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I was the newest girl at St. Kathrine'sSchool for Encourage ables, having arrived over a year ago, and sowhen Erin the Mute was sent here, I naturally was her first roommate. The first two weeks of Erin's arrival was uneventful. I had tried tocommunicate with her in small ways and she was very accepting andgrateful, although she never said so. After two weeks, we began toshare our brushes and eat together at dinner, I tried small things toget her to be accepted at this difficult school.
All the kids at St. Kathrine's hadgotten kicked out of other programs and were sent here as a lastresort by parents that had no idea what to do with their rambunctiousoffspring and so many kids that loved to cause trouble under one rooflead to many instances of getting into trouble.
The sexual activity of the students wasgreatly overlooked by all the staff of St. Catherine's. It was saidthat many of them enjoyed hearing of the sexual exploits and wouldoften masturbate or fuck their spouses while imagining the goings onsof the St. Katherine students. The staff would often turn their headsas couples or groups of teenagers meandered off into dark closets orwould only mildly scold as they walked in on naked rubbing in emptyclassrooms. On camping weekends, which were well-known for staffturning their heads to debauchery acts, it was extremely common towalk into tents of teenagers with their hands and tongues pleasingone another in positions adults couldn't dream up. The sexuality ofthe St. Kathrine teenagers was an erotic underbelly that even themost pure delved into now and then.
In my year of being at St.

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   Katherine'sI had only two sexual experiences one that I had been a mere voyeurand another that began with a spanking and ended with principleSkinner's cum dripping from my nipples. Both of which I greatly enjoyand often touched my pussy, wishing both had gone much farther. Beingthe newer student, everyone was hesitant to induct me into theexploitations of St. Katherine's sex scene although I craved it on anightly basis. I'd often hear soft moans and loud smacks as I sleptat night and my mind would wander as to who was pleasing whom intothe wee hours of the night. The next school day, I'd sit in class,trying to catch hints of who looked extra pleased or sore the nextday and I'd grill my fellow classmates as to what they did the nightbefore. I was usually received with mere giggles and coy smiles,letting me know I was not in with the crowd just yet.
I was grateful for Erin's arrival,thinking that now that there was another new student, I would finallygive and receive the sexual attention I deserved. How I longed tohave unknown hands caress my large tits and unknown tongues push intomy wet pussy. I wanted to be held down and fucked by Chris Thompson,a fellow senior on the soccer team and I wanted to take showers withMary Beth Orwin and suck on her constantly erect nipples as I push myfingers deep into her cunt. In the privacy of my solo room, I'dromanticize and masturbate, dreaming of the day I could finally besatisfied to my pussy's content.
Erin was obviously a soft and sweetthing, complete with freckles and long strawberry blond hair. Herupturned little nose completed her sweet looks and the gap betweenher two front teeth added the perfect imperfection to herall-American white girl features. The first week, I made smallattempts to make her comfortable. She used my brush, I borrowed herT-shirt on dress-down-Friday but it wasn't until a full two-weeks ofliving in the same room that I could get this mute beauty to show mewhy she was kicked out of every school.

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“Why were you kicked out?” Iasked.
Her answer was a quick catch of my eyeand then returning to her needle point.
“I'll tell you why I was kicked out,”I said sing-songy.
There was a long pause. I could tellshe didn't care.
“Fucking a priest. ” I lied.
She peered at me below her eyebrows,obviously not buying my tale.
“Okay, I lied. I stole. I'm a thief. A kleptomaniac, actually, I've even been diagnosed. ”
No reaction.
“Can I guess why you were kickedout?”
She rolled her eyes.
“You don't have to say “yes”” Ibargained, moving to sit my pert ass onto the edge of her bed.

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“just give me a sign. ”
She scoffed.
“Ummmmmm. . . . killing someone. ”
she ignored me.
I laughed.
“just kidding. Ummmm. . . . stealing?”
she shook her head.

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she humored me by grinning
“not praying. ”
She got up and went to the trunk shehad brought with her. I continued to guess as she rifled through herpossessions.
“starting fights. . . . taking drugs. . ”
she found what she was looking for andwalked back over to the bed.
“. not doing your homework. . . .

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  notbeing clean. . . ” she threw some pictures on my lap and I slowlyturned them around, trying to decipher the images displayed.
It was a picture of a girl withstrawberry blond pubic hair and her skinny but gorgeous legs partedwith two manly fingers stuffed deep into her hole.
The second was of the same girl with abalding older man with his mouth clasped around her pussy.
The next was taken from above of thesame woman, on all fours and a large cock in her mouth, buried allthe way to the base of the shaft. This picture was obviously taken bythe man receiving her mouth. Her eyes were upturned, looking into thecamera, her enjoyment apparent by the coy smile on her expanded lips.
The four was of the same scene onlytaken by a third party standing a foot or so away from the couple. Erin's hand clasped around the man's balls as he feeds her his cock,his right hand with a firm grip of the back of her head.
I looked at Erin, the same coy grinacross her lips. She took the four pictures out of my hand and putthem at the back of the piling, indicating I should look at all theother pictures too.
The fifth was the same cock, lockedbetween her small titties, her mouth open and awaiting its entrance.
The sixth a finger, its tip enteringher asshole.

