Memories Revisited - Cousins' Weekend


Although we didn’t live in a big city, we lived in a more city-like environment than he led me to believe whenever we saw him. He always looked like he was from Hicksville, USA. I always felt I didn’t belong in the big city – or any city for that matter, and he just enhanced that feeling whenever I saw him. Little did I know what was to come. For a twelve year old, I have already had more experience with men than most women could have. There are two differences though…. 1) I didn’t have a choice in any of the contacts – not that I would have stopped them anyway – no one hurt me, only made me feel incredibly good! 2) No one ever went inside me so my cherry was still intact. I was still a virgin for all intents and purposes. You couldn’t prove it by what I could tell you about a man’s likes or dislikes. I always want to see a guy’s hidden parts because of this. I always seem to be missing that, and need to see and feel and taste a guy to really know him. Not to mention, if he treats you kindly when you are servicing him, chances are, he is a nice guy overall. If he treats you roughly or cruelly and talks mean to you then, chances are that is the kind of guy he is when he gets angry. This has proven to be true for me over the years. If a man is demeaning to a woman during the act of sex, then he usually has a nasty streak that comes out to hurt her later on. If a man shows true appreciation and pleasure without being nasty or mean, and cuddles afterwards, then chances are he is a most wonderful man all the time and will consider her feelings in all things.

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  Well, Aunt Marcie suggested that I spend the night. I could share Sandra’s room, and she could keep me out of trouble. That was fine by Mom, so she dropped me off at their house early Friday afternoon. Sandra was out back, and Tommy was nowhere to be seen. Not unusual for an 18 year old sexually charged teen. I put my stuff in Sandra’s room, and went out to find her. She was sunbathing in a very skimpy bikini. Her developing chest was barely contained by the small triangles of bright yellow cloth. She was four years older than me but I was still upset that she had bigger boobs than me. I was an “A” cup, but she seemed like she was twice as big as me. I couldn’t help but stare at her as she lay with her eyes closed. I didn’t even know if she knew I was there. Her hands were resting at her sides and I couldn’t help but envy her flat tummy. The bottom of her bikini was so low that I was certain that if I looked I could see a tiny bit of hair sticking out the top. Her legs were parted slightly and I couldn’t help but look at her.

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   I have never before wanted to look at another girl like this, but I found now that I had the opportunity, I couldn’t help myself. I had to see between her legs to see just how small this bikini was – at least that is what I was telling myself. I had the same feeling inside that I got when I looked at a guy between the legs and started to get nervous. ‘I am NOT a lesbian!!!’ I repeated adamantly to myself as I checked her out. Her long lean legs were glistening with sweat and tanning oil. I was standing near her feet and looked at her crotch. I didn’t know what I expected to see, but I was unimpressed with what I saw. Quickly I moved back to her side before she caught me looking. I plopped on the ground next to her with a loud grunt so she opened her eyes to see what was up. “Hey, Kid,” she said and smiled. “What’s up?”“I dunno,” I replied. I was beginning to think this would be a boring day. Mom said something about spending the entire weekend with them. I was beginning to regret that idea. “Wanna go swimming?” She asked.

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  I brightened knowing that meant we would be walking to the beach. She didn’t have a pool and the beach was a few blocks away. We went there a lot together over the summer. Thinking back, that was probably because there wasn’t much at the house for a few shit-heel kids to do. I was the oldest of 3. The other two were 6 and 4 so they were always a handful if there weren’t any toys around. “Well, go get changed!! Wait, I have an idea,” she said has she got up and headed inside. I followed her up to her room where she was going through her swimsuits pulling them out and tossing them on the bed. “Strip!” she instructed and I jumped to do what she said albeit nervously. I was always shy about my body and didn’t want to show it to anyone. I wasn’t ugly, just not all that graceful looking. I thought I was like the ugly duckling waiting to turn into the swan. I slowly untied my halter-top and dropped it on the floor at my feet. I looked up to see she was looking at my growing boobs. I blushed and started to cover them with my hands.

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  “Relax – put your hands down. I need to see them to decide what suit to put on you. You wanna drive Tommy nutty?” She asked playfully as she approached me. Now I was nervous. I never told her I liked him, so I wasn't ready for her to mention it. My face matched the color of my halter-top and burned quite hotly. She did what totally surprised me and cupped my changing breasts squeezing them gently. I felt that warmth growing between my legs again and looked at her chest that was blocking my view of the floor. Her soft hands were warm and tender unlike the guys that touched me there. She was so close I could pick up the soft scent of coconuts from the tanning oil she used. I also smelled something else I couldn’t identify. I was certain she could pick up the smell of my crotch as I felt all sweaty and hot down there. I smelled it clearly over her coconuts and that weird scent. ( I had never smelled another girl before - only myself)She must have noticed how uncomfortable I was because she stepped back and looked at me with a tilted head. Her eyes were scanning me up and down as she held each bikini top up to me.

