Me and Kaylee- Part Three


I got in my Vette and drove down to Logan's Steakhouse. Me and Kaylee were gonna meet up there and get a bite to eat. As I drove down, thoughts about her went through my mind. God she is so hot. I believe in my mind that the girl that after all these years that I fantasized and thought about is truely the person I love. I drove into the parking lot, a couple and their kids walking out, the kids eyeing my car and obviously loving the roaring engine. I parked my Vette and walked in, explaining to the waitress that my girlfriend was already seated. I walked around a bit, finally seeing Kaylee. There she sat. . man. . wow. . she looked hot. She had a black halter top on, her gorgeous brown hair up in a pony tail, and some tight Hollister jeans.

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   She was fixin' her make up as I walked towards her. I leaned in and kissed her on the lips and saying a saucy hello. As I sat down, I eyed her cleavage. Mmmm. . this was really making my cock twitch. She looked so fucking sexy. . I had never seen her look this good for me. But hell. . she always looked good for me. I held her hand as we talked about how our day had gone when the waitress walked up to take our order.
"I'll have a salad, low fat ranch as an appetizer. And also I'd like a filet mignon with a baked potato on the side, plain, for my entree.

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   And Diet Coke would be good for my drink," Kaylee told the waitress.
"And I'll have some potato soup for my appetizer. For my entree, I'll take the 16 oz. rib eye, chilli cheese fries on the side. And I'll take a Corona for my drink," I told the waitress.
The waitress smiled and went into the back to put in our order. The aroma of the steakhouse was great. . all the while admiring the atmosphere, I felt a little nudge on my crotch. I downcasted my eyes to find Kaylee's heel rubbing against my mound. It sent electric shocks throughout all my body and I kinda shook a bit. She giggled a little and grinned, knowing that I loved this and that she could really tease me. I shifted my weight to get in a more comfortable position. She continued to rub my mound when I felt pre-cum ooze off the head of my cock and onto my shaft. I picked her foot up off my crotch, considering that this definately wasn't the place to be doing this.

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   I started rubbing what I could of her foot, trying to ease her down. She was a little frustrated and pulled her foot away and sat there and pouted. Well damn. . I thought to myself. We sat in silence for about 10 minutes when the waitress came back with our appetizers. As soon as I took the first bite of my soup, I felt a strong kick in my crotch. I felt a strong sensation of pain filling the lower half of my body. Kaylee had done it. She got up and left. There I sat. . alone. I held part of my face in my hands, the other accepting the small bites of soup I was taking. The waitress soon came back to bring us both our main entrees when she saw that I was now alone, no trace of a purse or anything of Kaylee's.

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"Excuse me, the woman, that was with you, is she planning to return?" the waitress asked me.
"Doubt it. She got mad and left. I'll go ahead and take both entrees," I said.
The waitress frowned a little bit. I began to notice her more. She was a little shorter than Kaylee, about 5'3 I'd say. She wasn't heavy at all. About 110-113 lbs I'd say. And she had blonde hair, a gorgeous face, and make up nicely done. She looked about 19-21. She was really a hot girl.
"I get off shift in about 20 minutes. If you'll stick around, I'll gladly sit and talk if you'd like," she said to me.
This really brightened me but I felt a little reluctance in me.

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   Did Kaylee break up with me or was she just mad at me for the time being. I really was starting to like this girl and found it freshing the somebody liked me and actually cared about what I thought. I nodded my head in acceptance to her invitation. She smiled now and walked off, shaking her ass a bit, and I suspected she did it because she knew I would be looking. And look I did. I gobbled up the great rib eye and fries and decided I'd box Kaylee's and maybe eat it later or something. I was sippin' my Corona when I noticed the waitress come back into my view. She sat down in the booth with me.
"Soooo. . my name is Caitlin. Yours hun?" she said to me.
"Lucas. Friends call me Jupitar though," I said.

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  . eh? Why do they call you that?" she asked.
"Beyond me. Started callin' me that back in 3rd grade. " I said.
"Soo. . that girl and you. . you two together?" she asked.
"Not for sure. I think I pretty much got dumped right there. She gets pissed about such small little things and if she didn't just dump me, then I think I just dumped her because I'm not puttin' up with that shit. " I said.
She giggled a little and then went on to say.

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"Well, cutie, you're definately a sweet guy. You could do sooooo much better," she said to me, bravely.
Daaamn. . this girl was coming onto me and I really loved it. Could she get any better? I thought to myself, "Man. . I wanna kiss this girl so bad but she'd probably call me a jerk. " Suddenly I was interrupted in all of my train of thought by her words. I seemed to be drowning them out.
"Lucas! Lucas! You in there?" she said to me.
Lucas. Wow. .

