Kelly and I


In High School, I wasn’t much into relationships, but I had what you could call a steady girlfriend. Steady in the sense that I was having regular sex. Kelly was an absolute babe, one of those real cuties that you couldn’t help but stare at when she came through the door. She was 5’6”, toned tanned body, a nice pair or 32C breasts, and a lovely round ass that would shake just right when she wore this one pair of tight jeans. Not to mention she had long black hair and dark brown eyes. I wasn’t that bad looking myself short brown hair with blond highlights that I usually kept spiked up, I played a few sports which gave me a decent body. I was about 5’ 10” a visible six-pack, but not well toned, and a decent size 6” package for my age when fully erect.
Kelly and I both had other partners by the time we were seniors and it being the last time we would be together before going off to school we decided just to have fun this summer.
It was just becoming spring and the weather had been really great. I lived in this house out near the woods where the neighbors couldn’t see into the backyard from any side. My parents usually worked till about 5 and on the days where I didn’t have practice Kelly and I usually sat outside on the porch making out. This day the porch swing on the back deck was facing out into the yard with a light breeze blowing onto us. We started kissing as our tongue meet one anthers. We kissed like that for a few minutes then she took her hand and started to rub my hard cock through the fabric of khaki shorts. As she kept rubbing, I began moving my mouth down to kiss her neck as my hands undid her buttoned her silk white blouse exposing her tight bra. Knowing I couldn’t just fuck on the deck I picked her up and carried her over to the one tree we had in our yard to provide some shade.

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I took of my shirt exposing my chest as she removed her bra to show me hers. As I began giving her light feathery kissed all over her stomach again a burst of wind came over us causing her to shutter a bit. I then moved my mouth to start playing with her breasts, taking one nipple into my mouth nibbling and licking it as my hand massaged the other. I loved hearing her moan in pleasure every time I took another nibble at those breasts. Once I was done there I took off her skirt and began to her pussy through the thong she had on just to make her wet. As I took off her thong off I went down on her pussy, pushing my tongue in as far as I could. I loved tasting her pussy. It was Monday and I knew she had just shaven it. I loved couldn’t stop. She cummed all over my face, but I just kept going make me her scream out in pleasure.
“Now Kyle…I can’t wait…I need you to fuck me…”
“Not yet, there is one thing left you have to do and you know what it is.
As I put my back up against the tree I still had my shorts un a clear bulge in my pants. I always loved watching a girl take my shorts off, like she couldn’t wait to put it her mouth. One thing Kelly loves to do when she sucks me off is to squeeze my ass and fondle my balls. This always drove me wild, I loved the sensation of her sucking on my dick and her licking the tip of my dick as she would massage my balls.


   Before I came I had her get up and put her get up against the tree and made her spread her legs.
I started to lick her ass, getting it a little lubed up with my saliva. She had not idea what I was about to do next. I then stuck all 6” of it up her ass for the first time, she didn’t seem to mind. She only let out a subtle moan as I reached around to finger her pussy and massage her breasts. I took my time working her ass first slow thrusts so that she could feel me trying to go deeper. I slowly quickened the pace and now she could feel the weight of my balls as they smacked her ass. She was moaning more uncontrollably now with each thrust made her moan just a little louder.
As my fingers quickened their pace as well I had held my self long enough so that we could cum together. As I made those last few thrusts into her to make sure I got it all out we feel into each other’s arm as we cuddled underneath that tree until the sun began to set. Once that happened we got dressed and sat on the porch watching the sun set before my parents drove up the driveway not knowing we just did it in their back yard.