Lucky Stone pt 10


Lucky Stone Pt 10
Well the holiday finally ended and I thought that all the tensions would be behind us as we made our way home. Travelling from a tropical island to the snow of home was a shock to the system. Mom and Dad appeared to be talking but their conversations were short and sharpe. I felt the stone around my neck, wondered if it was doing us any good anymore. If only all the secrets came out I believed we could all be one big happy fucking family.
When we got home Dad rang and ordered some Chinese for dinner and Mom, Sue and I headed upstairs to unpack, shower and change. Meanwhile Dad got a fire going and suggested we eat here in front of the fire insted of messing up the dining room.
The food arrived and I got some plates and forks and we all settled in front of the fire to eat. It was while we were eating that Dad began joking about the holiday and how we couldn't tell everything that we did while away. Then he made a comment about if the fire went out we now knew how to keep each other hot. I felt the stone heat up against my chest when suddenly Mom then blew up and said all this was his fault because he fooled around on his sales trips. Dad sat stunned for a moment and then declared his innocence placing his hand on his heart stating again that he had not had sex with anyone on any sales trip. He then asked Mom for details of why she believed he had been unfaithful.
Moms Story.
Mom told how after Dad had come back from a trip a few years ago she had found a pair of blue and silver boxer shorts in his bag and the front of them were stiff with dried cum. She said that he must have worn them while having sex as the cum was on the outside as well as inside and that she had washed enough of their underwear over the years to know what she was talking about.

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   Dad just sat speechless as Mom continued to talk. Now that she had started it all just poured out and there was no stopping her.
Thinking Dad was getting a bit extra Mom told of meeting a guy at the mall who said he photgraphed people for sales catalogues and was looking for regular people to take part. Mom agreed to be photographed and after being filmed and photographed in a variety of outfits got a bit out of control when it came time to do some lingerie shots. She played up to the camera and could see the photographer was getting turned on so she made her move and began kissing him and grabbing his stiffening erection through his trousers. In next to no to she had his cock out and was giving him a blow job and telling him what she wanted him to do to her. He then fucked her right in front of the cameras ripping off her bra and panties to get his cock into her hot pussy. It was a fast and furious fuck that ended shortly after it started with him pulling his cock out and shooting his load over her face and tits.
By now Dad, Sue and I just sat, the meal forgotten as we waited for Mom to reveal more.
Mom explained that afterwards they cleaned up, mumbled apologies as they dressed and then she left thinking that would be the end of it. Then a few days later he rang and said that the cameras had still been rolling while they had fucked and had captured the entire scene. Mom said she felt sick thinking he was going to use the tape to blackmail her but then he explained that he had shown that tape to some "movie " people and they were interested in knowing if she would like to be paid to be filmed fucking. Of course she said she was shocked but kind of interested as well. That night Dad had come home and said he was going to be gone for two weeks as he had to fill in on a sales trip for a sick partner. Mom told of her anger at the thought of Dad going off to get laid again so the next day rang the guy and agreed to his deal.

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Over the next year she made nearly twenty short porno movies and was paid quite well. Her movie career started with her and one guy and by the end she was taking three or four guys in every hole, as well she had done some lesbo work and on one job had been fucked by a dog. She even explained how the first film had been shot here in our kitchen as she played the part of a house wife who fucks the repair man.
My brain was spinning as the images of  the videos I'd seen come back to me. I had never finished watching the tape because after that night with Mom and Jenny getting the real thing was preferable to pictures on the screen.
Mom kept on talking and told about giving up the business to try and get her family back together and then the accident to her mother pulled her away again but she was sure Dad was still getting sex elsewhere as he didn't seem interested in her anymore and then on the holiday to discover he was fucking his own daughter was the last straw.
Sues Story.
Sue ummed and aghhed for a minute and then said she could fill in some gaps in the story.
That time Dad went away, if you remember, his partner Dave stayed here that night so they could get away early in the morning. He kept joking about sleeping nude and sleepwalking and hoping he found his way around a strange house.   Mom, you told me to get a pair of new boxers from your wardrobe, one of the ones Dad hadn't worn and to put them in the guest room. The ones I got were blue with a silver pattern.
Dave kept flirting with me all night, he even rubbed his foot in my crotch, while we were having dinner. He just reached out under the table, it was all I could do not to laugh. After everyone had gone to bed I got up to get a drink and went down to the kitchen.