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   Pink, blue, white striped, orange, a matching yellow one to the one she wore each were held up and cast aside with a grimace. Finally she found a black one and smiled. “This one!!” she said triumphantly as she took it off the hanger. “This one is so dark against your pale skin that he will go bonkers!!”“Cool,” I said still embarrassed by our contact and how my body betrayed me. I didn’t want to get into the suit now, knowing I was wet down there. I was weirded out wearing one of her suits to begin with. “What are you waiting for – winter?” she laughed as she pulled my shorts down. Her nose brushed my fuzzy growth between my legs. I pulled back startled and she giggled pulling at my shorts to get me to lift my feet to remove them. “We need to do something here before we head to the beach,” she said as she turned and left the room. I had no idea what was next and decided I really didn’t want to go to the beach anymore. Sandra was acting strange and I didn’t think I liked where she was headed. Girls didn’t play with girls… only boys played with girls and girls played with boys. I was heady and confused at the same time. Sandra came back in as I was pulling my shorts back up and I noticed she had a razor and shaving cream in her hands.

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   Now I was really nervous. “Silly girl!! You wanna look like me down there so your hair doesn’t stick out the bikini right? Don’t be shocked. . I saw you looking at my cunny outside!” She was still laughing at me and I turned three shades of red. I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me whole – take me anywhere else in the world but here. She pulled my shorts back down and pushed me backwards so I fell on her bed. I closed my legs and started to get up. “San, I don’t know about this… I - uh – maybe the beach isn’t such a good idea today,” I said trying to worm out of it. “Don’t be silly!! I see the way you look at Tommy! He is just as hungry for you, and he is delicious! You just lay back there or I will tie you down and shave you. ” She ordered as she forced my legs open and climbed on the bed between them. 'Did she just say he was delicious?' I thought. She sprayed the shave cream into one hand and rubbed them together lightly. Then she started to rub the cream into my short newly growing hair. It tickled as she moved my hair all around and I felt myself getting wet again. I knew she would notice.

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   Would she stop and freak out? Would she pretend not to notice? The smell of my excitement was filling my nostrils and embarrassing me more but my legs opened more to let her have more access to my privates. She wiped her hands on a towel she brought in with her – ‘When did she get a towel? Did she have it when she came in? No – I would’ve seen it. ’ the voice in my mind said as I tried to distract myself from what was happening physically. I jumped when she touched the razor to my sensitive mound and stiffened up so she would not cut me. I was determined not to move as I heard the razor cutting my new growth. The feel was terrifying and tantalizing. Each down stroke of the razor I could feel it pulling gently at my hair as it cut. She went over each spot twice to be certain it was bare. With each second stroke I was amazed at how sensitive and ticklish it felt. I felt like I was leaking buckets of water with each stroke. (I still didn't know this wetness was natural and not sweat!) I felt my hips start to move of their own volition and lost myself in the feelings that were growing inside. I felt that need start to happen just like when other people touched me there. I wanted her to touch me like the guys did. I needed her to touch my pleasure button and bring me release. I spread my legs as wide as they would go allowing her full access to my virginal hole silently urging her to touch me.

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   She wiped me with a cool wet cloth then I felt something else… warm – wet – probing. I looked down and saw her tongue teasing my magic spot as I felt it gently swirl around and around it. I pressed my hips towards her probing tongue to have her pull away and chuckle. I felt pressure building inside me as if I had to use the facilities. She pressed a finger into my front hole that no one has ever entered before and I felt the release I was waiting for. The pressure bubble popped and I felt my wetness explode all over her hand. “Not so timid now, are ya?” She asked triumphantly. “No, guess not,” I replied as we both giggled. “Ok, now go get cleaned up and put on this bikini so we can go. ” She said. I jumped in the shower real quick still tingling from her touch. Maybe this weekend wasn’t gonna be so bad. Maybe it would be fun after all. It wasn’t so bad having her touch me. Maybe she would again later.

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   Maybe Tommy would before the weekend was over. Maybe I would be able to touch her. . . That thought got me moving. I dried off and ran back to the bedroom still naked. She had already put the rest of the bikinis away and was pulling on shorts. I grabbed the black bikini that she chose and found the bottom was smaller than my bottom was. I knew it wouldn’t cover my entire butt. “It isn’t supposed to silly. That’s why I chose it. Tommy will love it, and how pale you are it will stand out nicely,” she explained against my protests. I finished getting dressed and followed her lead putting on my shorts and tee shirt over the bikini. I knew I would be in big trouble if I were caught in this by anyone else. Putting on my sandals we headed down stairs and off to the beach.

