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Meredith had said that we got the room"so we could relax until our parents picked us up"I knew exactly what she had planned and I didn't think we would be "relaxed" for long. But being the little teen hornbag that I was, i desperately wanted to find a way to play along. Recently I had been exploring the wonderful world of year ten girls tits and there had been rumours going around that Li'l Jonny (my nickname) had even been eating chocolates out of chicks bras. So the foreplay went something like this. HER: "So, Li'l Jonny, I hear you've been going up girls shirts. "ME: "Yeah most of them were just dares. "(Remember the chocolates)HER: "Well, I dont have any m'nm's," Right about now she held my hand and started pulling it up her top,"but I dont have a bra on. "Just as the words left her mouth, I relized that for myself. Well that was all I need. From then on I took control. I lent forward and she fell backwards onto the bed. I started to massage her soft breasts, from the nibbles to her neck. Slowly I undid the buttons of her shirt and slipped it of her smooth shoulders. I heard her groan as I rebbed against the front of her tight "groovy chic" style jeens. This sent a huge adrenalin rush through my body and I went at it. First I started kissing her well rounded lips then moved down her chin and onto her neck.

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   She moaned and whisperd yes over and over again as Istarted kissing her breast and her stomack. When I got to the jeens I slid them off over her thighs and as I continued to kiss and caress her well rounded form, I pulled them right off her smooth legs. She had obviously planned this from the start because underneath she had on what could only be described as satin panties. I kissed her around her thighs and then on her iner leg and finally slid her undawear right off, There she was completely naked. Stretched out and urging me on. My first thought was to get straight at her, but I though I knew better. I moved my tounge along her inner thigh until it brished over her sweet tasting cunt, soaking with juice. I started to lick up her slit and the moaning noise she made filled me with an urge to go deeper. So I did literaly. I turned my tougue verticaly and slid right in. She screamed so loud, I thought someone would hear us. As I slid out, I flicked my toungue so it turned around to face the other side of her cunt. This sudden movement caused her to jolt and as I repeated this motion over and over again she moaned loader and louder. Finally she arched her back and groand and then welled,"Holy shit!" and relaxed. She was panting and moaning quietly even as I moved back up to her eye level and kissed her gently.

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   I started to reach for the rim of my shirt and pulled it off, Right on que, she reched down and slid my shorts off. All that I had on now was my satin boxers and as I rubbed against her again and again, they became soaked in her juice. She reached down and massaged my cock until it rose to a tall, thick shaft. I let by boxers be pulled lower and lower as I ground against her body. My shaft rubbed her cunt and she mmoaned again. I was fourteen and as such was well versed in the art of successful porn searching. I thought I knew it all. I also know from sex ed that she was most likely going to experience pain as I penetrated. I slid in between her thighs and slowly forced my cock into her tight pussy. She made a groaning noise and gritted her teeth. But instead of crying or begging me to stop, she said,"That feels incredible!" I had to admit r=that even in between worrying about her, the sensation was fantastic. "It dosn't hurt?" I asked"No!" she replied, "Its to good to be true!"I needed no further permission. I slowly slid out again, then back in again, faster and faster. She started to match my rythm. We jolted into one another, sending spasms of pleasure all over our bodies.

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   I coul feel and enormous preasure building up inside me. I knew what it was. I also knew that she took a pill, so i didn't pull out. Just as the feeling became unbearable, I jammed hard and let loose. She came just as I finished emptying inside her. I pulled out and rolled off onto the bed beside her and we both lay there relaxing. It was about an hour later that we actually got up and got dressed. About half an hour later we went out to the theatre and st outside, often kissing or giggling. Our parents picked us up and they don't know about our little episode even today. We had many more experiences together and were the only sexual partner each other had right through high school. However, our relationship had to end when she stayed home to study and I went to Brisbane, the state capital. However, I have now finished my law degree and am coming home to start my own firm. We have stayed in contact, and suprisingly single, so, you never know. If you have read this far, I hope my story hasn't been to boring or empty. I realy wrote it as a romance not just a hardcore slut fest.

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   I will try that next time. Please make any comments or suggestions (good or bad) about this story or my writing style in general to my email adress. cuteboyo@hotmail. comthank you for your kind attentionJonathan HayAuthor.
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