Locker Room part 2


Before i knew it, I was holding Nicole against the wall as she grinded on my cock. I fondled her huge tits and played with her little nipples which made her smile and giggle with pleasure. I began licking and kissing her tits as she kept giggling with excitement. She pushed me away and dropped to her knees, sticking the head of my cock into her wet, moist mouth. She wrapped her hand around the base of my cock, and she began to lick my cock slowly up and down.
The water was pouring all over her naked body making it glisten in the little light that was available in the showers. She sucked my cock while rubbing the base because she couldn't fit the whole 7 inches into her mouth. I made her stop, only for a second, as I picked her up and held her upside down for a standing 69 position. Both of her legs were over my shoulders and her wet pussy spread wide as I pushed my tongue into it. I tasted her sweet juices as she continued to enjoy the full length of my cock.
"Put me down and fuck me Now!" She moaned.
I put her down and pushed her against the wall. I lifted her off her feet and let her slowly drop down onto my cock. She was very tight, but was not still a virgin, it seemed she had not been fucked in awhile. We got a great rhythm with her body moving up and down, up and down on my rock solid mass. She moaned loudly, enjoying all 7 inches of my cock pushing deep into her soaking wet pussy.

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   Her breathes got deeper and deeper until her body quivered and shook to an orgasm.
"OH MY GOD! This feels amazing!" She screamed.
I began to fuck her harder and harder, faster and faster as she moaned like crazy all the way through each thrust. She loved the feeling of my fat cock inside of her tight wet cunt. I started feeling a pressure build up inside of my cock as I blew my warm load inside of her pussy until there was nothing left to pump out. We kissed as I put her down. She got dressed and said she hope to see me at the party with a wink. I cleaned myself off and walked to my locker wearing only my towel. As I turned the corner I was shocked with another surprise. . . .

As I walked out of the shower into the locker area, there she was sitting in only her cheerleading skirt and no top. It was KK, another cheerleader, who is the best friend of the girl I had just fucked in the shower. Nicole was already gone, so there was no point in pretending I didn't want her.

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   KK has the perfect body for a girl. She has a very small frame, short tight legs, and very small hips. This is all complimented by a big tight ass and perfect hand sized tits. I had gym with her earlier that year and she always wore tight short shorts which was amazing.
She had blue eyes and shoulder-length blond hair and the cutest smile. Her boyfriend was on the football team, but I guess he wasn't doing a good job with her in the bedroom. She knew how to turn a guy on and she had done it to me often in gym class. Running in front of me when we had to run laps, playing the center position when we played flag football so she was completely bent over in front of me, and trying to back me down in basketball. She'd push her big ass right up against my already hard cock and start to back down slowly grinding against my cock. This was torture because I could never get her alone. However, we were now alone.
She got up and walked toward me, saying "You know, I've wanted you for quite sometine. I mean I'm always bending over in front of you, just wishing you'd grab my ass and take me somewhere to fuck. I always felt how hard and big your cock was when we'd play basketball. "
She pulled the towel off my naked body, revealing my 7-inch mass already pre-cum was running down the shaft.

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   She smiled and got on her knees, wrapping a hand around my cock. She was rubbing my base as she licked my head several times with her small moist tongue. Slowly, she slid more and more of my cock into her mouth until she swallowed the whole thing. She gagged as she deep throated my cock, but didn't stop what she was doing.
I pulled her off and layed her face down on one of the benches with her ass sticking up in the air. I slapped her ass hard and squeezed it as she giggled with excitement. I slid my cock slowly into her pussy, teasing her all the way. She was loving being bent down, getting fucked doggy style on the bench. She moaned, but not very loudly. She seemed to be a quiet fuck.
"Oh God baby, I'm coming!" KK moaned.
As she said this I felt her pussy squeeze tight around my dick and I knew I was about to cum. I pulled out quickly and she turned taking my cock into her mouth. I shot loads of cum into her mouth and and down her throat as she swallowed every drop. She looked up at me and smiled that cute smile.

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"See you at the party!" KK said with a wink.
I couldn't wait for this party.

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