Lily's Education.


Lily's EducationSuddenly, Lily was in the doorway. She stared at us. Me and Robin quickly covered our dicks with the duvet, preventing Lily from seeing them. Lily screamed "What the fuck are you doing?" Me and Robin stared at each over thinking 'SHIT! I stuttered "Having a wanking contest!" She stared for what felt like an hour and then said "Its a bit embarrasing but I've never seen a real penis before. " "Do you mind if I touch it?" She was now blushing scarlet red. "I don't think we should do that. " I answered. "Please, I just want to know what it's like. " She begged. I said "No, it's wrong!" "I will strip for you!" She proposed. "Okay" said Robin without thinking. Then, she took of her jumper followed by her t-shirt, that revealed her bra. She hadn't developed boobs yet, so she was wearing a pink training bra. I noticed her erect nipples were visible through her bra . Then, she started pulling down her skirt. I was surprised that she was wearing g-string underwear at 13.

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   She was now looking at us in her bra and knickers, still blushing. "Are you ready?" She asked. Robin nodded quickly followed by me. First, she took of her bra revealing two little puffy erect nipples, the ones kids have just as they start puberty. Then she continued and pulled down her knickers revealing her tiny pussy. It was almost not there. All I could see was a tiny slit with shaven pubes. After about 10 seconds, leaving us time gaze at her beutiful teenage cunt, she asked "Now can I touch your cocks?" Me and Robin nodded and threw away the duvet revealing our dicks. Me and Robin both had similar 7 inch cocks, we had also both started puberty, so we both had a bush of thick dark pubes. "Wow! There huge!" said Lily. Then, she walked up to me and stroked my cock. It became erect straight away. . "What happened, why has it become hard?" She asked. "It's called a boner, boys and men get them when they are sexually aroused.

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   Your arousing me so I got one. " She smiled and then stroked Robins dick as well. His cock became erect straight away like mine. "Do you want to try and taste my cock, just give it a lick?" I said. Straight away Lily got to her knees and started licking my meat like it was a lolipop. I could tell she was very horny. After about 2 minutes, she tryed to down it all and almost gagged. Meanwhile, Robin was jacking off on his bed. I felt my testicles start to tingle and I knew I was about to cum. My love juice started squirting into Lily's mouth.  "What's this?" She asked. "It's cum, try it, it's nice. " I told her.  She swallowed all of it. Robin stopped wanking, ran over to Lily and cummed his load into her mouth aswell.

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   She swallowed his cum and smiled. Then she asked "Is cum sperm?" I answered "Yeh, if you have started your period and you get cum in your pussy, you will probly make a baby. " She smiled. "Well, we better be careful then. " Their was a long silence. Then, Robin asked "Do you know what wanking is?" "Yeh, I think.
    Is it what you and Bob were doing when I walked in?" I laughed and asked "Have you ever tryed?" "No, to be honest I don't know how to do it. " she answered. "Just, shove your fingers in and out of that tight pussy of yours!" I told her. She smiled and said "I might need a bit of help with that!" "Do you want us to show you?" Robin asked her. "Yeh, please. " She said. "Okay, lie down and spread your legs out so that your pussy lips are spread as well!" Asked Robin.  "Okay, done. " She replyed.

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       "Now, just close your eyes and enjoy what we're about to do with this tight little lady of yours. " He said. And that's what she did. "Do you want to do the honours Bob?"Asked Robin. "Sure. " I answered. I positioned myself with my arse on her stomach facing back to her face. I looked down at her pussy, fluids were driping from her little cunt!I licked my fingers preparing them to enter. I started to rub the area around her pussy. I started to feel the shaven pubic hairs around the edge. Then, I entered 2 fingers, nail length in. "Umm. " She let out. I pulled them out. I could feel her pussy lips tightning up.

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       I tickled her tits to relax her. Then I shoved my whole finger length in. "Arrgh. " She screamed. I pulled my fingers out and shoved them back in. Now I tickled the inside of her cunt with the tip of my fingers. Then, I started plunging my fingers in and out of her tight hole. While I was fingering her I looked back at her to see if she was okay. No wonder she had been so quite. She was sucking on Robin's sausage. Suddenly, I started to feel liquid dripping from her pussy. I was so turned on, I had no control of myself. I changed my position so my head was in- between her legs. I started eating out her wonderfully tight cunt. I was drinking her juices.

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       Meanwhile, Robin was cumming again as Lily deepfroated his dick. "Shall we go the whole way and just screw her?" I asked Robin. He replyed "Sure, I'll take the back you take the front. " "Were gonna fuck you Lily, hardcore!". . . Coming Soon: Smiling Lily gets Fucked hardcore!What do you think?Email me @ DillonRb@aol. com.