Love from the Ashes.


“Yes?”“Aaron? I’m sorry…I probably woke you up…I just…. I need to talk to someone…can I come over?” It was Hannah Walters, a light skinned brunette from the junior class. She had beautiful green eyes that were more then easy to drown in and full pouty lips, she also had one of the most beautiful bodies he had ever seen in all 19 years of his life. From what he knew she was already involved with a football player from school, so he usually just resorted to his hand when it came to thinking about her. Her voice was normally rich and breathy, making him melt every time he heard it since they started being friends his freshman year, but tonight it was shaky and he could tell she had been crying. “No, that’s ok! I couldn’t sleep. It was a rough night, come on over! We can talk all night. ” He tried his best to hide the surprise in his voice and hung up the phone after saying bye with her. He ran a towel across himself, drying his well formed body, down past his abs to his shaved crotch where he lingered a little with the thought of the beautiful 17 year old Hannah coming to his house. He heard a knock on the door and ran into his room, throwing on a shirt and a pair of sleep pants with his hair still mussed up and wet. He opened the door and she was standing there, looking as beautiful as ever…even if there were tear stains running down her cheek and ruining her make up that he always thought she never needed. Her car was parked in the driveway and he could tell that she had already been to his front door before she called him. “What’s wrong Han?” he asked tenderly, using the intimate relationship of her nickname. “Ryan’s been cheating on me!” she sobbed as she fell against his chest, he quickly supported all 100 pounds of her 5’6” frame and stroked her back. “Oh Hun…. I’m so sorry.

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  ” he muttered as he helped her inside and set her on the futon, closing the door to keep the heat from escaping the house into the cold winter night. “What happened?”“I guess I wasn’t woman enough for him so he slept with my sister…he told me he’s been doing it for weeks Aaron…he’s been lying to me for so long now!” she hugged her torso, wrapping her arms under her 36 C breasts with her shoulders shaking lightly. “Hun…that’s not true…you’re more then enough woman for any guy. ” he reached out and touched her shoulder, the warmth from his palm making her shoulders relax. She leaned back and sighed out “I feel so dirty…. The most I ever gave him was a hand job…but…. he fucked my sister! right when I was in the next room. He shoved his cock into her and fucked her like a little whore!” She spitted gently as she talked, saying words he never thought he’d hear come from her mouth until she broke down again. “Hannah…. listen to me. ” he whispered as he slid closer to her. “It is not your fault he cheated on you…he’s just a bastard. He isn’t worth any tears. No guy who can make you cry is worth thinking about. No one is worth your tears Hannah…anyways…you can do much better then Ryan.

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   He may be one of my friends but still…. he’s an asshole sometimes…he’s just interested in sex. Let him sleep with your sister, chances are that she’ll see what he is and feel like shit. ” With all that Hannah sniffled lightly, drawing a hand to her eyes and wiping gently. “She already talked to me about it…she tried to kill herself afterwards…she won’t even talk to him…I don’t blame her…. ”“Good then…just forget about him…he isn’t a real guy anyways…. no –real- man would leave you…. just look at you!” he smiled lightly and nudged her, “You look beautiful even when you cry…not a lot of people pull that off. ”She smiled lightly and looked up at him, “Oh Aaron…” she flew into his arms, burying her face on his chest and he wrapped his arms around her back. Her voice was muffled but was more confident this time “Thank you Aaron…you’re too good…. I’m so glad I’m your friend…. ” She smiled widely and kissed his chin, drawing a smile over his lips. “Now this is the Hannah I know!” he laughed and hugged her gently before standing up and walking into the kitchen. “You want some water or something?”“Sure…my throats all sore and scratchy from crying…I feel so stupid now!” she blushed heavily. “It’s ok, you two were together for a while…I can understand why you’re so upset.

