Ken and Christine part 3


She pulled them down and inhaled a, “Ohhhh” as she saw my hard-on flatagainst my belly. Without saying anything else, she pulled my dick upand slid her mouth over it. I was in heaven. Chris pulled it out ofher mouth and licked up and down the shaft. She twirled her tonguearound the head while looking me in the eyes. She went back to suckingmy dick for a minute, then took it out and went down to suck on myballs. While she took turns on my balls, she stroked my dick up anddown. I started to moan and she started to stroke my dick more.

Chris stopped sucking my balls and put her mouth back on my dick as shestroked it. I couldn’t take it any more and started to cum.

All of my orgasms have been good, but there are certain ones that I’dlike to revisit. The first one I ever had was by myself, and since Ididn’t know what to expect it was and incredible experience. I’vejacked off dozens, if not hundreds, of times since that first one, butuntil that moment in the woods with Chris, I’d never had another personbring me to orgasm.

As I started to shoot my cum, Chris felt it hit her mouth, looked me inthe eyes, and smiled. She kept jacking me off into her mouth until Ibegged her to stop. She finally did, squeezed one more drop of cum outof my dick and licked it off.

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  Then she sat back on her knees, swallowedmy cum, licked her lips to get the rest of it off and said, “I alwayswondered what a guy’s cum would taste like. So many girls are freakedout by the idea of tasting it because others say it tastes bad. Yourstasted yummy. ”

I managed a, “Thanks for the compliment” between gasps of air.

Chris lay down next to me and we drifted off to sleep.

After a while I heard some rustling in the woods. I looked around andsaw a deer looking at us. I turned to wake up Chris to see it, but shehad already woken up. She whispered, “I wonder if he can smell oursex?”Just then he snorted, scuffed his hoof on the ground a couple oftimes and walked off. I think that meant, “Yes. ”

I looked at my watch and we’d been asleep for about an hour. “We should probably get going. ” I said to the nymph next to me.

She smiled, looked at my dick and said, “You leaked. ”

As I looked down to see what she meant, I barely had time see that afterwe’d finished, some more cum had oozed out of my cock and onto mystomach before she wiped it up with her finger and licked it off.

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  Shegave me a kiss and I could taste myself on her lips. “Oh well,” Ithought to myself. “It is a small price to pay. ”

We dressed and walked back to my car. We looked like a sappy “Hallmark”movie as we walked – my arm around her, her arms around me, and walkingas closely as two people could.

I opened the car door for her and when I got in she chuckled a bit. Chris asked, “Do you have any wet-wipes in picnic basket?”

I grabbed a few and handed them to her. “I guess I missed a little. ”She said as she wiped some of my dried cum off of her cheek. She thenchuckled some more, gave me some wet-wipes and said, “You might want todo the same. ”I looked in the mirror and my face had a “glazeddoughnut” look about it. We took a minute to clean our selves up andthen broke out the breath mints. With all traces gone, I drove herhome.

Again I walked her to the front door to give her a kiss goodbye. As ajoke I said, “Thanks for coming!”To which she replied, “Thanks formaking me cum.


  ”The kiss she gave me at her front door was as deep asthe ones that she’d given me in the woods.

I called Chris later that night and we “somehow” got on the subject ofthe afternoon’s proceedings. She told me that it was her first orgasm.

From a guy’s standpoint, I couldn’t believe it. Considering most guysstart rubbing them out around age 12 or so, that I wasn’t her firstboyfriend, and that she seemed to be pretty knowledgeable with what todo, I figured she was acting innocent.

I teased her, “Yeah, like youare going to tell me that your ex never did that to you?”

“No, you are the first one to lick my pussy and the first one to make me cum. ” She said quietly.

“He never touched you there?”

“Yes, but not like you did. We were making out behind the sets duringplay rehearsal last year. I was kind of paying attention to make sureno one would catch us, so I wasn’t fully paying attention to what he wasdoing. He had his hands on my breasts over my shirt and then I felthim let go of one. I thought he was going to grab it again, but then Ifelt my skirt go up and his hands were down my underwear in one motion. He wiggled his fingers around a few times then tried to shove them inme. It hurt so I grabbed his arm and made him stop. ”I started to gethard again think of her doing that.

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  “And, he was nice enough to tell acouple of his friends about it so I broke up with him the next day. ”

“Well, haven’t you ever done it by yourself?” I asked. I couldn’tbelieve that I just asked a girl if she masturbated. This was wellbefore the days of the interweb and video cams where just about everyonegets on cam and masturbates.

“I’ve tried, but I never get there. It feels really good, but I don’tseem to get over the edge when I do it. Maybe I’ll have to try it againsince I know what it feels like now. ”I was totally hard by now.

We talked some more about stuff like that and normal stuff. He parentsinvited me over for dinner on Sunday and we were both busy until then,so we said our goodbyes and I told her I’d see her on Sunday.

Sunday came and I went over to her house for dinner. I made a batch ofmuffins to bring for dessert, and Chris thought that was pretty cool. Her brother couldn’t even boil water, much less make muffins. I latertold her that her brother couldn’t even play baseball, we just let himhang out because we needed 9 for a team and he had a hot sister that weliked to look at and imagine naked. She blushed a bit.

