Lucky Stone Pt 6


Due to a combination of mix ups we arrived late at the airport and were advised that our seats had been given to other travelers and that the flight was already on the runway. The airline company escorted us to a guest lounge while they tried to arrange other seats on the next available flight. Dad was ranting and raving about having this holiday ruined and my hand went to the stone and I made a silent suggestion of a happy and adventurous time. We were waiting in the lounge when a gentleman with a limp who had been looking at us since we arrived approached and asked about our destination. Dad told him where we were going and he said he was also going to the island as he had a home there and would we like to go with him and his wife on their private jet. We were all speechless until Mom gasped out a yes. The man, Maurice, made a call from a courtesy phone and then told us it’s all arranged and to follow him. I was thinking a Gulf Stream type private jet but it was in fact a converted 707 which Maurice told us had belonged to some big 80’s rock band and that his company now owned. Boarding the jet we met Maurice’s wife Vesta who had to be twenty or thirty years younger than him and who looked like a swimsuit model. As soon as we were airborne Maurice asked would we like anything to eat or drink or perhaps a little tour around the plane. While Mom, Dad and Sue stayed with Maurice talking and eating Vesta took me to the “entertainment” area at the rear of the plane. This part of the plane had a mini theatre set up as well as the latest audio and video games gear. I asked Vesta what games they had and she told me that there was a selection of sports, action, puzzle and fantasy games. I told her I loved fantasy games and she replied so did she. “What’s your favorite fantasy game” I asked and she said “The one where I suck some guys cock while my husband is nearby. ” I turned around and she already had her jacket off revealing a set of large firm breasts with nipples poking right off her chest.

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   Vesta put one hand behind my head and pulled it into her bosom while her other hand began to rub my cock through my jeans. While I licked, kissed, nibbled and sucked her tits Vesta had released my cock and was pulling and stroking it to full size. She pushed me back and dropped to her knees her lipstick coated lips locking around my cock head. The feeling of her tongue swirling about my member was nearly enough to bring me off but I held on remembering the stone and how it had stopped me cuming with Mom and Jenny. Vesta was going all the way down her nose buried in my pubic hair as my cock disappeared down her throat then she pulled back so she could grip it in her fist and pump it a few times. Vesta ran her tongue down the back of my cock all the way to my balls and then took one into her mouth and ran her tongue over it. She jerked my cock until I thought it would tear off. “You’re a strong boy” she said while still pumping my cock “most guys would have cum by now. What’s the matter are you scared of being caught?” That was it I thought if she wanted it then here it comes and I shot a long stream of spunk onto her face. The second burst went on her tits and then she took my cock back into her mouth and sucked and pumped until I thought my balls would pop out. Vesta used one finger to wipe the cum from her face before licking it off. She rubbed the rest of my cum into her tits and then said we should go back to the others. I did up my jeans and followed her to the front of the plane. Dad and Sue were in an eating area behind the main cabin. Sue was talking to the lady flight attendant about getting into the business.

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   Dad had a drink and a sandwich and Vesta stopped to join him. As I entered the main area I could hear Maurice talking to Mom and he admitted that he recognized her from the videos and that’s why he asked us to join him. Maurice looked at me with grin as I took a seat. His seat had a display screen attached which he folded down and then asked Mom if she would like to see the rest of the plane. As they were leaving Dad and Vesta went the opposite direction on their way to the cockpit. “Going to join us?” Dad asked. “No, I think I’ll just relax and enjoy the flight” I answered. Once they had entered the security door to the cockpit I moved into Maurice’s seat and flipped up the screen. I tapped a few keys and then the display showed Mom giving Maurice a blow job in the entertainment area. At first I watched with fascination then I realized that Maurice must have been watching Vesta do the same thing to me. I turned up the volume and Maurice just talked about watching Mom’s video’s and how turned on he was when he watched them. He even said that he had bought the film company so as to have all the footage of Mom put on one DVD which he had on the plane. Mom continued to suck and pump his cock until he finally came but it was just one spurt and the rest dribbled off his cock but Mom licked every drop. Then Maurice looked straight at the camera and gave it a wink. I flipped off the screen and went to the eating area and was seated with a drink and sandwich when Mom and Maurice entered.

