Lights, Camera and Action Pt 2


Lights, Camera and Action Pt 2
Next morning we were up early and reviewed last nights footage over breakfast. The filming was pretty good. Cass outlined todays schedule but I was still nervous about being filmed having sex. While we were setting up the lights in Cassie's parents room Cass was trying to come up with a big final scene and kept up a steady stream of ideas until we were set and she headed to her room to change.
I took up my position behind the bedroom door. I was wearing baggy shorts and a long singlet to make it easier to undress. Ben used the large video camera and Tammy had my small camera. She was following Cassie as they came back in. Well here it was "Showtime".
Cassie was dressed in a very revealing tennis dress. She had sprayed herself with water to make it look as if she had just finished playing. Cass undid the clip at her neck to release the dress and pushed it down over her hips and dropping it to the floor kicked it away. From my position behind the door I had a great view of her arse as her panties sucked into her butt crack. She stood still for a moment then started to undo the snaps to her bra as she walked towards the bed. When she stopped by the bed that was my cue to move up behind her. Cassie flicked the bra straps off her shoulders exposing her lace encased breasts.

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   She reached her arms towards the ceiling and stretched her whole body even standing on her tip-toes to flex the muscles in her legs. Her breasts were pushed forward, standing firmly and proud upon her chest. She then fell forward on the bed as she lowered her arms.
I stripped as I walked to the bed blanking out the camera's and focusing on Cassie's bum. My cock was slowly becoming erect and quickened as Cass reached between her spreading legs to finger her pussy through her panties. As I reached the bed she rolled over and I did a slow fall onto her. She could feel my hard cock against her thigh as she mashed her lips against mine and pushed her tongue down the back of my throat. I was ready to fuck her before I even reached the bed. I was turned on from watching her undress and was feeling the need to have wild, passionate sex. My cock was jammed between her legs, trying to find the hot, damp entry to her pussy. I began humping my cock against the thin cotton material of her panties feeling my cock head bounce and slide along her moistening slit.
Our lips parted and I dropped my mouth onto her stiff nub of a nipple rolling and flicking it with my tongue. Her lips peeled back from her teeth in a feral grin as her hands pushed my head lower. I kissed my way from her breast to to elastic of her panties. Her hand reached in between and pulled the panties to one side.

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   Her pussy smelt fresh and she had shaved her pubic hair into a series of V's pointing to her clit. I had gone too far to stop now, the camera's a forgotten memory, as I held tightly to her ass. My tongue forced it's way between the folds her cunt and into her vaginal passage and for a time I was lost in extasy as I tasted Cassie's pussy juices. She shuddered, and gasped loudly, and her while her thrashing weakened it did not cease entirely. I held her ass cheeks firmly so that she couldn't pull away. Then my tongue found its way to her clit and the effect was electric as a charge went through her body. She stiffened and arched her back, forcing her cunt hard against my face.
I shifted positions slightly to bring my cock over Cassie,s face "Oh wow," she said with a suddenly shocked tone. Her hands grasped my cock and stroked it gently. I then lay back on the bed and allowed her a free hand so to speak. She smoothly jerked my penis with one hand, while kneading my balls with the other. She was obviously as turned on by events as I was. Her next action was straight from one of the movies as she took my cock into both hands and dropped her sweet lipstick coated lips over it. She bobbed her head, her hot lips enclosing my cock as the head disappeared into her mouth. I could feel her tongue exciting my cock, as she continued to bob her head up and down on it.

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   She was really hot.
"Do me doggy style," she gasped.
I got off the bed and she assumed the position. I stood behind her and positioned my cock in her pussy. We both made loud cries as I slid inside her pussy lips. The head slipped in and I was away. My hips flattened her ass cheeks in an effort to push as much cock inside her as I could. She just grunted and pushed back against me. Even though we had fucked a few times it was still a tight little hole. I began fucking her slowly, feeling every inch of my cock as it slithered into her hot pussy. Cassie responded with more moans, very loud moans. I was happy that she was enjoying it.
Our moans of delight were soon bringing me to the peak of sexual pleasure. My eyes were tightly shut as I concentrated on pounding her pussy with my penis. Cassie moaned into the sheets with each thrust.