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  Although we were at the beach, she kept walking… further and further from our normal spot. I was starting to get nervous again not knowing where she was going. I thought we were going to lay in the sun for a little bit, then go swim for a bit, then sunbathe again a bit like we usually did. She kept walking and soon we were hidden from immediate view of the road or nearby houses. The only way a person could see us here is if they came through the brick wall we were behind (not like they could!!) or by boat unless they followed us here. Ahead, there were a few other people hanging out, talking – touching each other – kissing – or just plain sunbathing. I was stunned to notice they were all nude! This was another first for me – to be around a group of naked people. I felt that tingling again as we got closer to these people. A girl was stroking one of the fellows as they were laying next to each other talking. Another girl was sitting on a guys lap against the wall. His hands were cupping her ass cheeks and spreading them then squeezing them together. Further up I noticed there seemed to be a tangle of people. I couldn’t tell from here where one person ended and one began. I must have stopped and was staring all around me because I heard Sandra’s tinkle of laughter pulling me from my shock. “You look like you never saw anyone doin’ it before!!” She laughed knowing that I hadn’t.


   She didn’t know about all the times guys had messed with me… I didn’t tell anyone about those times because I didn’t want those special moments to end. “I-uh-I” I stammered not knowing where to look. I noticed she was taking off her bikini and wondered when she got that far undressed. Just a moment ago she was walking right in front of me. “Well, you gonna get undressed or you gonna be chicken?” She taunted laying out the towels. “You won’t get any action if you stay all dressed like that!”'Action?' I thought curious as to what she meant. Looking around I was getting the idea though. “I – uh – I” I tried to continue and realized that I wasn’t gonna be able to say anything. Finally I just gave in and started to get undressed. I didn’t know what else to do. I was all tingly again, and I figure she knew I would be wet again after what she already knew about me. “You still have you’re cherry, little girlie?” She asked although she already knew that answer from earlier too. ”You know I do,” was all I could say. “Do you wanna keep it, or do you wanna lose it today?” she asked. I wanted to keep it for as long as I could, unless of course daddy would take it.

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   I loved how he made me feel when we played. Sometimes he would try to put the head of it inside me. It stretched me so big, and it hurt but it felt soo good when he sprayed inside me. “Keep it,” I said simply. My mouth was dry and my body was on fire and it wasn’t because the sun was beating on it. “You ever suck a boy?” She asked as if she was worldly. “No,” I lied. I didn’t want to get anyone into trouble, and I didn’t want the games to end. “Well, you’re gonna have to learn, or lose your cherry here. One or the other. Otherwise the boys won’t go near you,” She explained. She was looking around watching the other people expectantly. “You should fetch some interesting characters,” I heard her say softly like I wasn’t supposed to hear it at all. I didn't quite know what she meant. She looked straight at me then and said:“I was your age when Papa brought me here the first time.

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   So many guys swarmed over me. Papa took my cherry that day. I come here all the time now. You being a newbie, you should get some real attention for both of us. ”We had settled down on our towels to get some sun after she said that. I absorbed it like a sponge and reveled in the warmth of the sun on my bare skin. ‘She too played those games with her dad? Is it something that everyone does?’ I thought to myself. I felt myself start to drift off to sleep drugged by the sound of the waves lapping gently at the shore and by the soft caress of the wind on my bare nipples. The last image I had was her sucking on her Dad (a very attractive balding man). I was awaken by someone pressing against my side teasing my magic button between those lower sensitive lips. My hips were already moving as I gained alertness realizing someone was nibbling on my ear and someone else was lifting and opening my legs. I opened my eyes to see one quite tall, tanned, not so fit body climb between my legs resting my feet on his shoulder. Still groggy, I didn’t quite realize what was happening but I did know that someone was driving me insane with need as they tortured my magic spot. Just then I heard Sandra’s voice:“Don’t fuck her – she will suck you or jack you off, but don’t fuck her. She’s still a virgin and we intend to keep it that way!”I started to get scared as her words were sinking in as to what was happening.

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   The guy looked down at me smiling as he continued to press forward. I felt him press his cock against me and my hips bucked against him. “Doesn’t feel like she wants to be one to me!” he laughed, “Is it true? You a virgin?”“Ye e essss” I panted as my hips rocked. My body aching for more as my mind screamed for him to stop – not to go in me. “You want me to pop your cherry, little one?” he asked as he pressed his head into my hole. “No – pl pl please – I wanna st ay a VIRGIN!!!” I screamed as I felt that bubble bursting again and felt water rush out of me soaking his penis probing at my entry. “Little girlie come!!! Delicious!! All over my stiff prick!!” he cried. “We made you come, so now it’s your turn to make us come. If we can’t fuck your little tight virgin pussy, you gotta do something for us!”“Wha a a at?” I huffed as I started to relax from that explosion. His words reaching my ears as I felt him pull out of my front hole. I felt him press against my back hole, and didn’t stop him. I still had a burning inside me and was still in a haze. I needed something, and I thought I was finding what I needed. “You get to suck Ritchie off. I’ll watch as I fuck somethin’ else then,” he said.

