Just Desserts: Part One


She simply said “ I saw how you were watching me, don’t think all my customers get such a show, call me for an encore performance. ” Daniel’s hand seemed to burn where the card was pressed into it, and he simply flashed another brilliant smile before turning and walking away. Watching Daniel walk away Sarah’s heart skipped a beat, his body was lean and hard and he had an arse begging to be grabbed. She instantly felt the wetness between her legs and couldn’t wait for the night to end. Leaving through the back entrance at the end of her shift, she felt a pair of strong arms grab her from behind. Spinning around, she looked into the eyes of Daniel. His body was even better close up. “I couldn’t wait to see you again, come with me now. ” Sarah said nothing, but pulled him towards her and kissed him hard on the lips. Being so close they could feel the heat radiating from each other’s bodies. Daniel wrapped his arms around Sarah as she probed his mouth with her tongue, and the feelings she was stirring in him made him want to touch her. His hand resting at her chest, he slowly pushed the thin shirt aside and felt the creamy flesh. Sarah pushed against him pushing his hand further down till it was rubbing her hard nipple, and she felt him harden against her groin. Breaking the kiss, Daniel motioned her towards his car. Sarah didn’t hesitate. On the drive back to his house her hand rested on his thigh, making small movements which he knew would drive him wild later on.

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   “Its still another 10 or so minutes to my house,” he said. Sarah replied “I know how to amuse myself on long drives. ” He didn’t reply as her hand deftly unzipped his trousers and she started to stroke his hard cock. In smooth movements she would run her hands all over, paying close attention to what made him gasp. He watched her, the innocent smile and the soft lips which he knew felt so good. Giving him a dazzling smile, Sarah leaned over and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock, flicking the underside with her tongue. Taking him deeper into her mouth she used both sides of her tongue to change the stimulation on different parts of his cock. She could taste the precum starting to form and licked it from the head of his cock. It felt so good, he was gasping and finding it hard to concentrate. Looking across at her leaning over the way she was, her g-string was once again visible, and he couldn’t help but run his hand along it, causing her to moan and shiver. She had one hand wrapped around his cock and the other was gently massaging his balls, combined with her sensuous tongue he new he could not last much longer. She felt his balls tighten and knew what was about to happen. With a long moan he let go, shooting load after load of hot cum into her mouth. She swallowed every drop, and when she brought her head back up she was flushed, and visibly horny. Unknown to her they were already at his house, and he took her hand and led her inside.

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   Daniel watched as she stood in front of him and undone the remaining buttons on her shirt. He took her firm 34C breasts in his hands and slowly massaged them, turning her nipples into hard peaks. Kissing her passionately he then trailed down her neck with soft kisses until he reached her chest, and pushing her bra aside took one nipple at a time into his mouth. While he worked his mouth he undid her pants and let his hand fall down to her wet slit. Pushing her down onto his bed he removed the rest of her clothing and then his, his hard cock standing proud, ready to please her. He knelt between her legs and slowly licked down her smooth stomach until he reached her wetness. The sweet musky smell made him want to please her so much, and she rolled her hips as his tongue slowly began to work around her clit. She held him firmly where she wanted him, and as his tongue speed increased Sarah raised her hips and started to moan loudly. Her thighs clamped tight around him as she began an intense orgasm, flooding him with her sweet tasting pussy juice. He lapped up every drop and stood and watched as she slowly relaxed. Lying beside her, he stroked her sweat-slicked chest, and pressed his hard cock into her, telling her what he wanted. Rolling on top of her, the head found her still wet hole and pushed to enter. Sarah quickly moved and pinned his arms back behind his head using her hands, and rolled him over so she was now sitting astride him massaging her clit with the tip of his cock. Daniel pleaded for her to let him enter her, but Sarah silenced him by placing one nipple to his mouth, and said “Trust me, wait your turn and this will be the best night of your life. ”.

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