Ken and Christine part 7


The morning of Chris’s 16th birthday was a beautiful summer morning. Everything was bright and full, the birds were singing happily, and thefew clouds in the sky only added to its beauty. I drove to Chris’shouse and she practically leapt into my arms as she greeted me at thedoor. She kissed me deeply and passionately. When our kiss finallyended I leaned back and said, “Happy Birthday, babe. ”

“Thank you. ”Chris was beaming. We were going on another picnic today,and she said she had everything we needed. I looked by the door andthere was a small cooler and 2 backpacks.

I joked and told her we were going on a picnic, not a campout. Shereturned the joke with a little jab to my midsection. She grabbed thecooler and I grabbed the backpacks. They were lighter than I expected,and I opened the trunk for us to put the thing into. We drove to thepark with some soft music playing on the radio. The anger Chris felt byme being shut out of dinner with her and her family on her birthday wasno where to be found, and that was just as well. Birthdays should behappy days.

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We arrived at the park and I popped the trunk to take everything out. Igrabbed for the cooler and Chris said, “Why don’t you just leave thatthere for later?”I didn’t argue. We walked hand-in-hand to “our spot”in the woods. Chris took the backpacks from me and opened them out. Out of one she pulled a big, soft comforter and laid it on the ground. Out of the other she pulled a couple of pillows and put them on thecomforter. I smiled at her.

She stepped up to kiss me but I said, “Wait. ”I reached into my pocket and pulled out a wrapped box. “Happy Birthday again. ”

Chris took the box, tore off the paper and opened to box to find a goldnecklace with a heart shaped pendant attached to it. In the middle ofthe heart was her birthstone. (It looked more expensive than it reallywas, but I didn’t let her know that!)“Oh my God it’s beautiful. ” Chrisexclaimed!“Thank you, Ken. Help me put it on.

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  ”Chris turned aroundand I put her necklace on her. She turned back around, held the heartand looked at it. She then kissed me deeply again then spoke.

“I have something to give you as well. I can only give it once, and I want you to have it. ”

“I have the same gift to give you as well whenever you are ready for it. ”I said, trying not to sound nervous.

Chris smiled a soft smile and said, “I’m ready for it. ”She started toundress and I did the same. We watched each other undress. I stoodbefore her with nothing on; Chris only had the necklace on that I’d justgiven her. We kissed and slowly made our way down to our “bed. ”

We lay on our sides facing each other and then Chris gently pushed meonto my back. She climbed on top of me and nestled our most intimateparts together. Instinctually, she started to slide her pussy up anddown the underside of my shaft.

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  We continued to kiss as I felt ourparts become slippery. Her lips seemed to wrap around my dick as sheslid it up and down on me. I could her slide all of the way down untilshe was putting pressure on my balls, and then all the way back up untilher hole was over the head of my dick. Along the way, her clit wouldbounce off of the head of my dick, and Chris’s whole body would jerk. She stopped kissing me, sat up and ground a bit faster. Back and forthacross my dick her clit would go. We weren’t just slippery now, we weresoaking wet. Just then Chris bucked forward, clinched her legs aroundmy waist and came. “Ohhhh Goddddd. ”She cried as she came – her facetwisted in delight.

Before she completely came down from her orgasm she rolled off of me andalmost pleaded to me, “Make love to me. ”I was happy to oblige.

I rolled on top of her and Chris drew up her legs. She looked at me andsaid, “I’m on my safe time, so you can cum inside of me. ”

I felt the tip of my dick against her pussy and pressed slowly.

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  Withoutany prompting, we looked into each other’s eyes and simultaneouslysaid, “I love you” as I pushed into her pussy.

I entered her virgin hole and slowly sank in deeply. The feeling wasamazing – being totally engulfed in her warmth and wetness. I stoppedfor a second and Chris said, “Please do it. ”I pushed forward more andshe winced and clinched her teeth. We had given our virginities to eachother.

I held still for a moment letting the pain subside until Chris was readyto start again. I pulled back slowly and slid back in again slowly. Chris said it didn’t hurt so I did it again. And again. And again. Within moments we were making love in earnest. I was in a slow rhythmin-and-out, and Chris was matching every stroke with her hips thrustingup to take me in. We kissed. I kissed her neck and ears.

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  I nibbleddown neck to her chest and sucked on her right nipple. Chris moanedloudly and ran her hands on my sides and chest. I craned my neck tolook down to see my dick sliding in and out of her pussy. Chris did thesame. Without saying anything, we looked deeply into each other’s eyesand could feel each other’s passion brewing. I pumped faster and Chrismoaned louder.

Our bodies now made slapping sounds against each other and her juicespoured out of her. “Oh God Ken. I’m going to cum!” she yelled as herpassion overflowed. “FUCK!” she screamed as her body was wracked withorgasm.

Of all of the orgasms I’ve had, this was the best one ever. My dick wasinside her at the correct depth and angle that as her orgasm hit Icould feel her cervix clamp down on the head of my dick. It not onlyfelt incredible having her tight pussy gripping around the shaft of mydick, but it felt like she was sucking on the head of my dick at thesame time.

I grunted out, “Fuck Chris I’m cumming” as I unleashed my load into hernow non-virgin pussy. Chris came harder and I thrust as deeply as Icould – Chris’s legs wrapped around my waist trying to pull me in evencloser.

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  I bent down to kiss her and we stayed coupled like that forseveral minutes. As I rolled off to the side of her I looked downbetween her legs and saw some of my cum leaking out from her gapingpussy. I knew that it would go back to looking like it did before, butit was still unusual to see her pussy opened like that.

We kissed again, both said, “I love you” at the same time again, snuggled closer to each other and drifted off to sleep. . has the endless list of models and escort services in Brussels!

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