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   He started to press harder against my back hole as Ritchie lay over me putting his penis against my lips. I opened my mouth eagerly as he pumped all the way in my mouth hitting the back of my throat. I gagged until I got into a rhythm of breathing between his pumping. I put my hands on his hips and started to massage his ass cheeks as I swirled my tongue around his stiffness. I felt him tease my front hole with his tongue and teeth as his friend popped into my butt hole making me scream against the cock in my mouth. “Oh, Sandra – you found us a good one!!” Ritchie said as he slid in and out of my mouth. “She knows how to give great head!!” he said as I cried because of the invasion of my butt. Daddy stretched me gently using one finger at a time though until he could fit three fingers, but he made it feel soo good. This guy hurt so bad!!!“Yeah, she has a nice tight ass too!! You gotta fuck this Ritchie!!!” I heard as I sobbed against the cock in my mouth. No one noticed my pain I thought, but the dick in my butt didn’t move either. It was just there. “I will Chris, after you… You gonna fuck her or sit there all day?” Ritchie asked before he began licking and sucking my magic button. “Her clit is soo big and hard… kinda like a tiny dick!” He said as he went back to sucking on it. It felt so good as Chris felt so bad. I didn’t know if my body needed to take a dump or if I wanted more.

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   The feelings were starting to confuse me. I stopped crying because it didn't hurt so bad with him being still. Instead, I started to suck and tease the cock in my mouth as the passion was starting to take over some of the pain. My hips started to rock again and that is when Chris pulled out a little. I felt relief as he pulled out, then sorry as he pumped back in instead of popping out. He moved slowly though and it started to feel good. I felt that familiar pressure starting again and started to moan against Ritchie’s cock making him suck harder on my clit causing me to hump his face and Chris’s cock harder. I wanted more – faster – harder. I bucked my hips to make them do this and they obliged happily. The pain was replaced completely by a driving passion that I had never felt before. Not even when Daddy played with my back door. It felt so much better when he pulled out than when he pressed in, but that made me want more. I was grunting against the cock in my mouth as he moaned against my clit sending electric shocks up my spine. Chris was pumping like a mad man holding my hips still. He was screaming his pleasure to everyone who would listen.

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   I felt a little embarrased, but wanted more of this amazing new feeling. Ritchie stiffened up first and sucked hard on my clit as I felt something splash down my throat as he jammed his cock deep in my throat. I tried to scream my pleasure against his cock as I felt wave after wave of water explode from my body. With each splash in my throat was another gush from my hole. Chris jammed his cock deep in my butt and I felt him spraying deep inside me too. It felt like a symphony with each splash - one in my throat, now in my butt. Each time I jerked and spasmed against each cock causing another cycle. An eternity seemed to go by and darkness threatened to overcome me. “Damn she gives great head!!!” Ritchie panted as he gained his breath back. All our bodies were jumping and twitching as we relaxed. Ritchie rolled off me Chris still in my butt leaned down to kiss me with his tongue all around. I jumped as I felt him rub my clit when he bent down to kiss me. I pressed against him finding that I really liked my ass being fucked as they called it. “For a virgin, you sure are hot! You know what you’re doin’! Sandra!! You gotta bring this one around more!” Chris exclaimed as he pulled up from our kiss. We looked over at her to find a cock was servicing her in her mouth, and one in her pussy as well.

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   The three of them were in their own world not hearing anything around them. I felt Chris pull out of me and heard a sssshhhppppllllllltttttt sound. I felt goo come out of my butt too and felt very dirty. I wanted to go into the water to hopefully feel a little cleaner when Ritchie pulled me to him for a deep kiss. I was kinda relieved because I didn't think I could walk just yet. My legs felt like rubber and I felt so weak. He rolled over onto his back pulling me with him. He pressed his soft cock against my hole but didn’t press it in. My poor butt was so sore from the pounding it took so I didn't mind that all he wanted to do was feel me. I was too wiped out from my first real experience with a cock inside me to do anything. I hoped we weren't leaving any time soon because I don't think I could have walked. “You come back to us when you want to pop your cherry sugar, and I promise you we’ll help you enjoy it!” Ritchie said. I just rested my head on his hairy chest and went to sleep thoroughly satisfied and exausted. To Be Continued - If It Is Well Received. .

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