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   All I had on was a shortish t-shirt that just covered my butt. When I was leaning into the fridge I guess it rode up showing my arse and pussy. Suddenly I felt something prod my butt and turning around found Dave standing there wearing nothing but the blue and silver boxers and his cock sticking out the front.
He was really cool and asked if I saw anything I'd like to eat. I dropped to my knees and gobbled his cock in a second. He stood with his hand on my head and made sure I couldn't pull away. He was pushing his cock down my throat when I began to gag. He explained about breathing through my nose and to relax as his cock hit the back of my mouth. After his helpful tips I soon had my nose buried in his pubic hair and his cock stretching my throat.
He let me work his cock for a while until he picked me up and lay me on the kitchen table then he started to eat my pussy. How I didn't wake the whole house with my yells of pleasure is a mystery. My pussy was throbbing and then Dave lay on the floor and I straddled his cock and rode him to orgasm right on the kitchen floor, where you filmed your first movie, in the same position.
Mom was surprised and asked if Sue had seen the tape but her reply was that she had come home from work early and seen her doing it but hadn't realised it was a movie as she could only see part of the room before she backed out. Sue looked at Mom and said that the boxers she had found must have been put in Dad's bag by Dave at the end of the trip and that the cum belonged to Dave and her because she remembers staying on top until his cock finally shrank and flopped from her cunt letting their mixed juices leak from her pussy.
Dad asked Sue was Dave her first but she just laughed and said a lady does not tell how many lovers she has had.

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Sue continued her story by telling how she had not only seen Mom getting fucked in the kitchen but how she had also found her in bed one day having sex with a women. I could see the whole room and there weren't any cameras in there. Mom answered by telling how she had been a bit hesitant about doing it with a womem so Cassy had come over for private get together away from the cameras.
Sue admitted she had got horney at the thought of her mother fucking other people and one day when she was home "alone"  she had put on some of Moms lingerie and got one of the vibrators from the box under her bed and had fucked herself to a huge orgasm. As she finished she looked at the mirror and at that angle could see into the hall way where Dad was busy jerking himself off while he had watched. It was then that I thought that if Mom could fuck around so could I so I made plans to get Dad to fuck me.
I started wearing sexy panties to bed and if I heard Dad come home I'd throw off the covers and pretend to be asleep to see if Dad peeked in the door. On at least two occasions I saw him jerk off while looking at my body. Then one day I yawned as he was watching and he must have thought I was waking up so he hustled into the bathroom. I followed and was rubbing my face as I pushed open the door making it look like I had just woken up and was not sure of what I was doing. He was standing there holding his cock so I just dropped right on to it taking it in my mouth in one swallow. I mumbled some guys name and kept telling him how big his cock was and if I was good would he shoot his load on my face.
Dad didn't make a move to stop me, he just let me pump his cock until it exploded across my face. I sucked and pumped it all out then I stood and walked back to my room and fell back on the bed as if asleep.   Over the next few weeks I teased him every chance I got, asking him to help me undo zips, or calling for a towel when I was in the shower and letting him get an eyeful of my wet, naked body.

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Then came the night you left for Gran's and you and Dad had the big fight. He went to bed alone and you stayed downstairs till Aunty Rose came and picked you up. Hearing you leave I sneaked into your room and slid under the doona. Dad was asleep but shortly after I started pulling and licking his cock he was awake. I was in the middle of giving him my best ever blow job when you came back and I nearly bit his cock off from shock, fortunately Dad called out not to turn on the lights. You did what you had to do and left and I went back to work.   The shock of your arrival and the thought of getting caught really turned me on. Being naked I was ready to make my move and rolled onto Dad and had his cock in my pussy before he realised what I was doing.
He must have missed sex for a while because he almost threw me off the bed the way he was punching his cock into me. It was all I could do to hold on but Dad had a grip on my tits to stop me going anywhere. It took only a few minutes and I felt his cock spasm as his first shot of cum exploded into my hungry pussy. I kept riding him, grinding my clit against his pubic hair, feeling his cum pump from his balls to fill me up. Just like with Dave I flopped on Dad's chest totally spent from the experience and waited till his deflating cock slipped from my cunt.
Now that he had a taste he turned into a randy old man who couldn't keep his hands off or cock out of me. We had sex in a variety of positions and places and he was a wild man.

