Lights, Camera and Action Pt 1


Lights, Camera and Action Pt 1
My name is Vince and for my 16th birthday my Grandparents gave me a digital movie camera. They had purchased the camera to take on a cruise recently. Grandma had discovered that Grandpa had been filming the young women on the cruise with lots of upskirt and under table stuff as well as wet t-shirts and bikinis. My parents gave me a laptop computer with software to edit the films from the camera. This was all really handy as I was in the Audio / Visual class at high school.
Mr Chek, our AV teacher, was from Europe and was always telling us how he worked on many movies made in Europe during the 80's and 90's. Now he taught movie making to high school kids. He had set us a project for the term to produce our own movie. He would lets us make up our own team to film it and no idea was too crazy to try. He did warn us not to do anything dangerous but he forgot to mention illegal.
I hooked up with my pal Ben and our girlfriends Tammy and Cassie at lunch and they agreed to work together on the project. We agreed to meet at Cassie's house after school to start planning because her parents also had a video camera and maybe they would let us use it as well. Two camera's for twice the action.
Cassie's Dad came in while we were having our meeting and helped with a few ideas. He also agreed to let us use his camera once we had a story to film so he knew what might happen to his camera. We tossed around several ideas and made some rough notes but were not really getting very far when Cassie's Dad popped back to tell us he would be gone for about an hour as he had to pick up Cassie's Mom from the dentist.


   No sooner had he left when Cass tells us to follow her as she has an idea for the ultimate teen flick.
She leads us to a locked door and asks Ben, who is the tallest of us, to reach up and get the key. Cass opens the door to her fathers computer room and begins showing us the camera. Next as she boots up the PC she crawls under the desk coming back out with a box of CD disks. She selects a disk at random and puts it in the PC and before our eyes the screen is filled with people having sex. The quality was pretty good but it was not a professional porn movie. Suddenly the camera moves in on Cassie's Mom as a guy jerking his cock shoots a load all over her face. She looks straight at the camera as her tongue slides over her face to collect as much cum as she can. Cass ejects the disk and pops in another and this time its her father on screen slamming his cock into a woman from behind. He is covered in sweat and as red as a beet as he pulls out and spurts all over her arse.
Cass takes the disk out and crawls back under the desk to put them back. She shuts down the PC and leads us back to the table to continue our discussion about our film. Her suggestion that we do a porn movie is met with a deafening silence then some um's and ah's but she is determined that if her parents can do it then so can she. While the rest of us talked Cass took off her blouse and bra and came and stood right next to me forcing my face into her naked tits.
"Hey this is what you guys want every weekend so here I am prepared to give up for free as long as its filmed.

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  " Cass spoke defiantly as I slowly choked from lack of oxygen smothered by her hooters.
Cassie's tits are about a 34C and nice and firm. They stand out from her chest and are topped with a pink nipple. She paraded around the table towards Tammy and grabbed her arm pulling her hand from under the table. She moved the fingers to her nose and gave them a good long sniff.
"Well Tammy's worked up by the idea, I can smell it. " laughed Cassie
She took Tammy's hand and placed it on her tit and covering it with her own hand squeezed it into her fleshy mound releasing a soft moan as her hardening nipple pops out from between the clenched fingers of the two girls. Tammy then leant forward and kissed Cassie's tit before telling us she too agrees to be filmed for this movie. Ben and I are stunned but who are we to argue with girls who want to take off their clothes and be fucked and filmed.
We talked to Mr Chek and got as much information as we could on the project without telling him our idea. We had until the end of term to get it filmed and edited. It could be on VHS or disk. Mr Chek would then watch them during school break and announce the grades when school resumed giving everyone back their film. He stressed that no-one but him would see the finished films.
We were having another meeting at Cassie's house when her parents came in and asked how it was going.