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  been a while since I've been called by that name. It was awkward.
"Yeah. . sorry just was into some 'deep' thought," I responded, keeping her out of alarm.
I called on a waiter for a tab and a box to put the food in. He brought it back quickly and I paid the bill, leaving the change for a tip. After boxing the food, I asked her something. .
"So. . wanna go see a movie or something Caitlin?" I asked.
"Um. . well.

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  . sure Lucas," she said.
"You know. . you can call me Jupitar," I responded, flashing the best smile I could.
She smiled and got in her car. It wasn't a bad car. Volkswaggon Bug. She drove it back to her house and got in my Vette. I drove her to the local theatre and we got some popcorn and drinks for the movie. We got in there and watched it. [Million Dollar Baby starring Clint Eastwood, Hilary Swank, Morgan Freedman. ] It was a great movie. She loved it too. As we walked out of the theatre, I found her tear struck from the events in the movie and wrapped my arm around her.

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   She apparently liked that and leaned into my chest, walking out with me. We got in my Vette and I drove to this remote area that I owned. Inheritance kicks ass. It has a lake and a cabin. We got out of the Vette and walked into the cabin. We got all settled in and she told me she didn't have to work tomorrow. I had never taken Kaylee here before. But I felt a really strong connection with Caitlin. I went to go change clothes. I took off my shirt, revealing my 6 pack and my strong biceps and triceps, along with my defined chest. I put on some old, ripped jeans and a cap and some boots and walked out. She didn't have anything to change in, but once she looked at me, I saw hungry eyes. I walked over to her and gave her a peck on the lips. I would leave at that, knowing even though that I was going to fuck her good tonight, I better save the best for last. I got the paddles for the boat and a fishing rod and casted out into the lake.


   I had a few tugs on the line until one big tug got on my line. I realed it in and caught an at least 10 pound bass. I kept it and threw it in the cooler. I rowed back in and showed Caitlin my catch. She was apparently pleased and I came to find that she was a really good cook. She deep fried it [the 10 pound bass] and the smell was unbelievable. She cooked vegetables on the grill [corn-on-the-cob, baked potatos, with onion flavor]. I was in Heaven. She brought it all in and served it to me. As soon as I cut up that catfish, I saw white meat all in there and it was gorgeous. The corn and the potato was tender and boy was it a feast. I hadn't eaten that good since my mama last cooked for me. I rushed it down with some iced tea she made and I was in pure bliss. I put down some blankets on the floor and laid on my stomach. Caitlin sat on my ass and began digging those little but strong fingers into my back.

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   Mmm. . God it felt soooo good. She massaged my back for a while when I suddenly felt her laying on top of me, gyrating her hips into my ass. I could feel a wet spot in her pants slightly and knew I was getting her hot. I already loved this girl. I suprised her and rolled on my side, throwing her to my side, and then I laid on my back, putting her on top of me. I slowly eased her down, kissing her deeply, intwining my tongue with her. Then. . I heard my cell phone ring. Bleh. . I wasn't about to answer the son of a bitch. I continued kissing her and boy was she a good kisser.

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   As I kissed her, I massaged her ass and heard muffled moans escape her mouth. Good. I was getting her really hot now.  I threw her up, her back hitting my crouched up legs. I pulled her shirt over her head, revealing a suprising no shirt. As an instinct, I put my hands right on them, exploring them, kneading her nipples with my fingers. I heard her moan pretty loudly now. I pushed my hands down her torso, now in her crotch region. I stuck my hand down her panties and began rubbing her clit. She clutched my biceps as I did this and moaned loudly, gyrating her hips on my finger. Her pussy muscles wrapped around my finger and I knew she was getting ready to cum, but I didn't want that yet. I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down, sprining out [as most of you know] my 11 inch cock. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw it.
"WOWWWWW You're the biggest I have EVER seen!!! I don't even see this on the internet!" she said to me.
I grinned.

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   She went down and put her lips around my purple head. She licked inside my piss hole and I shivered. She started sucking on the helmet-like head and moaned. She came to find, as soon as she put her mouth lower and lower on my cock, that it was about as wide as her wrist with lots of thickness. She could take in about 6 inches until it hit the back of her throat.  She was just like Kaylee and I guess every other woman. . she hummed. It sent electric shocks through my body and I cummed my load all in her mouth. It was too much for her to handle and it came out the creases of her mouth. I bent down to her pussy, pulled down her cute ass thong, and started licking her pussy. God it was so warm. I took the clit in between my teeth, rubbing my tongue over it. She was already close to the edge when she cummed all in my mouth. It was warm and sweet.

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   Kinda tasted like strawberries and whip cream. Yum. She pushed my head deep into her crotch and I remained there for a while. She eased back and leaned against the couch. She panted and I held her in my arms. Later that night. .
Well. . actually thats for another time. :D Gotta keep y'all on the edge.
This is part three of the "Me and Kaylee" series. Any constructive criticism is needed and wanted. I hope you enjoyed the story and stay tuned for the next part. -Jupitar Yager

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