Ken and Christine Part 2


I had to work the next day and she the following; I at a small familystyle steak place, and she in the office of her dad’s constructioncompany. (She’d do filing and other office stuff whenever they gotbehind. )We made a date to go on a picnic at a park when we were bothoff work. I got over to her house about 11 am, and she greeted me atthe door.

Her hair was still wet from the shower, and she was only wearing at-shirt. From her “pokies” staring at me, I could tell she wasn’twearing a bra – and she could tell I was staring at them. She smiledand led me to her bedroom.

Her parents weren’t home, but her brother was. He was in the backyardworking on the lawnmower. I waved to him through the sliding glass doorand he waved back.

When we got to her room, she showed me some pictures of her when she wasyounger, and some of her trophies and other knick-knacks. Jokingly, Isaid that I could guess which drawer was her underwear drawer. She toldme to do so, and I pulled it open on the first try. She giggled. Ireached in and pulled out a pair of bikini type panties that were sheer. I said that I thought she’d look good in them.

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  She got a devilishgrin on her face, then reached up under her t-shirt and pulled herpanties down. They dropped to the floor. She stepped out of them,kicked them under her dresser, grabbed the sheer ones and put them on. Looking me in the eye she said, “You can tell me later if I look good inthem. ”

In the process of doing that, I didn’t see anything more of her than Ihad when I first walked in the door, but that still ranks right up thereas one of the most erotic non-nude things I’ve ever seen.

Her brother came into the house just then, so I told Chris that I’d lether get dressed. I closed the door as I stepped out to go talk to herbrother.

A minute later Chris came out dressed – this time with a bra on. Wesaid goodbye to her brother, and left for our picnic. I drove to a parkoutside of town. It was an older park, but still maintained. It was abit of a sportsmen’s park with a lake and facilities, but not as muchplayground equipment for small children. My grandfather had actuallyhelped in the building and landscaping of this park decades ago whenthey thought the town would expand in this direction. It didn’t, so thepark isn’t all that busy most of the time.

My grandfather used to bring us here and showed us some things about thepark that most people didn’t know about.

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  While there were a few trailsthrough the woods, there was a whole bunch of the woods without realpaths and generally inaccessible. But, he showed me that if you went“this way instead of that way” you could find a few “hidden spots. ”Places that led to spots by the lake that you couldn’t get to even byboat. And small clearings where during landscaping they’d had piles ofdirt built up for easy access if they needed any.

I didn’t go to this park much after he died, and since it was sounderused, I figured it was highly unlikely that anyone else knew aboutthe hidden spots – which is exactly why I brought Chris to that spot.

I parked my car near a small pavilion. No one was there (as I expected)so we put a tablecloth down on a table and had a small lunch. Wetalked while we ate, and gave each other quick kisses. When wefinished, I asked if she wanted to take a walk through the woods so wethrew our trash away and headed to the woods. Rather than take the timeto put the tablecloth back in my car, I carried it with me. I wasactually hoping that it would come in useful.


We walked for a bit, and then I told her to follow me off the path. Wecrunched branches and leaves underfoot as we traipsed through the woodswhere people usually don’t tread. I held her hand to keep her steady,and at one point had to help her over a fallen tree.

I honestlyintended to put my hand on the small of her back to balance her as sheclimbed over, but I missed my target and put my hand directly on herass.

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  She wiggled it a little bit and got over the tree. She may nothave been playing softball this year, but she was still in excellentshape. Her ass was tight and fit my hand perfectly.

I got over the tree and was greeted by her wrapping her arms around me,French kissing me hard, and grinding her crotch into mine. I reachedbehind her for another grab on her ass. She moaned.

After a few minutes I ended the kiss. Without saying anything, I tookher hand and led her another twenty feet or so into one of the smallclearings that had a mound of dirt on it.

This spot was perfect. It was a little higher up than the rest of thearea, and the mound on top made it so that if anyone did happen to comeby, not only would they not see us, but also we would be able to see(and hear them crunching through the woods) before they even got close.

We got on top of the mound and spread out the tablecloth. The mound wasworn down over time so that it was mostly flat on top – like a bedwaiting for lovers to use it.

We started kissing again, and lay down on the tablecloth. At first wewere laying side-by-side, then she pushed me gently onto my back and goton top of me. I was already hard, and she pressed her crotch into mineagain.

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  She didn’t wait for me to unbutton her blouse, she did itherself. I told her how much I liked the t-shirt she was wearing when Igot to her house. She laughed a little and said, “I figure you’vealready seen my nipples for real, what difference does seeing themthrough a t-shirt make?”(I always loved her logic. )

As she finished unbuttoning her blouse, I reached behind her with myhands and pulled her close to me to kiss her as I tried to unsnap herbra. I fumbled for a second or two when she stopped kissing me, sat upand said with a grin, “Front hook. ”Then she gave it a twist and itpopped open to reveal her perky tits and hardening nipples. She thenstretched out as she leaned down, so that her right breast was at mymouth. I hungrily sucked on her nipple and she moaned. When she hadenough of me sucking on her right nipple, she pulled away and replacedit with her left one. I sucked on that one with as much vigor as I hadthe right one.