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  ” he handed her a cup of soda, figuring she’d like the taste more then water. She accepted the cup lightly and sipped at it while he turned on the TV. “Sorry for showing up so late…I hope your mom isn’t upset. ”“Nah, it’s fine…she’s off on a “business trip”…I’m going to be home alone for the next 3 weeks. ” he sighed and leaned back, sipping at his own drink. “It sucks having a mom who’s job comes before her kids…I’m not sure she even wants to see me anymore…I could always go live with my brother and sister at my dad’s…but…then I’d have to leave all of my friends over here!” he smiled and looked over at her. He didn’t want to admit to anyone that his mother was actually off whoring herself to anyone that had money. “Well…. ” she smiled at him and scooted a little closer to him. “I’m glad you don’t want to leave…I’d miss my best friend too much!”He slowly put his arm over her shoulder holding her close as they just watched late night television. It didn’t really matter to either of them what they were watching, they more or less were concentrating on the feeling of being close to each other. Neither of them knew the other liked each other. “Aaron?” she asked gently, a bit cautiously. “hmn?” he shifted his weight a little against her, making it a little more comfortable for both. “When you said….

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  that…uh…well, when you said that any guy would have to be insane to leave me…. were…. . were you serious?” she asked a little hopefully. “Yes, I was serious. ” he answered with a little smile. “And whe—“ she started to ask before he cut her off. “I wasn’t just saying that to get you to stop crying either. ” he smiled again. She crawled a little closer to him and laid her head on his chest and he laid himself out on his back, with her on top of him. “Thank you…” she whispered gently. “No reason to thank me Hannah…I’m just telling you the truth…you’re beautiful…you’re smart…. you’re funny…you’re an all around dream girl. ” he whispered back and felt her lean against him more until she was fully on him and brought her head up to his, looking into his eyes and speaking softly on his lips. “I….

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  I…don’t know what to say…. ” she spoke gently, a little afraid of herself. Aaron smiled and wrapped his arms around her and before they could say anything more , their lips were locked together in a passionate kiss. She made a small noise in the back of her throat and puts her hands on either side of his face, kissing him back with a real passion and sliding her tongue across his lower lip. He opened him mouth fully to hers, feeling her slide her tongue against his own. She lapped gently at the roof of his mouth and he slid his hands down to her thighs, stroking gently and feeling her push against him more until her pulled back and whispered “I want you to take me Aaron…. I’ve wanted you for so long, please…make love to me…”“Oh Hannah…” he whispered out before she covered his face with her own, capturing his lips and sliding up his shirt until he hand to slide his hands above his head and she pulled it off. She started to kiss at his neck and down to his pectorals, licking and nipping at his skin lightly, making him jump and gasp out lightly once and a while. He reached down to her back and slowly tugged at her shirt, exposing her bare back until it passed her bra straps. His hands caressed her skin wantingly as she continued to kiss at his chest and feel his skin. He took as much as he could and then pushed her up onto her back softly, letting her lay down and gaze up lovingly at him with eyes glazed over slightly. He slowly took off her shirt and kissed at her cute little tummy, feeling her back arch when his lips brushes her skin while he reaches behind her back and snaps off her bra, letting the material go slack against her chest. “Oh Aaron…please…more…. oh!” she moaned and whimpered beneath him as he slowly pulled off her bra and let it drop next to her on the ground, exposing her nipples to the cold air and letting the nipples stand rigid in the cold air before he covered the left one with his mouth, teasing his tongue across her areolas. She groaned his name and stroked the his head, running her fingers through the back of his hair as his one hand gripped and pulled at the flesh of her breast, kissing her nipple gently and stroking the rigged nub with his tongue until she gasps his name and tenses up in a brutal orgasm.

