Lights, Camera and Action Pt 3


Lights, Camera and Action Pt 3
The next weekend my Grandpa picked me up in his van and took me to Cassie's house to collect the the others as well as the camera and lights. We told Cassie's parents that we were going to the bar my Grandpa owned to film and that Grandpa was coming along to see we didn't try any alcohol. The bar didn't open on Saturday's till the afternoon for the evening crowd so we would have 4 or 5 hours to film until the regular staff arrived. We set up the lights and some other props we had with us. We filmed some normal stuff for a while then let Grandpa know we would be filming the big finale as soon as the girls changed outfits and did their make up, maybe half an hour till the action happened.
The girls took over the ladies toilets while Ben and I sat on some crates in the hall. Grandpa looked in on us then closed the door to the bar behind him. I thought I heard a click so went and tried the door but it was locked. I called out to Grandpa to find out what was going on but he just told me to wait for his surprise.
I walked in on the girls to let them know Grandpa was up to something so if anything didn't seem right later they could call it off. Cass had on her school uniform of crisp white blouse and short check skirt. Her school tie hung loosely around her neck and knee high white socks and shiny black shoes completed her outfit. Tammy was like a young Madonna dressed in a cutoff t-shirt and frilly black skirt. She wore red high heel shoes, black stockings to mid thigh and lots of wispy scarves holding up her hair. The make up had been applied and the girls were practising some dance moves. I went to try the door again and as I was reaching for the handle Grandpa pushed it open, nearly knocking me over.

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"Ah, my boy. Your Grandpa would like to tell you his surprise. " Grandpa grinned as he closed the door so I couldn't see the bar area.
This was his surprise. He had invited a dozen old army buddies to the show to make it look like a crowded bar. They would give the girls money as they danced and the girls could keep it afterwards. He stressed that "no sex" was going to take place as most of the guys were 60 plus. They just wanted a chance to see some young attractive women again to make them feel young once more. I told the girls and Tammy was all for it but Cass was a bit put off by all the old guys who would be checking her out. Finally the idea of no sex and free money enticed her to go on. I told Grandpa it was a go and went with Ben to get in position to film the action.
We hit the lights and kicked in the music. "Start me Up" blasted from the CD player and the guys erupted in a series of hoots, whistles and cat calls. As the girls made their way to the bar top the volume increased as the men caught sight of the performers. The girls took up positions at either end of the bar, wrapping themselves around poles we had placed there earlier.

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   The guys were slapping the bar and waving their arms about, it looked great through the camera lens.
The intro music stopped and Joe Cockers "Leave Your Hat On" kicked in. The girls began to twirl around the poles and strut towards each other. When they met Tammy took off Cassies tie and Cass pulled a scarf from Tammys hair. They threw them to the crowd who notched up the volume once more. Back to the poles and some bending and turning plus a little flash of knickers and bums. Once more to the centre of the bar and Tammy undid some buttons on the white blouse while Cass lifted the t-shirt to reveal some lace covered titties.
Once more to the poles for some more twirling, posing and flashing. Cass was humping the pole pressing he pantie covered pussy hard against the brass rod as she rose and dipped with the music. Tammy was wrapping her tits around the pole and giving it a lick as she slid down. The girls stepped back to the centre of the bar and as they met the t-shirt and the blouse came off and went into the crowd. Money was being thrown onto the bar around the girls who now stood boob to boob and when they stepped back the bras came away from their young, firm breasts. The old guys went nuts, hooting and hollering to wake the dead. As the girls slow stepped along the bar they undid the zips and the skirts joined the tops in the crowd leaving the girls in  just thong briefs as the music died away.
I was filming an old guy named Karl who was positioned directly in front of Tammy.

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   He had his arm on the bar and was holding a $20 bill in his hand and waving it at Tammy. He was holding it in an odd way, with his thumb and little finger, while using his remaining fingers to wave Tammy closer. She held the pole as she squatted right in his face slowly opening and closing her legs to show him her lace covered mound. Karl was pretty quick for an old guy because as Tammy frog hopped closer two of Karls fingers pulled aside the thong and the third jammed itself up her cunt.
Tammy slammed her thighs together trapping Karls hand but by the smile on his face he was in heaven. His friends were going off big time as more money hit the bar. I got a nod from Tammy that she was fine with what was happening so I continued to film. She stood slowly keeping Karls hand between her thighs for as long as possible until she stood beyond his reach. He proudly waved his pussy slimed finger to his buddies and that bought forth more cheering.
Now some Latin music from Ricky Martin leapt from the stereo and the girls got into some serious booty swaying. The guys were pounding the bar and trying to grope the girls when from nowhere one of the guys pops up between the girls, stark naked and with a raging hard on. Tammy never blinked an eye as she grabbed the ageing piece of meat and whipped it till it boiled. Cum fountained from the penis to shoot over the crowd and that was it. Soon all the guys had their dicks out and were lining up to be jacked off by the girls.
I didn't know where to point the camera, events were getting out of control, then Grandpa's friend Norm waved a $100 bill at Cassie and shook his penis at her.

