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Kelly was a girl in one of my classes. She stood about 5' 3” with blond streaked brown hair and cute little freckles on her face. She was one of the popular girls, with the preppy clothes, and the seductive smile. That girl that everyone wanted to get with. She was athletic, toned, with C-cup breasts and an ass to die for. She was one of those girls that could get whatever she wanted with a wink, and this is the story of how I ended up with her that night.

Me and my girlfriend had recently broken up over something stupid. I had decided to sleep in that day and arrived to class late. As I walked into the door, it looked like she smiled at me, but I didn't believe that she would. I was a shrimpy gamer-geek who never had any luck with the hot girls. But apparently my luck was changing this time. Little did I know of course. Later on after class I was standing at my locker, she walked by, nodded to me and winked. This time I was sure of it, she was definitely thinking something, and I knew I wanted to find out what it was.

I was in the parking lot waiting in the line of traffic exiting the school later on, when I noticed her car was behind me. “Damn Her” I thought.

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   I was driving this beat up old minivan, and she had that sleek Chevy. “How was she so lucky? Looks, Cars, Money. . . ” I couldn't figure it out, but when I turned down my road, I realized she was still behind me, and she followed me all the way into my driveway. As I got out of my car, she grinned and stared at me, without hesitation I got into the passenger seat of her car, and she backed out of the driveway and pulled back onto the highway. “Hey”, I said. “Okay, I know you think I'm hot, and this morning I was REALLY horny and my boyfriend is in Florida for the week, so there isn't much I can do. Can you please come back to my place? I know you'll enjoy yourself. . . what do you think?” I was speechless, and I couldn't do anything but nod. This was it, this was my chance, and I sure as hell was not going to blow it.

As we got back to her house, I noticed there were no other cars in the driveway, “My parents work nights, and my sister is in college, I'm pretty much home alone all the time. ” She said, “I've got no problem with that!” I said as I winked at her.

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   She led me into her room and I sat down on the bed. “I'm going to go grab some beers, I'll be right back. ” As soon as she left I started looking around her room. There was vanity mirror, a dresser, she had a bathroom attached to her room. Inside the bathroom I found a hamper. Score. I shifted through the dirty laundry until I came across this sexy pair of blue panties with red trim. I sniffed them, and I could tell they were fresh. “These are coming home with me!” I thought as I shoved them into the pockets on my jacket. I went back into her room and put my jacket on the chair. In her dresser I found three vibrators and some condoms. Shocked, I never really pictured her as this much of a little nympho, and all I know, is it was turning me on.

“Hey You! Get out of there!” She laughed as she returned with four bottles of beer and laid on the bed. She popped one of the tops off of the beer and took a sip. “Looks like you are a naughty little girl!” I said, holding up my findings.

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   “I'm not naughty, I just like to have a little fun's all. . . ” She blushed as she said that. I walked over and kissed her. We started to make out, rolling over the bed like crazy. Just then the phone rang, “Oh!” she said getting up. “If thats my parents I need to answer it. ” She walked over to the phone, and I just looked at her. She was amazing. Wearing a pair of tight blue jeans and a white T-Shirt with the word “Princess” written across that beautiful chest of hers in pink fabric. As she hung up the phone and returned, “I told them I need to study for a test, they shouldn't be bothering us any more. ” As she got back onto the bed I sat back against the wall. She smirked and began to rub my crotch, and chew on my jeans a little bit. “Oh my god.

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  . . ” I moaned closing my eyes, I heard my zipper go down and felt her pretty little hands grip my cock. She started stroke me up and down, I looked down and saw her stunning blue eyes staring up at me. “What do you want,” she said, “I'm up for anything, just name it. . . like I said I'm a horny little girl. ” Holy Shit. . . This girl was really into this. “I want it all” I said. And she squealed with happiness.

She immediately put her head down and started to suck on me.

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   Her head was bobbing up and down, and I could feel her tounge swirling around my shaft as she pumped the lower with her soft hands. She was going at it perfectly, she had her rythm going, and trust me, it was working! I looked down at her ass, and I could see a bit of her black thong peeking up from her jeans. “Come here baby” I said as I pulled her T-Shirt off, showing me her C-Cups hiding in her black bra. I was in heaven right there. She unbuttoned her pants and lowered the zipper a little showing off the front of her thong to me. As she went back to sucking me off, I just let myself relax. I was getting head from one of the hottest girls in school, what was there to complain about?

About ten minutes later, I was ready to cum. I told her and she grinned, bobbing her head faster and faster. I couldn't take it anymore. I shot it all into her mouth, and a little bit dripped out from the side as she grinned. She swallowed it all and licked herself clean.
    Now it was my turn. Turning her around I pulled off her jeans and laid her back on the bed. She spread her legs wide open, inviting me in. I slid her thong over to the side and began lapping away at her perfect pink pussy.

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       Sticking my tounge in and out and flicking away at her clit, she was so wet, she couldn't handle it. I stuck my finger in her pussy, getting it nice and wet, then began fingering her ass. She immediately started to moan and then her body went into spasm, juices shot out of her pussy all over the bed. Her chest was bobbing up and down, and that sexy bra just made her all the hotter. “Fuck Me!” She yelled.

    I didn't need to be told twice. My cock was long since hard again and I reached for a condom. “No, those are old, I'm on the pill now. ” YES! I slid her thong down her long tan legs, and her beautiful pussy was in full sight. Groomed well, one small strip of short hair right down the middle. Damn this girl was hot. I aimed my cock at her pussy and slid it right in. I leaned over her and began kissing her passionately as I fucked her hard. Her cell rang, “Fuck it, I'll check it later keep fucking me!” She screamed as we banged. I slid in and out and in and out, we were moaning like crazy.

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       I ripped off her bra and began sucking her nipples and fondling her. After a few minutes we rolled over and she was bouncing away on top of me. I laid there in paradise as this tan beauty fucked me and her tits bounced up and down. Then I felt it, her pussy spasm and tighten around my cock. She screamed and fell on top of me, breathing hard. “That was awesome!” she said. “Oh, it's not over yet!” I laughed. I pulled out of her and set her up doggie style as I aimed at her ass. “I love anal” She whispered to me. I slowly slid my cock into her ass and she loved it the entire time. I slid in and out as she rubbed her pussy underneath me. After about ten minutes, I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled out of her and she spun around and started to suck me again. I bent her over and began to fuck her pussy one more time, I couldn't decide where I wanted to cum! Finally I gave in, filling her pussy with my sperm. I pulled out and she was dripping mixed cum.

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       She was touching herself and licking it off her hand. She was unbelievably hot. We both laid there together for about fifteen minutes. “Want to do me a favor?” I asked her. “Whatever you want!” she said.

    I walked over to her dresser and pulled out the hottest panties I could find. Little shorts, black ones, lacy too. I tossed her the panties and a vibrator. “Make me a parting gift”, I asked. “Your definitely not gone, you better come back here! That was the best, but no problem. ” She put on the panties and rubbed them into her pussy, then she began to masturbate with the vibrator till she came and the panties were soaked. Watching her got me so hot I was jacking off. After she came she slid over and I came all over her her cute freckled face. After she ate all my cum, she handed me the panties and I put them with the others I swiped earlier. We laid there naked, just touching each other.

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      . . then we heard it. Footsteps coming up the stairs. Then a girls voice. “Kelly? Hello? I tried calling you on your cell phone. . . ” The door opened and there stood Kristen. 5' 5 with C cups, and a nice plump ass to boot. But thats another story.

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