Mark and Angel


Glancing up our eyes met and held for a an eternity it seems. Clearing my throat and to help this silence in the forest I said “Mark what’s up? You looks so strange to me. Are you okay?”He paused looking at me once more up and down before he answered. “Yes angel, I am fine. ” “Just setting here thinking that you are growing into a cute girl by the day. ”“ Yeah right, Mark stop teasing me. ” “Any ideas as to what we can do today?” It is so hot that I feel like I am melting. “Let’s just lay back and cool off awhile okay?” I am older then you I think you have worn me out for the day. ” He then looked at me with that funny look before he asked if I had been kissed. My thoughts starting racing hmm is he offering? Or is he looking for info for my parents. I decided to be honest and I said no. “Really?, I would have thought that one of the guys around here would have kissed you by now. ”“Why would you think that?” “Just some talk of how you are getting hotter by the day and how some of the guys would love to get to know you better. ”“You are just trying to make me feel better is all. ” “ But that is okay I really don’t mind”He then leaned forward, right into my eyes and said I think I should be the first to do the honors. Stretching closer towards me eyes looking into mine, he pressed his lips into my hot lips.

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   Oh dear heaven my dream is coming true. Softly he nibbled ,his breath smelled of cinnamon. Probing deeper with his tongue as his hand held tilted my head up to his. When he pulled back I was left breathless with a billion bottled up emotions running up and down my spine. His chest was moving up and down and his breath seemed rather fast. “Oh girl you are setting a fire in my heart and soul now, so tasty and innocent I need more. ”Leaning forward he reached forward with shaky hands and began to play with the string to my top. My first thought was oh no he will be so disappointed. My second was what in the hell am I doing still sitting here. We need to stop with the kiss. Yet my body was telling me I needed more. “ Angel, I have to see , you shown me peeks but I want more. ”With that said he pulled the strings and down came the top. Falling to my waist exposing my small chest for him to see. My hands flew up as I felt a flush rise to my face.

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   It seemed my whole body was blushing and the heat outside increased. Yet my nipples were hard as rocks as if I were cold. Pulling my hands away and holding them to his own he ran his eyes up and down my body. “Oh your breasts are small but so lovely, I love the puffy area around your nipples. ” There are girls that would die for nipples that would stand out as yours do. ” “Please, stop I am ashamed. ” I don’t have what those high school girls have I know that. ” Stop lying to make me feel better. ” Suddenly his eyes turned hard. His face took on this determined look I have seen before when I am being difficult. “ Stand up, right now. ” I am not going to hear you down yourself any longer. ”Thinking I had acted too childish already, I stood trying to pull my hands free as tears ran down my face. I blew it. Pure and simple he trusted me to act a certain way and my dreams will now come crashing down.

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  “Angel, I am going to say this one time and one time only,” Do not cover yourself when I let go of your hands. ” I want you to listen to me and listen good. Do I make myself perfectly clear?”Nodding my head thinking I had made him very angry I stood there top down, hands freed, as he slowly stood before me. “I want you to relax and quit thinking so much. ” “ You are beautiful no more arguing. ” “This is the stage you are at now and I love it. ” “Later when your body changes I will love that too. ”He then threw a blanket we always take with us on the ground. He laid down and pulled me beside him. My stomach felt as if butterflies were dancing in there as he slowly traced circles around my chest getting closer and closer to my nipples each time. Grazing across them I felt as if I bolt of electricity went through me and flying straight to my pussy. “ Oh, Mark I feel so funny. ” “ And it is hard to catch my breath. ” Grinning he said, “ I was hoping you would say something like that. ”The sun was making a halo around his head as he leaned down and replaced his fingers with his tongue.

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   I thought my heart would stop or explode in my chest as stars filled my eyes my emotions where so strong. Lapping at my nipples he sucked one into his mouth sucking it to a hard point. I knew I was lost then, he could have anything from me he desired as long as he would keep these tingly new feelings running through me. They seemed to start a fire in my deepest part and all I could do was squirm and he sucked and licked at my breasts. My breaths grew faster as his hand ran down my tummy. He reached the elastic at the top of my bikini and teased his fingers just barely inside running them along the band. No longer at such a loss for breath I was moaning. He grinned at me as he sat up and pulled my bottoms off. Trying to raise up growing more alarmed he just push me back down gently but firmly. I was once again ashamed of my body and my hands flew to cover my nakedness. He grew angry he flipped me over on his knee and spanked my bottom like I was a small child. Squirming at this indignity I tried to crawl off his lap. Tears pouring out like the feelings he had hurt. I adore him and he spanks me, well I will just leave. Or so I thought.