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   She knew what he wanted and dropped to her knees and took hold of his dick and fed it into her mouth. A loud "Aawwwhhhh" issued from the crowd and then silence as they stood and watched their friend got sucked off by a girl younger than his own grand-daughter. Cassie bobbed her head to the music as her cheeks sucked in with each swallow. Norm had his hand on the back of her head as he fucked her face while his own face changed from pale white to beet red as he strained to hold back the coming eruption from his loins. Soon it was too much for him to take and he pulled his dick out of her mouth as the first jet of cum splattered her face. Some went in her mouth and then the next shot sprayed her neck and breasts. Cass milked his dick of every last drop as she looked straight at the camera with white gobs of goo smudging her make up.
Tammy was not about to be upstaged and quickly whipped off her thong to display her neatly trimmed pussy to the crowd. She was waving both hands at the guys urging anyone to come forward. I could not hear what she was saying to the guys due to the music and the cheering which had started again. First Cliff, then Lenny waved money at her but I was suddenly stunned beyond belief as my Grandpa slapped a wad of cash at Tammys feet and with a roar of encouragement from the crowd climbed onto the bar. I was having a tough time filming my naked Grandpa but I thought a quick BJ and its over and I could edit it out later. Boy was I wrong.
Grandpa's cock wasn't long but it was thick. He spat on his hand and rubbed his cock to coat it and get it slick for entry into Tammy's pussy.

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   Tammy had her shoulder braced against the brass pole and her legs spread wide. Grandpa rubbed his cock head into Tammy's slit till he found the hole. With a flex of his hips the cock entered Tammy and as she opened her mouth to release a groan a cock was stuffed into her mouth. Grandpa had worked his cock fully into Tammy and was starting to get into a good rocking action.
Every where I looked old men had cocks in hand, in mouths or in cunts. Anyone not actually with one of the girls was wanking his cock to keep it hard till their turn arrived. Cass had a guy under her as she rode his cock plus to maintain her balance held a cock in each hand. Grandpa had worked up a sweat and popping his cock from Tammy's cunt launched a stream of cum across her backside that drained down her arse crack. The guy at her face also pulled out of her mouth and sprayed his cum from her forehead to her chin painting her face in white stripes and blobs.
Cass leant back till the cock in her cunt spilled free and shot it's load into her pubic hair. The two guys she was jerking off grabbed their cocks for the final moments and as one covered her breasts in gooey cum. I was glad it was all coming to a close without any of the old guys having a heart attack or stroke.
The music finished and all the guys let out a roar as the girls stood on wobbly legs, their faces and bodies covered in cum. Suddenly one guy stuck a $20 bill to a blob of cum on Cass. Soon all the guys were pushing money at the girls and as they headed for the ladies room a trail of notes followed them.

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   Ben and I went as well while Grandpa got the guys calmed down, cleaned up and out of the bar.
I waited in the hall with Ben for a few minutes trying to work out what to say to the girls about the crowd when I heard squeals of laughter from the room. Cass and Tammy were in fits talking about all the old dicks and how the old guys went at it. They were not upset in the least and couldn't wait to see the footage. Suddenly Ben swung the camera up and filmed the girls and all the money scattered about the area saying this would make a great final shot.
Well everyone got cleaned up and the guys had gone when we came out. They had even packed the lights and props in the van. All up the girls scored nearly a $1000 for the mornings "work". Granpa mumbled an apology but Tammy just gave him a kiss and that seemed to smooth everything over. As the regular crew were arriving to set up we beat a hasty retreat home to look at the footage.
The next few weeks were spent by me editing the footage down to the required film length. Ben got some music and sound effects from the net as well as retaping some of the dialogue. Cass did a nifty intro and credits screen as well as designing a cover for the DVD case. Tammy prepared the final presentation to be read to the class telling what our film was about and how we went about the creative process. I read it and while factual it wasn't exactly true making no references to any sex.

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It was finally done, ALL our footage was copied to disk as well as a seperate movie disk of roughly one hour. I made copies for each of us to keep, plus one for Grandpa, and we headed off for the last day of term before our summer break. Tammy gave our presentation and made our movie sound so dull and uninteresting that no one would be wanting a copy in a hurry.
Classes over we made our way home and as I walked in the front door the phone was ringing and answering it found Cass on the other end all flustered and breathless telling me to come back to her house, NOW. I didn't exactly rush because what could have happened in the past twenty minutes since I left that got her all excited. Reaching her front door it was pulled open by Cass before I could knock.
"What's the drama? Couldn't it have waited till tomorrow?" I asked sternly.
Cass dragged me to the room her father kept locked and explained how another DVD had arrived yesterday and that she had put it on as soon as she had got home to see what her parents had been up to on their weekend away when she found this. Cass pressed the play button and the scene focused on her mother bent over the arm of a sofa as she was fucked from behind by an unknown man. Then as the camera drew back the man was revealed as non other than Mr Chek, our AV teacher. I turned to face Cass and we gave each other a high five as we screamed "A+" to no one in particular.