Ken and Christine part 4


As soon as I walked through the door at home, my mom asked me when I wasgoing to invite Chris over so they could meet. I reminded her thatthey’d met at the baseball game the week before, but mom that wasn’t thesame. They didn’t really get a chance to talk because they werewatching the game. I called up Chris to invite her over some time, butbetween my schedule, her schedule and my mom’s, Tuesday was the onlytime we’d all three be available, and even then it wasn’t for the entireevening. We would only have enough time for Chris to come over andwatch a movie or something after supper.

Tuesday came around and I rented a movie on my way home from work. Iquickly ate and was walking out the door as my mom walked in. I toldher I was on my way to pick up Chris, and I’d be back shortly.

The trip to her house was only about 10 minutes or so. I got overthere, said my “Hello’s” to her folks, and then headed back. On thedrive back to my house, Chris was grabbing my dick through my shorts andteasing me as I got hard. “Are you sure you don’t want to stop by thepark on the way to your house?”I was tempted.

We pulled into the driveway, and I let Chris into the house. I calledout to my mom to let her know we were here. No reply. I called againand still heard nothing.

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  I checked her room and then told Chris that Iwas going to go check downstairs. I couldn’t find her anywhere, andwhen I came back upstairs, Chris was standing naked in the kitchen.

“Lets go to your room. We only have 20 minutes. ” She informed me.

“Twenty minutes for what?” I asked with surprise.

“To do a sixty-nine. I always thought those looked hot and your momwon’t be home for another 20 minutes. ”Chris handed me the note my momhad left saying that she had to go pick my brother up from work becausehis car wouldn’t start. I did a quick calculation in my head and thetime was right – mom wouldn’t be home for another 20 minutes at least. Chris gave me a naked kiss in the kitchen, then led me back to my room.

In an instant I was naked and flopped onto my bed. Chris was on top of me only a split second later.

I’ll never forget the site of the first time I sixty-nined with a woman. Chris lowered her pussy down onto her face.

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  Every other time I’d seenher pussy it was closed up so it was just a slit. Not this time. Thistime her legs were spread so her pink pussy lips were spread as well. And while she wasn’t dripping with juices, I could tell she was moistand ready.

She put her pubic bone directly on my chin as if the two were meant tobe joined as one. I stuck out my tongue and started licking her pussyas I reached up and squeezed her ass and parted her cheeks. I’d neverlooked directly at a girl’s bare ass before, and it looked good enoughto eat as well. Chris ground her pussy into my face as I licked her.

I felt her grab my dick and pull it up, then her mouth went right overit and she gulped it all down in one motion. Up and down Chris’s mouthwent on my dick. Up and down my tongue went on Chris’s pussy. Thefaster I licked, the more she ground her pussy into my face. The moreher head bobbed up and down on my dick, the more my hips bucked. Chrisand I were locked in a rhythm. Our most personal parts mashed into eachother’s most intimate parts.

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  Nothing delicate – just raw sexualpassion.

We may have had twenty minutes, but it only took us two.

Our orgasms started at the same time. My body stiffened up then my hipsshot up as bucked as my cum exploded out of my dick and into Chris’smouth. Chris slammed her head down on my cock as hard as she could and Icame directly down her throat.

I was able to time when Chris’s orgasm would start, and just before shecame, I released her ass, reached under and ‘squeeze-twist’ on hernipples. Her body stiffened up as well; she clamped her thighs aroundmy head and ground her pussy so hard into my face that I felt somethingin my jaw pop. It didn’t hurt – I guess it was like popping yourknuckles.

The other times that we had cum we were vocal about it. Not this time. My cries of ecstasy were, “Mmmfffhh. Mmmfffhh. Mmmfffhh. ” Chris’swere, “Gguuughh. Gguuughh.

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  Gguuughh. ”

Slowly our bodies relaxed and we released each other so we could get outof bed. Chris turned around and gave me a deep kiss – our juicesmixing in our mouths.

We got dressed and stepped into the bathroom to clean up. Chris grabbedmy toothbrush to brush her teeth and I teased her. “Don’t use mytoothbrush – I don’t want sperm all over it. ”

She just laughed, put toothpaste on it and brushed her teeth. When shewas done I did the same, then we went out to the living room to wait formy mom to get back.

Mom got back about ten minutes later; we made some small talk and thenpopped the movie in to play. Chris and I both nodded off during themovie, and not because it was boring. When it was over I took Chrishome, walked her to the door and gave her a kiss goodnight. .

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