She then pulled away, stood up, and shed her blouse and bra. She thenunbuttoned her shorts and let them slide down her tanned legs. Standingin front of me with just the sheer panties that she’d put on in frontof me she asked, “Well, do I look good in them?”

Chris looked incredible. The sun shone upon her blonde hair and itsparkled. Her breasts, although small, pointed up at the sun as ifasking for it to shine upon them too.

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  All the way down my eyes devouredher. Her flat tummy, strong legs, and everything I could see throughher panties.

She turned around and stood on her tiptoes to give me a look at her ass. It was rock hard and I could see it all through her panties. Sheturned back around and I could see through the front. I could see herpubic hair and I could tell where her tan-lines were.

I finally answered her. “You look good enough to eat. ”

She smiled and said, “Sounds good. ”Chris then lay down on thetablecloth next to me. I took off my shirt and rolled over to her. Ireached for her panties and she lifted her hips to make it easier for meto remove them. I took them off and she slowly spread her legs for me.

This was back in the day before shaving and waxing became the norm. I’dfingered two other chicks prior to Chris, but I’d only seen one of themcompletely naked.

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  That girl, and all of the women I’d seen naked inmagazines or movies, all had a bunch of pussy hair. Not Chris. Shedidn’t shave, but her pussy hair wasn’t all that thick. It was dark (asa nice contrast to her blonde hair up top) but she didn’t have muchbetween her legs. It was mostly up top on her pubic mound in almost a“landing strip” design.

Her lips were together, but her pussy was already wet. I could see it glisten in the sun.

Chris later told me she loved me looking right at her pussy. Sheadmitted to being somewhat of an exhibitionist, or at least not beingconcerned about being naked. When she was real young, if they didn’tget the diaper on her right away she’d run around the house naked for aslong as she could. When she got older and had to start changingclothes and showering for PE, she was the first one to get undressed andget into the shower. All of the other girls were covering up andgingerly stepping through the locker room – hoping that their towelwouldn’t fall and they’d be naked in front of everyone.

Not Chris. Boom-boom-boom -- naked with her towel thrown over heshoulder and marching into the showers – tight ass swaying side-to-side. Not that she was showing off for other women, but she said the idea ofcovering up the whole time was stupid.

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  She’d say, “You are in a lockerroom with 50 other girls and we all have breasts and a vagina. We allget undressed at our lockers, then we go into a shower where we arenaked, washing those breasts, vaginas and butts, then dry off. We thentake off our towels at our lockers to get dressed again. Why are theyso worried about being naked for the 5 seconds it takes to go fromlocker to shower and then back again?I can understand if you had to goask the PE teacher something – you’d cover up for that. And I’m nottalking about sitting on the bench with your legs spread wide open. Butwhat is the big freaking deal if you walk naked through the locker roomto the shower. (Again, I loved her logic. I always say, the morenaked women the better. )

Chris didn’t say anything as I lay between her legs. I slowly reachedout to touch her. I placed my index and middle finger together at thetop of her slit and slowly slid it down her wetness. Chris shudderedand came. Not a huge one, but she felt it. I went back up her slitagain, and again she shuddered and came. Later, we named those,“mini-cums.

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I did it a few more times, and each time Chris would buck a bit and clinch her ass. Finally, I decided to kiss her pussy.

I’d never tasted pussy for real before. I had one girlfriend tell meafter I’d finished fingering her that I’d better not lick my fingers. She thought that was rude. (Oh yeah, and 3 fingers up your twat was“polite?”She looked down to zip up her pants and I gave my fingers aquick lick!)

I leaned in and kissed Chris fully on her pussy lips. The sensation ofmy hot breath on her tender area made her squirm. I stuck out my tongueand gently licked her pussy. The taste was incredible. It wasslightly salty and musky, but oh so pleasant. I licked again and shesquirmed some more. My tongue parted her lips, slid directly into herhole and Chris moaned loudly. I licked up and found her clit. I hadintended to take my time and make it last, but when I licked her clit,Chris grabbed the back of my head with both hands, ground her pussy intomy face as hard as she could, and came all over my chin. I keptlicking as she screamed, “Ohhhhh……FUCK!!!!”

When her orgasm subsided, she let me loose and I stopped licking her.

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  Ipulled back from her but my chin was still attached to her pussy by astrand of pussy juice. Chris didn’t seem to mind at all as she grabbedme and kissed me hard. When she realized what she tasted in the kisswas her own cum, she kissed me harder and licked my lips and chin.

When she had sufficiently “cleaned” me, she pushed me back down onto theground. Grinning her devilish grin she said, “Now it’s your turn. ”Chris unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and started to pull them down. Ireturned the favor she had shown me and raised my hips up to make iteasier to take them off. She squeezed my cock through my underwear andremarked that there was already a wet-spot on them from my pre-cum. Ifelt her breath on my cock through my underwear.

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