Just Desserts - Part 2


Pulling him into a sitting position with his head buried in her chest, they rocked together, Daniel enjoying the sensation of his hard cock against the smooth walls of her pussy. Sarah’s eyes were downcast as she watched his shaft slip in and out of her, becoming slicker and slicker each time. As she leaned into him she gasped as he contacted her g-spot, and began to rock from side to side. He could hear the change in her breathing and feel the change in her motions as her pussy clamped tight around him. It felt so tight yet her wetness still allowed him to move. As she slowly built up to an orgasm he thrust harder into her, and she let out a long scream as she fell into an uncontrollable shiver, contracting around the length of his shaft, flooding it with sticky wetness. Daniel could not last any longer with the intensity of her orgasm, and she felt the pumps as he blew his hot load inside her. Gasping for breath, Sarah released Daniel and fell back between his legs, lying so he could see full view of her swollen clit and pussy slick with their juices. When she finally began to breathe in a regular rhythm he reached out and helped her into a position so that they were once again lying side to side, but her back was against his hard chest. His nipples were instantly hard from the touch of her smooth sweaty skin against him, and she shivered and slid against him as he ran his hands over her skin, in smooth movements from her neck right down to the gently curving arse. He brushed the hair form the back of her neck and softly kissed her there, reaching one arm over her and resting it on her stomach, below her breasts. As she moved into the touch she took his hand and held it firm against her hard nipples. Daniel watched as Sarah slept, feeling her chest move against his hand with each breath. Soon Daniel was asleep as well, and Sarah had rolled away from his hand and was lying on her stomach, her head on his chest and one leg across his. When they awoke the sun was beating down, casting shadows across their bodies. Sarah watched as Daniel walked across the room to the adjoining bathroom and she heard the water running.

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   Waiting until he had been in there for a few minutes Sarah joined him, surprising him by running her hands over his wet body, exploring every curve. Stepping out of the shower Daniel reached for a towel and wrapped it around his waist. It did nothing to hide his early morning erection, but Sarah made no attempt to take advantage of it. “I called a friend to come and pick me up, but we have time for a swim if you want to. ” Daniel looked at Sarah, who had not bothered to get dressed, and asked “You’re going in like that?” Sarah's response was to unwrap the towel from him and drag him through the glass doors to the pool. Daniel hardly made a ripple as he dived into the cool blue water, and surfaced and looked at Sarah sitting on the edge. She was leaning back enjoying the sun warming her body and he couldn’t resist reaching up and running his cold hands over her body. Her nipples instantly hardened and he pulled her into the water, her legs wrapping around his waist as she slipped into the water. Sarah swum away from Daniel and motioned for him to follow her to the spa. Facing the wall in the spa, Daniel felt the jet of water which was directed right at her clit. He couldn’t resist joining the fun and reaching around in front of her to use his hands as well. She was pressing hard against his body and he could feel her start to shake as another orgasm hit her. Leaning back enjoying the feeling, Sarah watched as Daniel leaned over her and parted her lips with his tongue. He was impressed at her ability to get herself off. His hands were once again stroking her chest, his hard body massaging hers as the water lapped around them.

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   They broke the kiss and looked up as they heard the latch of the pool gate, and a brunette goddess stood facing them. Daniel blushed at his nudity, but Sarah simply rose up out of the water and called the girl over. “Daniel, this is Jessica. ” Jessica looked vaguely familiar, and he realised that she was another of the waitresses he had been admiring. She was of smaller build then Sarah, but had a perfect pair of tits clearly visible beneath the tight singlet she wore, and was not wearing a bra beneath. As Jessica walked closer Daniel and Sarah could both clearly see she was not wearing underwear beneath her short skirt. Her smooth shaven pussy was tantalising, long lean legs leading the eye to it, and even Sarah could not help but look. Daniels erection was starting to throb, and Sarah reached behind her and started to stroke it as Jessica walked closer. Without hesitation, Jessica let the short skirt slide down her slender thighs showing perfectly tanned legs. Leaving her shirt on, she joined Sarah and Daniel in the spa. The look on Sarah’s face was one of shock, or so Daniel thought. He was surprised when Jessica reached towards Sarah’s hard nipples and began to stroke them. Sarah continued to stroke Daniels hard cock, until she slid onto his lap and parted her legs, so he could enter her from behind. As he slipped between her legs he could feel a hand stroking Sarah’s clit, and was extremely surprised to see that it was Jessica’s. Daniel could hardly hold himself back from orgasm knowing what was happening before him, and he lost control completely as he watched Jessica’s head disappear completely beneath the water.

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   Sarah began to moan loudly as he continued to thrust and Jessica started to slowly lick Sarah's clitoris. Surfacing, Jessica locked lips in a passionate kiss with Sarah like he had never seen before, their hands disappearing and touching places in a way he was unaware of, but would soon learn. .
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