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  “Oh no you don’t my Angel, you stay put. ” “I told you no more of that shameful stuff and I meant it. ”“Just lay back down and relax I want to see what my Angel has offered me. ”I was at a loss ,offered? Ha I did not, I just gave a peek. Him being stronger and me getting over the hurt of the spanking. I laid back down with not any other option as to what to do. I also was scared that he would see I was very wet down below. I had no idea what had happened and whether or not I had wet myself some in the struggle. With a smile he begin to rub on my nips and pinch them with one hand as the other traveled down my body. With each squeeze I grew hotter, as well as wetter. I did not understand but I was lost in the feelings that were strumming up and down me once again. His eyes had a far away look as he crept ever closer, to my worried about wetness. I felt something poking in my side and I shifted. Laughing, he said, “Oh see what you do to me?” “ I also intend to get a better look at what I am doing to you. ” “ I want to kiss those puffy little lips of yours and suck your sweet wetness straight out of you.

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  ”Thinking he meant more kissing I said, “ Oh yes Mark, please kiss me some more. ”With a glint in his eye he said, Oh yes baby I intend to very soon. ”Sliding his hand down my tummy he reached my bald mound with a sigh he leaned back as he eased his hand down rubbing my pussy creating a friction that made me moan even louder. Dripping now and out of whatever control I had, he slipped his finger into my slit rubbing it slowly as I twitched and yearned for more. “Oh god Mark yes yes yes” Begging for what I did not know. Please ahhh please it feels so good. ” Raising up he moved down to my lower area. He spread my legs on each side of him and pulled me closer to him. I was laid out spread eagle as wide as I could open and I did not care as long as he continued to rub me like he was. I was lost, hooked to him, a slave to his every whim as long as he would continue to make me feel as if the world had disappeared. He spread my lips wide viewing my swollen clit that popped into view. Dipping into the moisture he began to rub it in circles slowly as I raised up for more. I grew dizzy and began to feel this strange feeling as if I needed to let go and just scream soon or go mad. Shaking and pumping against his fingers I felt my muscles contracting on their own. “ Oh god Mark Oh god.

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   Were the only words I could moan over and over as he sent me off the cliff to new heights, I did not know existed. Grabbing the blankets in my fists to hold on I screamed as juice from my pussy squirted out onto his hands. My world went black as wave after wave of pleasure hit me not just below but rolled as in waves over my whole body. I was shaking and screaming more, more, more. As the quakes settled he leaned down and sucked my clit into his mouth. Sucking it in harder and harder sending me yet into another blissful wave immediately again. I was rocketed up into the air it seemed as half my body lifted off that blanket shooting juice once again, only this time into his awaiting mouth. He licked and sucked on my pussy sending me off three more times before he gently laid me back down to the blanket. He stood then and removed his shorts. I had never seen a boy before, he was awesome. Long gone was my shyness as I stared at his erect member. It was around 7 and half inches long and pretty thick as well. Surrounded by dark pubic hair. Trembling inside I was a nervous wreck. I knew where he was going to put that huge thing and I was not convinced at all it would fit.

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   That is when he spoke once again in the softest voice. “Angel, I know I made you feel good, and you may feel you need to do the same for me as well, but I just want you to know if you want to leave you can. ” “I want you very badly but I can take care of things myself, it is up to you. ” “I am telling you this now because once we touch again I will be lost and not able to stop. ” Staring up into his eyes I said something that shocked me, “No Mark it is okay I want this too. ” “Please lets finish, I want to make you feel good as well. ”With that said he laid beside me once more and rolled me on top of him as he kissed me with those fevered lips of his. Working each other up to a frenzy as we pawed at each other. Taking my hand as he pushed me down a bit where I was squatting on his legs he place it upon his member. Showing me how to stroke him as he leaked drops of clear fluid. Fascinated I leaned down and licked the head of his cock and he nearly threw me off in his excitement as he told me to suck on it. Wrapping my hands around him I began to lick up and down as I stroked him and finally I grew braver and sucked him into my mouth. He wrapped his hands around my head and slowly pulled me up and down on him. Tasting him fully and being even more bold I licked down into his pee hole. Moaning my name over and over as I sucked him harder.

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   Pulling me up he starting kissing me once again. He then grabbed my hips and rocked my pussy up and down his shaft. My pussy was very wet and the tingling began once again. He no longer needed to push my hips I was doing it on my own. He then wrapped his arms around me at the same time rolling over where he would be atop of me. “This may hurt a lot but the pain will pass and after this it will never hurt again. ” “Are you ready?”Nodding my head he eased inside slowly stretching me bit by bit. Hmm no pain yet. He got the head in when he hit the barrier that held me as a virgin. Planting his mouth upon mine he plunged in fast and it felt like a knife ripping though my pussy all the way up to my belly. A muffled scream tore through my lips as I felt his hairs tickling upon my mound. He was in and all the way. He sat there for a bit before he started rocking once again. Plunging in and out faster and faster until I heard him moan go stiff the shake all over as he emptied inside of me. Slowly his cock began to shrink he rolled off of me grinning.

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   He pulled me to his side wrapped his arms around me and said thank you baby. We kissed once more and began to dress. Slowly walking back we made plans for that forest and he said things about playing some games. Hmm I think I was lost right then and there. We had so much fun but then that is for another time. Hope that you enjoyed this story it is mostly true. I know there are alot of grammer errors sorry but I just suck at that. lol And if there are any spelling errors scream at my spell checker cause I found one even after using the darn thing. lol.
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