Love, does it exist?


******This isnt from personal experience. but its from everything I\'ve heard and what not. *********
Mark and Jamie sat on the front porch talking. waiting for her parents to leave so they could have the house to themselves. Sure they had had sex before but this time Mark had something new in mind. something that Jamie didnt know about. She was used to sex, but today she was getting it up the ass. Mark had decided today would be the perfect day to try it.
Her parents said goodbye and told them to behave. They were going away for the weekend leaving Jamie and Mark all alone. Jamie got left alone a lot. but she liked that. As soon as her parents had pulled out of the driveway and drove down the road Mark turned to Jamie and said, "I have something new I want us to try. " She looked at him and asked, "what?" He took her head and helped her up off the porch swing and said, "Do you trust me?" She nodded her head and followed him up to her bedroom.
He kissed her and gently pushed her back onto her bed. Jamie slowly pulled off her shirt and shorts and helped Mark do the same.

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   Finally he got her bra off followed by her lacy little thong. He kissed her and then kissed her all the way down to her precious cunt. He loved to eat her out, and she enjoyed it just the same. After about five minutes of poking and probing with his tongue she came.
    After her orgasm calmed down she removed his boxers and watched his 8 inch erection pop out. . she kissed it softly. and he groaned. Mark was loving every minute of this. She ran her tongue over his shaft and he quivered. Jamie was getting good at giving head.
    As much as Mark didnt want to he pushed Jamie off of him. "Whats wrong babe?" she asked. He laid her down on the bed and slowly pushed into her tight cunt. He fucked her vigorously for about ten minutes until finally he came.

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       She was on birth control so he didnt have to worry about knocking her up. "I know your nervous. " She gave him a funny look. "What am I nervous about Mark?" He looked at her, his erection returning. "Can I please take your ass?" "What?!" "Jame, please? you said the next time your parents go away. " She looked at him. "Mark! its going to hurt. " He gave her is best puppy dog face and said, "Please, I\'ll be gentle.
      Just like I was wen I took your virginity. " She gave him a stern look and said, "only if you use lubricant. "
      Mark nodded and reached into his over-night bag and pulled out a small bottle of special anal lubricant. He turned her over so that her lucious ass was in the air. Mark put a generous amount of lube on his finger and slowly glided it into her ass. Her muscles reacted and her anus tightend around his finger. slowly he moved it in and out and then added more lube.

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         "Okay, Im ready," she said as she pulled the pillow into her face. He lubed his cock up and the placed it at the hole to her anus. He slowly pushed the tip of his cock in and Jamie screamed into the pillow. She had never put anything up her ass before. He couldnt control himself anymore so he just plunged into her ass. making her scream into the pillow in shear pain. He held himself steady so she could get used to his 8 inches in her tight ass. Then he began slowly pushing into her ass as he rubbed her clit. After about five minutes he couldnt hold on anymore and shot a huge load of cum up her ass. He pulled out with a pop and kissed her passionately.
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