" I asked sudicivly. "Ohh fuck yea, babe don't stop. " He said as I began to jack it harder. All of a sudden he lifted his head and his balls tightened and ropes of hot cum came shooting out of his dick. "uhhhh. . . . . .

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  . . . . . yea. " He lifted his eyes and looked at me. Seeing that I had a little bit of cum dripping from my mouth. "Where did it go?" He asked as he looked around. "I ate it. " I said sweetly as i gave him a sexy look. "Damn Amanda" he said as he began to squeeze the rest of the cum out of his dick. "MMMM" i said as i licked it off the hole. Jeremy picked me off the floor and layed me on the couch. "Now its my turn.

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  "This is only a part of my first story. Please comment. Not to harsh but constructive. And please dont jump all over me if a word or two is spelled wrong. This isnt going into a damn book. ThanksManda.