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   Cassie jumped up and began telling a story of a youth centre that is being forced to close and how the kids decide to put on a show to raise money  for the centre. Cassies's parents love the story and Cassie tells them that they will need the other camera because they can shoot some out door stuff while my camera is used for interiors. Cassie's Dad agrees to not only lend us the camera but some lights he has as well. Knowing her folks are going away this weekend Cassie asks is it alright to start filming here on the weekend. Because it's just the four of us they agree.
While none of us are still virgins we are a little short on sexual experience but Cass gives us some disks she copied from her Dads collection for us to watch to get an idea of different sexual positions and how its filmed and stuff. It felt kinda weird and I'll admit for a 16 year old it's a bit hard to concentrate on a porno film and watch it for production values and technical stuff.
I got to Cassie's house around 6:00 PM Friday night and her Dad helped me set up the lights and he talked to me about camera stuff until it was time for them to leave. Ben and Tammy showed up soon after and looked a little nervous. Tammy had a bag with make up in it and a few spare pairs of panties. Cassie took charge and began telling us the first scene would be Ben and Tammy. I would use one camera and Cass the other. She explained what was going to happen then took Tammy upstairs and left Ben and I sitting around.
The girls came back after 20 minutes. Tammy now had her blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail.

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   Her make up looked good and she was wearing a T-shirt and short denim skirt. I looked through the camera and with the lights on there were no shadows in the way. Ben and Tammy were on odd pair as he was nearly 5'10 and she just over 5 foot in bare feet. They got on the lounge and waited for Cass to give the word. She took my camera and a hand light while I used her parents camera on the tripod.
Cass then uttered those immortal cinema words "Lights, Camera, Action" and with that Ben draped an arm over Tammy's shoulders and moved his head in towards hers. Tammy, who was eager to do as she had been told, just blanked out the cameras pointed at her. While kissing, Ben let his hand wander to Tammy's breast, Cass moved in close to film it and by the way the nipple showed through the material I knew no bra was under that shirt. Tammy's hand massaged Bens cock through his shorts and soon you could see the material outline it as it grew long and firm and waiting for release.
"Oh, shit. Yeah, baby, pump it up, all the way there!" spoke Ben
Cass told them to forget talking rubbish and concentrate on the sex. Ben had got his hand under the t-shirt and lifted it up to reveal a rather petite breast topped by a dark brown, erect nipple. Cass got in good and close to film everything and when Ben's 7 inch cock sprang form his shorts I was sure it hit the camera. Cass moved back as Tammy pumped Ben's cock. Her small hand hardly able to wrap itself around.

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   I filmed Ben working on her breasts, kissing, biting, licking and sucking as he moved from one to the other pulling the nipple with his teeth till they popped from his lips. When he was kissing one his hand squeezed the other rolling the flesh of the tiny mound between his fingers. A quick close up of Tammy's face as her eyes rolled back in her head, her mouth hanging limply open, as she was in pleasure overload.
Cass called Ben off and told Tammy to get in on the action. She positioned herself in front of Ben, bending at the waist to swallow his cock. Her short denim skirt rode up her arse to reveal the thin strip of material that made up her thong. Cass filmed the cock swallowing and from that angle Tammy was able to take most of it in while I got some good footage of her arse. With one hand working on Bens cock, while her head bobbed, Tammy's other hand snaked between her legs and rubbed her pussy till the material of the thong almost vanished up her cunt. Although she didn't have much in the boob department they made a good sound as they smacked against each other as her head worked over Bens cock.
Cass got Tammy to remove her t-shirt and kneel on the floor, playing with her nipples, while Ben jerked his cock to the point of explosion. Soon ropes of sticky cum shot from the cock and coated Tammy's face. Ben must have been really loaded up because he shot so much it dripped onto Tammy's breasts and she used both hands to rub it into her tits. Finally Cass yelled "Cut" and we all dropped to the floor from exhaustion.
"Not a bad first scene" said Cass
Tammy was complaining that she hadn't been fucked and was still hyped up. She said it's alright for Ben because he got his rocks off.

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   Cass reached into a bag on the floor and pulled out a long, black, plastic dildo and tossed it to Tammy and told her if she'd use it then she'd film it. Tammy gave it a look and nodded to Cass as she started to lick it. I grabbed the other camera and filmed the action as this 16 year old blond, who stood barely five foot, jammed the black dick up her cunt and worked herself to an intense orgasm by rapidly flicking her clit while pumping her pussy with the dildo all for the benefit of the camera.
Cass finally called a halt to the nights filming about 10:00 PM and by then we had reviewed the tapes on her TV. The filming had been OK and we shot extra bits of Ben and Tammy to edit in later. As we all heaed for bed Cass told us no playing around or jerking off unless the camera catches it. Ben and Tammy were satisfied with events but my cock was stiff and sore and I had done nothing but film the action.