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   Sensing I was close to coming she turned and said " you know what I want" and I did remember from the movie and withdrawing my cock I grasped it tight feeling the pressure build till I shot glob after glob of cum over her arse letting it drain down the crack so it filled her arse hole and flowed to her pussy.
The next thing I remember is applause as Tammy and Ben hooted and cheered our performance. Cass had collapsed on the bed as if asleep. I just sat on the bed exhausted and drained of emotion. We took a break for about an hour and then all met up again in the kitchen to discuss what to do next. The girls agreed that they wanted to a girl on girl scene but Cass was still after a big finale. I told her I had an idea but needed to make a call first. I came back in an upbeat mood and explained my phone call and idea. Ben and the girls thought it would be a hoot and couldn't wait to film it. We filmed some filler stuff to pad out the movie and it gave us something to show in case anyone wanted to see any footage. This was supposed to be a film about raising money to save the youth centre so we had to have scenes that didn't feature sex.
The day was dragging on and we were not sure when Cassie's parents would be back. We set up in the garden of Cassie's back yard. Tammy had on a shower robe and was sitting on a stool. Cassie was pretending to apply make up to Tammy.

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   Cass wore a t-shirt that was too small as well as no bra. Her nipples stood to attention already. As she applied make up to Tammy her breasts came close to Tammys face and Tammy stuck her tongue out to flick the extended nipple. Cass continued to apply make up to Tammys neck so Tammy opened her robe to expose the tops of her tits. In the motion of brushing on make up Cassie's hand slid across Tammys breast. Tammy replied by tweaking Cassie's nipple through the thin cotton material. Both girls had closed their eyes as they massaged each others breasts.
Tammy slowly stood letting the robe drop from her shoulders. She was wearing only a pair of powder blue, sheer boy leg panties, her dark pubic hair visible through the material. She grasped the hem of Cassie's t-shirt and gently pulled it over her head exposing her breasts to the cool afternoon air. Tammy leant in and swallowed one nipple while twisting the other. Cassie undid and dropped her shorts leaving her standing in a pair of black lace Brazilian panties. The girls were into a deep French kiss, their tongues exploring each others mouth. They each took hold of a breast and rubbed their nipple against the others.
Being a few inches taller Cass turned Tammy around so she was facing directly to the camera's.

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   Cass got behind and kissed Tammy on the neck while her hands roamed over Tammys body. Tammy melted into Cass and reached around to grab a handfull of arse. Cassie's hand had found its way to Tammys mound and she ground the palm of her hand into Tammys crotch. Cass slipped two fingers under the elastic and worked away at Tammys clit. Tammy was humping her butt against Cassie as her clit was worked over.
The girls dropped their panties as they lay on a blanket to get comfortable. They entered the 69 position with Tammy on top. There was a lot of moaning and slurping going on as heads worked overtime on getting each other off. I was tapped on the shoulder and turned to see that Ben had stripped off and was holding the tripod in one hand and his hardon in the other. I just nodded and he joined the scene. He quickly got behind Tammy and with one thrust drilled is cock deep into her cunt. I was worried her scream would bring the neighbours but she just dropped her head back onto Cassie's pussy and tongued along to Bens pumping action. Cass had raised her head and was licking his balls as they slapped against Tammy. Tammy got two fingers and jammed them into Cassie's cunt which almost caused her to bite Ben.
Ben was a machine as he pistoned his cock into Tammys hole.

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   Soon all three were worked up and Ben pulled his cock from Tammy and both girls knelt in front, mouths wide open, as he jerked off and shot his cum over both girls. Cass took the slippery pole and covering the head sucked it deeply, her cheeks pulling in, getting as much cum as she could then opening her mouth wide let it drip onto Tammys waiting lips.
I had stopped filming as was leaning on the tripod, eyes closed when I felt a hand grip my cock and lips close around it. I looked down to see Tammy wacking my cock and sucking like mad. Her mouth swallowed what she wasn't holding and she popped her lips whenever she pulled the head form her lips. I couldn't hold back and exploded with a gush of cum deep into her throat. I couldn't have lasted more than two minutes, filming and watching all this sex had my sexual urges hyped to the max.
Cassie's parents came home late in the day and they wanted to see what we had filmed. They were happy with the footage and Cass explained how we had filmed more but had wiped it due to mistakes. Cassie's Mom said we should have made a blooper reel of our mistakes. Deciding to call it quits for our first weekend of filming we all headed home but as we were leaving Cassie's Dad said maybe we could have more weekends like this again until we finished the film. We all just laughed but he missed the joke.


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