Ken and Christine part 5


The week went by pretty fast and we only got a chance to talk a coupleof times. We were both busy with work and other things but we wereplanning on spending the day together the following Tuesday and thengoing to dinner with her family for Chris’s birthday. On Friday I got acall from Chris and she sounded upset. She asked if I could come overso I did. She greeted me at the door and looked angry.

“Honey, what’s wrong” I asked.

“My parents are being assholes. ” She said loudly enough that her brother sitting in the family room could hear.

“What happened?”

“They moved my birthday dinner from Tuesday to Wednesday, so now youwon’t be able to go. ”I had to work that day and it was going to be myfirst day as and assistant manager at the restaurant. That certainlywasn’t as important as Chris’s birthday, but it would be difficult toget out of work.

“I’m sure they had a good reason for moving it. ”

“No. They moved it specifically because they think we’re spending toomuch time together and that I should be spending my birthday with myfamily and not some boy I just started dating. Fucking assholes!”

That stunned me a bit. We sat down on the sofa in the front room and Ikissed her.

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  I wasn’t looking to do anything sexually, just to comforther. I hugged her and her brother Mike walked through the room andgrabbed a magazine. He sat down and started reading it.

I asked Chris if she wanted to step outside and get some fresh air, sowe got up and went out in the back yard. A moment later I noticed Mikehad gone back to the family and was sitting in a chair right by thewindow. Now I started to get pissed. I had to leave for work soon andChris had to leave to go babysit her niece, so it wasn’t like we couldgo drive somewhere to have some privacy. And, with Mike following usaround we couldn’t have any privacy either. I told Chris I would beright back and walked inside to talk to Mike.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“What do you mean?I’m just sitting here. ”

“You WERE sitting there when I came over, then you had to get up andcome sit with us in the front room. Then when we went outside you cameback and sat in here. It is like……ahhhh, I get it. Your parents wantyou to keep an eye on us.

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  ”I said. Mike’s avoidance of eye-contact andshifting in the chair were confirmation of this.

“Look man. I’m not going to screw your sister while you are herewhether you are watching us or not. So, this can go one of two ways. You can give us some privacy to talk or you can be a jerk and follow usaround like a puppy dog. ”

“Hey, if I leave you two alone and something happens, mom and dad will kill me. ”Mike objected.

“If you don’t leave us alone, even if I’m not around, I’m sure Chriswill be happy to return the favor to you if you ever bring a girl home. Won’t that be embarrassing to have your little sister follow you aroundto tell your girlfriend all of your secrets?More importantly, I’lltell Misty Lowens that it was YOU who started the rumor about her havingsex with the camp counselor last summer at camp. ”

I knew Mike had a huge crush on Misty and that got his attention. “I didn’t start that rumor and she won’t believe you. ”

“Let’s see. I’m not only dating your little sister, but I work withMisty’s older brother. I think it would be believable that I haveinformation into the rumor, don’t you?”

Mike looked at me, then outside at Chris.

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  He stood up, went to thekitchen to grab his car keys and yelled out to Chris, “Hey. I’ve got toget gas in my car before I take you to babysit. I’ll be back in about ahalf-hour. ”And with that he was out the door.

Chris walked into the house, smiled and said, “My man!”She then led medown the hallway past her bedroom and into her parent’s bedroom. “Sitdown” she said as she motioned me to her parent’s bed. She stood beforeme and took off her shirt and bra. “They are worried that we’respending too much time together and that you’ll corrupt their innocentlittle baby. ”She then knelt in front of me, undid my shorts and pulledthem and my underwear down. I hadn’t expected any action because shewas so upset, so I wasn’t my normal, “hard” self when she had my clothesoff. Chris made note of this.
“Oh, almost didn’t recognize you like this. ” She joked.

She leaned down and took my limp dick into her mouth. It didn’t takelong to get hard in her warm embrace.

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  Chris squished it around in hermouth until it was hard enough, and then she replaced her mouth with herhand and stroked me. She looked up at me with her devilish grin andasked, “Aren’t you glad that I’m so pure and innocent?” and went back tosucking my dick.

Chris would take turns sucking my dick and balls, stroking my dick, andrubbing it all over her face. She was getting dirty with it as“revenge” for her parents making sure I couldn’t come to dinner withthem. Instead, I was going to “come” with their daughter in just amoment.

She used the technique she’d used before. She stroked my dick with herhand in the same motion while she was sucking my dick. The sensationwas great, and once again it felt like she was sucking my very existencethrough my dick. My cum started to boil up from my balls, and I moanedloudly, “Ohhh Chris…. . I’m going to cum…. . ”

Chris took her mouth off of my dick but kept stroking my cock andlooking up at me. I looked down at her smiling face and started to cumall over it.

My first shot of cum went full across her forehead and into her hair.

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  My second shot of cum hit the bridge of her nose and her left cheek. Mythird shot of cum had just enough force to land on her lips and shepromptly licked it off. Chris then squeezed the last of the cum out ofmy dick and licked it off. She stood up, turned around and stood infront of her mom’s dresser mirror. Looking at her bare tits and facecovered with cum she proclaimed, “Yeah, I’m a total angel!”She thenproceeded to lick whatever cum she could reach off of her cheek. I wasin awe as I pulled up my shorts.

Chris stepped into the bathroom and washed the rest of my cum off of herface. I stepped behind her and cupped her breasts from behind. Shewriggled her ass into my crotch, and then turned around to kiss medeeply.

When the kiss ended she said that she needed to shower before headingover to her aunt’s house to babysit. We kissed again and she walked meto the front door. Even though I wasn’t able to go to dinner with herand her family next week, she and I were still going to go out for apicnic on her birthday. The third, deep kiss would have to be enough tolast me until her birthday. Well, that and the blowjob she’d justgiven me.

As I drove back to my house to get cleaned up for work, I passed Mike on his way back from “putting gas in his car.

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