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After dinner Chris said she wanted to take a walk. We headed out thedoor and when we were out of sight of her parent’s house, she started torun. She yelled back to me, “Hurry up, we don’t have much time!”Isprinted after her and caught up to her in front of a house that wasunder construction. She reached into her pocket and produced a set ofkeys. “This is one of dad’s houses. It’s about 80% done and someone issupposed to put a contract on it this week. ”She got the door open,pulled me in, slammed the door and shoved me up against it. “We have tobe quick!” She said as she kissed me and started un-tucking andunbuttoning my shirt. She kissed down my chest and stomach and stoppedat my shorts. She unbuttoned them and whipped them down. She wasgreeted by my cock pointing right at her face. Grabbing my ass, shepulled my hips close and took my cock right into her mouth. She pulledback and did it again.

Letting go of my ass with her right hand, Chris took my cock out of hermouth and started giving me a wet, sloppy hand-job. She looked up at meand said, “I’ve been dying to taste your dick again.

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  I want to eatyour cum. ”Chris then put her mouth back on my cock and simultaneouslyjerked and sucked my cock. I could feel my orgasm build up deep insideof me. I felt my balls tighten up and I could feel the pulsing of mycum all the way from them, between my legs, right up through my cock andinto Chris’s mouth. Again she looked me in the eyes and smiled as shebrought me to orgasm, and still pumped and sucked my cock. It felt likeshe was sucking my entire existence through my dick.

As she sucked the last of my cum from my dick, my knees gave out and Islid down the door to the floor. I sat the with my bare ass on thefloor, shorts and underwear around my ankles and my still hard dickleaking a bit more cum out of it. Chris saw this and leaned over togive another quick suck on it and get the last of my cum.

She then lay down next to me and said, “Quick, finger me. I wore thesebaggy shorts on purpose so I wouldn’t have to get undressed. ”I reachedover and slid my hand up her shorts.

I asked, “Did you forget to put on panties this morning?”

“No. ” She replied, “I didn’t bother with them because I figured they’d get in the way. ”

I rubbed my middle and ring fingers up and down her slit.

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  Christwitched and moaned with several mini-cums. I found her clit with myfingers and sandwiched it between them. Rubbing it quickly she moaned,“Ohhhh, fuck…. yesssss. ”Right as she started to cum, I let go of herclit and put my two middle fingers right into her hole. Chris screamed,“Oh!Oh!!! OHHHHH!!!!!!” and I felt my hand get wet. I fucked herhole with my fingers for about ten seconds as she came. Finally shegrabbed my arm and this time it was her turn to beg me to stop. Irelented, pulled my fingers out of her pussy, held them to my mouth andsucked her juices off of them.

“I’ve been wanting to taste you again as well. ” I told her. She sawwhat I was doing, grabbed my arm and pulled my hand close to her face. She stuck out her tongue and licked her juices off my fingers and hand.

“I don’t blame you,” she bragged. “I taste good.

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We caught our breath for a minute or two when she said, “We need to gobefore they wonder why we are gone so long. The bathroom is over thereso we can clean up before we go. ”I was buttoning up when she got up. She walked over to the bathroom, ran the water and washed her hands andface. She then undid her shorts and turned to sit down on the toilet. Instead of sitting down, she did the ‘hover’ thing. I was in shock thatshe hadn’t closed the door. I heard her start peeing. I wasn’tgrossed out by the idea, but it blew me away that she didn’t care that Iwas watching her pee. Every other girl in the world is revolted by theidea that they even have to pee – I’d never heard of a girl that didn’tmind being watched. Chris noticed me watching, and stood up a littlestraighter to give me a better view. I could see everything and Chrisgave me another one of her devilish smiles. She finished and asked if Iliked the ‘show. ’

I just nodded my head.

It was my turn in the bathroom.

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  I washed my hands and then turned touse the toilet. I held my dick and realized that Chris had come backinto the bathroom and stand at my side. After having seen her pee, Ididn’t really think that I had much to object to if she wanted to watchme pee. I just started a stream when she said, “Let me hold it whileyou go. ”I stopped peeing. I didn’t know what to say. “I alwayswanted to do that. A girl can’t aim all that well and I think that itwould be fun. ”I said ok so she stepped back behind me.

She wrapped her left arm around my waist, reached around and grabbed mydick with her right hand, and leaned her head around the same side tosee what I was doing. It took a minute of concentration to start peeingagain. She gave my dick a squeeze and teased, “Awww, are you shy?”Luckily I started peeing right then. Chris squealed in delight as shedirected my pee into the toilet. She waggled my dick around to changedirections, squeezed it and let it go to make it start and stop, andthen asked how far I could pee. I took a couple steps back and stillnailed the target.

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  I was getting low so I stepped forward and finishedoff. Without having to tell her, she shook the last few drops out. Weflushed the toilet, washed our hands again, and left the house.

As we walked back to her house, I asked her how she knew about “theshake. ”“Umm, you do know that I have a brother and a father, right?It is kind of obvious when you use the bathroom after them and you finddribbles everywhere. ”

“Oh. Yeah. That makes sense I guess. ”Since that time I’m always careful of how I shake.

We got to her house and her dad was in the recliner snoring. Her momwas doing some needlepoint and her brother was watching a baseball game. I sat down on the couch and Chris went into her room for a minute. She stepped back out and from where I was sitting, I could see her inthe hallway – but no one else could. She undid her shorts and openedthem up so I could see that she’d put on some panties. She then turnedaround, pulled them down, bent over and spread her cheeks for me to seeall of her glory.


  I then saw her hand reach up between her legs and rubher slit. She turned back around and while holding up her shorts andunderwear in one hand, licked the finger she’d just rubbed on her pussy. The then pulled up her shorts and came to the living room to sit withme and watch the baseball game.

When the game was over, I headed home. She walked me to the door and Igave her small kiss goodbye. Her parents gave me “the look. ”As Iturned around I laughed at the idea of them freaking out over a littlekiss.



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