Marks Relationship


"Mark are you ok?" Jen said, noticing that his eyes were red. "No. . . I am not. . Kate just broke up with me. " He said. "Oh Mark. . " She said grabbing him in her arms. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him closer. They walked into the his livingroom and sat down on the couch. Even through all of his pain, Mark still noticed the warmth of her breasts pressing against his chest. It felt good, it was comforting to be in her arms, and at the same time, it was a little erotic. "If there is anything that i can do Mark, just let me know. 

  " she said comforting him. "It will be ok. . " Mark said. "Mark. . " Jen said lifting up his head, " I love you. . " With that she kissed his lips. Her lips were soft and they were friendly when her lips met his. At first Mark had mixed feelings, and didn't know if he wanted this right now. Mark knew they both shared feelings for eachother, but it never got this far. Mark finally gave into his feelings and emotions and kissed Jen back, passionately, soft, and slow. Mark slowly laid Jen back on the couch, and put one hand under her head, and the other on her waist. His lips moved over hers for a few minutes, then his lips moved to her chin, then her neck, and finally the top of her chest.

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   It felt good to Mark to be kissing someone like this. Mark slid his hand down further on her legs, gently brushing her thighs through the wool skirt she was wearing. "I want you. " Jen whispered in his ear as his hand slid down even further, reaching the end of her skirt. His hand moved up the skirt slowly, feeling the inner part of her upper leg, and the warmth of her body. While his hand was going up, his kisses had been going down further. He had taken the low cut blouse for an advantage, kissing her upper cleavage. "Ooh Mark, that feels so good. . " She said. Mark's hand finally reached her white cotton panties, and the wetness between her legs. His cock sprung to life and stood straight up on end. Jen had noticed too. She placed one hand on it though his jeans and started to rub it. Jen sat up and lifted her shirt, and Mark placed his free hand on her breasts over her bra, gently cupping it, and rubbing it through the thin material.

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   Her nipples were fully erect, and Mark loved to tease them. Mark unhooked her bra and slid it off her sholders. He found one of her nipples with his tongue and started playing with it, sucking it like he was a child. Jen moaned with all the pleasure he was giving her. Jen now sat on the couch topless with her skirt pulled up. She lifted her waist and slid off her panties, and Mark followed suit with her skirt. . . and by this time, his shirt was off, and he had been sitting in his boxers. Mark laid on top of her, cupped her breasts with his hands, and kissed her on her lips again. His mouth made it to her chest once more, and on to her nipples. His hands slid undernieth her as she removed his boxers. He grabbed her ass and massaged it, pulling their bodies together.
    Mark took his finger and found her clit and gently moved it in circles. He could tell the way that she was moving her hips, and moaning that she was in deep pleasure.

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      "Mark I want you in me. . . " She said softly inbetween moans. "Mark, I love you. Fuck me Mark, fuck me. . . "Mark lifted her legs up, and spreaded them apart. He inserted His cock into her tight, hot, wet hole. God she was so tight and it felt so good. "Fuck me Mark!" She screamed. And screamed again as her cherry broke. Mark slid his cock in and out, slowly at first. He gained speed and their bodies pushed together as they fucked.

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       Her breasts rubbed agaisnt his chest and he kissed her lips, neck, and chest, as he filled her tight space with an 8 inch full erect cock. Mark quickened his pace, and soon enough they were both about to cum. "Oh Mark, fuck me, harder. . Ohhhhh. . " Jen said as Mark obeyed. "Oh Jen, I'm going to cum. . . . " Mark said, and with that, Mark spit his cum inside the hot, tight hole. They both layed next to eachother for a long time. Jen had to get dressed and leave, but promised she would be back the next day. .

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