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   One day Mark came into the store and acted like a jerk, so to get him back, I asked one of the stock guys for some porno mags so that I could embarass Mark. Well you could have knocked me down with a feather when I looked in one of the magazines and there was Mom being fucked by four guys. You had a blond wig and glasses but the birthmark on you butt was all I need to see.
Dad had offered my a deal to let two guys from Arthur's Hardware fuck me to seal a big sale. As it turned out they turned the tables on Dad and had him fuck me and then they discovered Mark spying on us from the store room behind the garage and had him do me as well. All up I fucked the four of them, got paid nicely and Dad won the trip to the island then when you busted us all at it and joined in I was so happy.
Dads Story.
Once Sue stopped Dad decided to jump in with his version. Turning to Mom he again stated that he had never had sex while on the road. He admitted that their sex life was slowing but with the tension of making sales to pay the bills and the long hours of travelling he really needed Mom to do something special to put some pep into his pecker when she wanted sex.
He remembered that after that trip with Dave Mom seemed to have drawn away from him. Then when one of the other sales guys had gotten sick and he had to head out for another two weeks he really noticed how cold Mom was when he got back. Then you told me of the "ladies" club you had joined and you seemed to be gone most of the time and when we were both home you didn't want sex with me. I must say I was tempted to try my luck on the road but then came the day I saw Sue on our bed with the vibrator and something snapped and I decided if I couldn't have you I'd have Sue.
I knew the deal with Arthurs Hardware would get me a big bonus but I had to nail that sale or I was going to be taken off the road and put in the sales office where my pay would drop.

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   I tried every angle to close the deal and then I heard the expression "sex sells" so I organised the "meeting" at home with Sue. Let me also say that I only had sex with one other person unlike you with your career.
I thought Mom was about to go off again but all she said was Dad was right. They should have talked it out earlier or got some professional help. Dad reached over and gave her a big hug and I knew that they had turned the corner in their life. Just I was hoping all was over they turned to me and asked me what my story was.
Marks Story.
I didn't know if I should mention the stone so I sort of told my story around it. Turning to "face" the crowd I started with Mom leaving and how Dad and Sue kept asking me about my school time table, when I expected to be home, what after school activities I had and stuff like that. I got suspicious so the day of the fire at school I managed to get home before the school could contact anyone and found Dad and Sue fucking on the lounge and from what they were saying it wasn't the first time.
I told them everything, seeing Sue and Jenny with Moms sex toys, fucking Sue when she was passed out from the sleeping tablets, the video tape, the sex with Jenny and Mom, the sex on the plane to the island, the sex on the island, filming Mom and the gym guy. I was spewing forth all my sex related adventures over the past months and then I told Mom how Mr Maurice had bought the company that made her films and how the reason we got to fly with him was that he recognised her at the airport.
Then I told about the copies I had made of my film and how I had given one to Maurice and then I reached into my pocket and pulled out a cheque for $10,000. 00 which Maurice had given me on the flight back. He also promised me more if  I could get you back on film again.

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The room was quiet and then Dad said we had all done things we were not proud of and that decent families did not behave this way and it was good to get it all out in the open. Mom agreed with Dad but then added that as long as we were all comfortable about who was screwing who then she had no problems with how our family operated. I just gave Mom, Dad and Sue a big hug and declared us the "luckiest" family alive.
It was a few weeks later that I was home by myself so I popped the disc in of  Mom and the gym guy from the island. It just got to the part where he walks off and as I reached for the remote I realised the disc was still playing so I let it run and to my horror there was my naked butt in front of the camera. I had filmed myself fucking Mom and had given copies away, no wonder Maurice paid ten grand for it, he must have really gotten off seeing us going at it.
Well I hope you enjoyed this story. I may revisit again in the future. There were some openings for the story to go off along a different path and some ideas left hanging. I would like to thank everyone who offered feedback and suggestions.
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