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The seventh, a different scene. Thistime, a small hand, obviously a woman's. It's nails trimmed neatlyand polished, with the two middle fingers deeply embedded intoanother woman's cunt decorated with short black pubic hair.
The next was Erin, her tongueprotruding into the same pussy, her eyes upturned like when she wassucking the cock in the previous pictures.
The night-time heat I frequently feltat St. Katherine's began to increase between my legs. I grew more wetthe with every intoxicating position I saw Erin in. Her pussy, awoman's tongue waiting at its entrance. Her between two men, one cockin her mouth, the other being inserted into her cunt. Her on her backon a table, an erection pushed to the back of her throat. Her withher face in a woman's pussy and a man doing her doggie style at herback, his middle finger to its base in her asshole.
I occasionally looked up to see Erinsexily grinning, remembering her exploits at her old schools. Everynow and then a giggle would issue from her silent lips and she'd grabthe pictures, knowing which was coming next and pushing me to theview the next one.
“Wow. ”
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“Ohmigod, Erin. ”
I'd say in a low voice, my admirationapparent.
“That's hot. ”
“Who are these people?”
“Where did you do this?”
“Who's taking this one?”
My list of questions grew and were, ofcourse, met with no answer, which made it hotter. I saw the people asher classmates, her teachers, and any variety of person she wouldcome in contact with. She giggled as I viewed the last one and handedthe pile to her.
“Dude, you're such a slut. That'sawesome. ” I commented as she placed the pictures back into thetrunk.
Feeling like my pussy was about toexplode and not feeling brave enough to put the moves on my silentroommate, I excused myself to the shower room and took my towel andall my belongings to the bathroom where I was met with the amazingbody of Mary Beth Orwin.
I watched out of the corner of my eyeas she sudsed up her pert breasts and trailed her hand down to herperfectly shaved pussy lips.
The door opened and in walked Erin,taking the shower next to me. We both occasionally caught eachother's eye as we watched Mary Beth turn her bubbly ass our way andrun her soapy hands over her cheeks as if she was putting on a showfor the two of us. That was the thing about Mary Beth Orwin, it waslike she was a born stripper, always moving as if everyone waswatching her be sexy. Which, everyone was watching her be sexy.

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   Sheslid her fingers up her crack and then again to wash all the soapout. My pussy was now raging with desire, wishing anything wouldtouch it. I covered my hands in soap and slid my palms across myerect nipples, squeezing them between my fingers and closed my eyes,enjoying the sensation. The shower room filled with steam from theraining shower heads, making Erin and Mary's bodies hazy through thethe white steamy mist. I rested my body against the tile under theshower head and slid my hands down my torso, past my belly, andgently parted the lips of my pussy, slimy with the past hour ofsensual enjoyment.
Mary Beth was now finished withcleaning her dirty body. She grabbed her dry towel and wrapped itaround her magnificent body as she headed past the toilet and openedthe door to the bathroom. Now it was just me and Erin naked and soapyin the steamy shower room. I turned my head to the left and noticedher sexy grin through water that streamed down her face. Her handswere behind her head, wringing her strawberry hair which gave me asensually awesome view of her tiny breasts.
I used my right hand only this time topart the lips of my cunt and expertly rub my the engorged flaps ofskin surrounding my clitoris, making the small nub move up and downwith my long fingers.
I let out a deep sigh and relaxedagainst the cold tile. I began to roughly tweak my left nipple withmy available hand and closed my eyes once again, enjoying thesensation.
I opened my eyes a second later andwatched Erin take her turn in soaping up her lean body. She was fromher neck to her chest to her armpits and finally her breasts, whereshe looked at me and grinned the coy grin I had seen in the pictures.

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  I then knew this was the night I was finally going to be satisfied bysomeone other than myself at St. Katherine's. From her tits, shemoved her hands around to her back. As she turned her back to me, sheran her hands down to the cheeks of her ass and spread her cheekswide, getting the soap deep within her crevice. She looked over herleft shoulder to make sure I was watching her show her slutty ass andI moved my middle finger into my virgin hole and slowly slid it inand out, enjoying the tightness.
I had been masturbating for many yearsbut never had anyone explore my body other than me. I had never hadthe chance to be moved to ecstasy by another person and now, at theage of nineteen, wanted it so badly and was happy that my first timewas to be with my new roommate who knew so much about sex.
I opened my eyes and Erin stood beforeme. She placed her long skinny hand over mine and gently accompaniedmy finger into my cunt. We stood there for several minutes, thepassion growing between us and she entered her second finger into mywet pussy. My pussy pleasurably stretched to accommodate the threedigits that pushed harder and faster at each entrance. I finallyremoved my right hand from my cunt and now grasped both of my tits,pulling and pushing on my nipples as it pleased me. I spread my legsfarther so Erin could place a third and then a fourth finger into myvirgin pussy. My moans grew with every push of her hand and I wasovercome by the urge to kiss her and suck on her tiny freckledtitties.
I leaned in for a sensual kiss and sheturned her plump lips away from mine.

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   so I settled on her neck and Igratefully sucked on her skin and trailed my tongue down her fleshuntil I met with her breasts. I first started with her right onewhich elicited from Erin the first vocalization I had ever heard. Shemoaned as my lips tore at her nipple, sucking it as far as it wouldgo. I then gently used my teeth rough enough to hear her gasp at thesudden pain. Her hand still pumping in and out of my cunt, I liftedher left tit to my lips and she threw her head back, making it moreaccessible to my lips.
Erin removed her hand from my pussy andplaced both of her hands on my shoulders, pushing me back towards thebuilt-in seat in the corner of the shower room and making me sit onthe cold tile, my legs parted in anticipation of the sexualexperience she was preparing to give me. She knelt in front of myopened legs and put her sensual lips over my slimy pussy. Her tongueinstantly went to work on my enlarged clitoris and she moved herright hand back to my cunt, waiting to be filled by her soft andexpert fingers.
to be continued at a later date
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