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Yeah, my freshman year of highschool nothing to lose other than my virginity. but i never though i would lose it to my french teacher. She was about 24 short blond hair, and glassesshe also had a nice tight ass and huge double d breasts.     its about the second month into school and for french we had to do thesse dumbprojects i wasnt there the day she asigned them but my partner had done all the worktobad i had to memorize the paragraph we were resiting, we were last so i had time to tryto memorize the work i was reading it over and over again when i looked to the right of meand my french teacher, Mrs. smiles, was sitting next to me on a stool about a half of a footabove were i was sitting she had her feet on another chair and her knees up. it was amazing,she was wearing a short skirt and i could see part of her panties when i glanced over at them. and her double D breasts were practically breaking the buttons on her red blouse. I would pereodicaly look overas i was studying the paragraph and get a glance at her nice legs. One of the times when i looked overshe pulled the chair in closer to her rasing her knees up higher so her skirt when down her legs farther. by then i was really hard and it was my turn to go up and say the paragraph in french. i stuttered alot andforgot half the words i was really embaresed it didnt help i had a bonner in front of the class. when i was done ihanded the paragraph in to mrs. smiles and i could have sworn she glanced down at my crotch. i sat back in my deskfor the rest of the hour with my head on my desk looking like i was asleep but i was realy just looking up herskirt. At the end of class she told me to stay and she wanted me to come to her office and look over my paragraphwith me because i spelled a few words wrong and Forgot half of it.     when i get into her office there is a desk with her computer and such on it and a chair behind the desk.

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  In front if it there are two chairs and a sofa of to the side. "so what did i do wrong that you want me tofix" i asked her once she was behind her desk and i was in the chair in front of it. she leaned over her desk so i ggot a nice view of her cleavage "oh, just a few things. like right here, it says s'applle were it should say j'mapple""is that all you called me in here for?" i asked because that would be kinda stupid reason to call me ini mean just one misspelled word. "No, i also saw you "sleeping" in class, what was that about. Were you looking up my skirt?and didnt want me to notice?"She said to me, i was awe struck i didnt know what to say i mean  do i admit to it andrisk a suspension and my parents finding out or do i lye and say that i was sleeping and see if she believes me?I stuterd,"n-n-n-no ma'am i was just sleeping". "oh really, then why were you as hard as a rock when you came up to me to turn inyour paper? Hm?". so she was looking!what do i do, admit to it?"well, um. Ok i was looking at your panties"i said ashamed"dont be so down i dont care, want to see more?" i almost jumped out of my seat when she said that. She gave me a seductive smile"well do you?" she said. "ye-ye-yes" i said almost afraid. She started to unbutton her blouse as she was still leaning over the deskand her nice big tits were hanging out a few inches from my face. She got the blouse off and set it to the side and all she had on washer skirt and her bra, i was instantly hard again. "there nicee" i said. "now its your turn show me what your packing" she siad to meand walked around and sat up on her desk and spread her legs so i could see up her skirt again.

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  "alright" almost not nervious anymorei started to unzip my pants and pull it out and she practically jumped on it. she was on the floor on her knees and she grabed my cockand started to go up in down. it felt so nice as she did this i wanted to get in her now i was so horrny i just wanted to fuck her"oh my god this feels so good, suck it please" i said and then right when i gave her the command she threw her head down intomy lap and started to suck my cock. i pushed the chair back and stood up and started to lean in and out fucking her throat. she went withit taking it all the way down her throat. "oh god, this is so good!" i yelled and kept going it at. i pushed her off and pulled her up onto the deskand leaned her over the desk. "want to fuck me already?" she said "Hell yeah, get ready!" i said pulling off her skirt. she pushed herpanties off to one side so i could get in her. i slid my hard cock against her wet pussy and and slid the head in and out not putting the hole thing inshe whimpered as i did this, then i leaned in raming my cock into her pussy, she screamed and i started to fuck her pussy harderand harder as i was doing this i reached up and grabed her huge tits they were so nice and firm i kept fucking her tight little pussy harderand harder. "FUCK MY CUNT HARDER" She screamed as i did this. we went for a good 2 hours and then i felt it comming. "im guna bust!" i yelledshe pulled back and slid in front of me and started to rub my cock against her tits and i busted all over them. "oh my that was fun!" she saidi have an idea, i did this with another one of my students in french class you might know her,her name is angela. I nodded my head still out of breathAngela was a nice girl she was about 4'6 so kinda on the short side she weighed about 80 pounds she was super tight tooi had fingered her once at the movies.

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      "ill make a note that i need her next hour and i dont have any classes too, so we can get her in hereand fuck for a couple more hours"she whispered in my ear as she put her clothes back on to get angela". as i waited i sat down and looked at her computeri knew i couldnt get any porn because of the firewall at the school but i looked through her picture flies and i saw pictures of her and angela 69ingand other postitons eating eatch other out and rubbing eatch others pussys i almost came again as i saw this it was so hot. about 5 minuits latter they came into see me sitting there with my cock out masterbating to the pictures. "You ready again sean?" mrs. smiles said to me. "yeah i am" i said waving her over to get on my cockbut insted angela came over and got in front of me and grabed my cock. she started to pump faster and faster and i almost came on her face it was so good to haveher little hands on my huge cock "oh god angela i didnt know you were so good!" as i said this mrs. smiles came over and startd to take off her and angelas clothsang stoped wacking me off to get her shirt off, she really didnt have any boobs because she was so skinny and short they were about b cups. but then ang moved her small head downand started to suck my cock moving really fast and i came a little in her mouth she stoped to swallow and mrs. smiles got on and started to suck it toothen ang got under mrs. smiles and sucked on my balls while smiles sucked my cock it was amazing "oh god oh god, this is so good" i yelled grabbing at mrs. smilles boobsmrs. smiles was about to orgasm because she was fingering her self while she blew me. "Oh god im going to cum" she yelled and stoped blowing me to get on my cock, i started to fuckher beautiful cunt so hard and she gasumed ang was right there to lick it all up as it streamed out of mrs. smiles pussy.

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      then she said "is it my turn to ride your huge cock sean?"Mrs. smiles got of so ang could ride me "yeah, hop on and ill fuck your tight pussy" i said and she did it was so hard to get into her becuase she was so tightI started out slow and then started to go faster and faster as she started to losen up a little bit mrs. smile was right there licking my cock as it went into angs pussyand and continued to finger her self. i felt it comming again i was going to jizz all over them. "im guna blow ang!" i yelled she kept going up and down and i busted in her cuntand my jizz streamed out of her pussy mrs. smiles got under and licked it all up. i was all out of breath but ang wanted to orgasm too. so she got off and i ate her little pussy outwhile she ate out mrs. smiles and i got a mouth full of her cum.     every other day since then we do this after school and fuck all afternoon finding new postions and fucking in differnt placeslike mrs. smiles car and in the class room. .
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