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   “oh…. Christ…. I’m cumming Aaron…please…. please don’t stop!!!! ugh…oh fuck. . ooooh!!!” she called out loudly. He never knew he could bring a woman to an orgasm by sucking on her nipples until now, then kissing at her chest over and over he slowly slides off her pants after undoing her belt and exposing her purple thong. “Hannah…my god…you’re beautiful…” he spoke slowly and deeply in a seductive tone and she started grabbing at her own chest. “Please Aaron…eat me out…make me cum again. please…” she pleaded with him until her kissed at her through her thong. Sliding down the material and gazing at her sweet and dripping pussy, noticing the small patch of pubic hair above her slit that’s shaved into a small heart. She smiled down at him and reached out, stroking his cheek and letting her eyes speak whatever words she could. He locks his eyes with her and teased his tongue across her virgin sex, drawing a gasp from her as she throws her head back, whispering his name and breathing heavily. Sliding his tongue across her nether lips she grabs at his head, whispering for more and bucking her hips gently. Forcing his tongue past her nether lips and into her untouched inners, he licks inside her twitching sex, drawing cries of joy from her lips.

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   Using his tongue as a small cock he starts to push his head back and forth, fucking her gently and eating at all her juices. Sensing the time is right he licks up to her clit and teases it out of her hood, capturing it betweens his lips and flicking his tongue quickly against her love button. He licks and slurps at her sex as he slowly slides his middle finger into her hole, making her back arch and her muscles contract on him. “OH GOD! Make me cum…f-finger my pussy Aaron…oh baby…” she mewed out in a slight purr, forcing his head down onto her clit more, making him suck her clit until she shatters beneath him in a ground shaking orgasm. Aaron liked at the steaming 17 year old pussy in front of him and slowly kissed back up her body. He pressed his lips to hers and took his cock in one hand, rubbing the head at her nether lips and feeling how wet she is. “You want me to be inside you Hannah? You want to feel me make love to you slowly and passionately. ” he whispered gently on her lips. “Please…. . Aaron…. fuck me…. make me your mate…. make me yours…oh god…. please.

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  ” she whispered huskily, her body shaking lightly under his form. He slowly pushed his shaven shaft deep into her twitching pussy until he couldn’t push any farther. He looked into her eyes and whispered out “You’re a virgin…. ?”“Yes, I want you to be my first Aaron…I want you to take my cherry…please…love me. ” She looked into his eyes, a fire of seriousness burning there, letting him know she was true. He pulled back and thrusted into her, tearing the hymen and pausing deep inside her as her eyes welled up with tears. Aaron pressed his lips to Hannah’s and kissed her gently, slowly moving his hips back and forth until the pain subsided and he could tell she was in a whole new world of pleasure. He pulled his cock back until the head almost left her sex and then jabbed it back in, pressing all 7 inches of his shaft deep into her wet and needy pussy. They pressed their lips together, their hips pushing against each other in the joy of first love. Her hips pressed up against his, letting him slide deeper into her and hit her g-spot. “Oh…baby…you’re so wet…. your pussy is so soft huney…” he moaned out on her lips, thrusting deeper into her. “Oh yeah Aaron…ohhhh…. C’mon…. fuck me….

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  fuck me good you stud. ” She yelped out as he thrusts deeper into her accepting sex. He thrusted deeper and deeper into her wanting sex until she cried out his name and squeezes down on his cock, milking him as hard as she can as her pussy ripples and sucks him deeper into her as she cums for the third time. The feeling of tightness and warm overwhelm his cock and he thrusts it as deep into her as he can, cumming deep inside her wet and dripping sex. “Oh Aaron…I love you…. ” she smiled weakly under him. He reached up to her face and cupped it lightly with his palm leaning down to her and pressing his lips to hers in a soft and loving kiss. “I love you, Hannah. ” he whispered back and slowly pulled out of her. Then gathering her in his arms and carrying her into his room he set her on his bed. He laid his body down next to her and pulled her close to him, kissing her neck gently and closing his eyes, feeling her body relax on his as she falls asleep. From that moment on they shared the same bed, knowing as long as they had each other they would never be alone…never be afraid. …and never need another person. They would share the same bed for years, never leaving each others sides, always loving each other from that night on. Ok, like I said before…this was my first story.

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   Please tell me what you think, but don’t be too cruel ok? Thanks! Hope you enjoyed. Please make comments. .