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  A light flashed on the phone and Maurice talked to the pilot who informed us we would be arriving at the island in 30 minutes. Maurice then asked to be put through to the house and in a few moments was talking to someone named Edwards and told him to contact the resort and advise them that guests of his would be arriving shortly and to make sure they were well taken care of. When we landed two cars were waiting on the runway for us and Maurice thanked us for our company and told us that if we had any trouble during our stay then to use his name to fix the problem. As we headed to the resort I again held the stone and thanked it for the flight and hoping the week brought us all closer together. It seemed that problems were fighting the luck of the stone because when we arrived at the resort the manager exclaimed that they were expecting two adults and two small children so the rooms provided both contained double beds which meant Mom and Dad in one room and Sue and me in the other. Mom dropped Maurice’s name and the manager became most helpful explaining that as it was getting late we take this room and in the morning we would be moved to a suite where we could each have a room as well as a bathroom. After the long traveling we agreed but as soon as we got into our room Sue said if I so much as touch her without permission then she would cut my balls off. I just held the stone and smiled as I looked at our room. I had an idea and while Sue went through her bags I quickly jumped in the shower, then put on a t-shirt and a pair of satin boxer shorts and lay on the bed. Sue had selected a couple of swimsuits to try on but with me lying on the bed decided to head into the bathroom. I asked her to close the door because the light was keeping me awake and sure enough she left it about two inches so a beam of light washed into the bedroom and reflected from the mirror onto the bed. She called my name but I didn’t answer and when she looked out I covered my head with a pillow. Sue returned to the bathroom and left the door open wider and from the bed I had a clear view off the mirror into the bathroom. Sue dropped her jeans and I had a great view of her g string as it disappeared in the crack of her ass as she bent to pick up a bikini. Her thumbs hooked the thong and whipped them off as she stepped into the bikini briefs.

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   Sue pulled them up tight wedging the material into her crack she turned around to put her ass to the bathroom mirror to inspect the view. From my angle I could see the deep v of the bikini as it pulled apart her pussy lips. Next Sue removed her blouse and bra to put on the bikini top and I got a nice sight of her firm breasts and brown nipples. The material of the top just covered the nipples and I could imagine that when wet this out fit would hide nothing. After a few minutes of posing she took off the bikini and stood naked while she selected another outfit. This one looked like it was made of shiny scales and seemed to stick to her like a second skin. It hugged every curve and the way it lifted her ass had my cock starting to stir. Sue ran her hands over her body pushing her breasts together and up then she was squeezing her ass as she leant forward and spread her legs. One hand slid over her stomach and began to rub her pussy. Laying on the bed I could see her hand reach back between her legs and rub her asshole before snaking back across her mound and up to her breasts. Sue removed the costume and hopped into the shower, my cock was fully erect and I almost went to join her, but I remained on the bed and thought let her make the move if she wants it. A few minutes later Sue got out of the shower put on a pair of black panties and a t-shirt. As she turned out the light I pulled a pillow over me length ways and held it like someone laying on me. My cock was erect and standing straight out of my shorts. In the darkened room Sue moved past the bed to the window and opened the curtains.

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   When she turned around my cock was clearly visible. “Probably dreaming of that big busted blonde from the plane. ” said Sue to herself as she sat on the bed. She reached out and flicked my cock head with her finger. I moved and moaned so she did it again only harder. This time I moaned Vesta’s name and moved my hips. “Well let’s play out your dream little brother” said Sue as she gripped my cock in her hand. She lowered her head and began to lick my cock running her tongue around and around. I continued to moan from under the pillow as she removed her hand and ran her tongue the length of my cock. Sue had those acrylic nails on her fingers and ran the sharp nails over my balls and along the shaft and I could feel every ridge and lump like never before. While sucking my cock Sue was busy with her other hand rubbing her cunt making sure it was good and slick. Then she removed her panties and knelt over me one hand rubbing he slit and the other guiding my cock to her hole. There was slight pressure then she lowered herself and my cock popped past her pussy lips and slid deep into her cunt. Sue lowered herself until she sat on my legs my cock fully inside her. She gave her clit a few more rubs as her back arched and her hand squeezed her tits through the t-shirt.

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  By now I was trying hard not to shoot my load as Sue bounced on my cock leaning forward and back and really riding it. She put her hands on the pillow and slammed her arse down with a wet slopping sound. Her breathing was becoming ragged as she pounded my cock with her cunt the bed was bouncing and I moaned for real into the pillow until finally I let loose a stream of cum right up her cunt. Her body spasmed with an orgasm as I released a second and third string of cum. I could feel it leaking out and running onto my balls. Finally Sue slowed and leant forward onto the pillow and she whispered “Maybe we should keep this room. ” With that she drifted off to sleep and the last thing I remember is my softening dick slipping from her cunt before I too fell to sleep. .
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