Miami Summers


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About twice a year, my friend and I take a vacation to Miami. We're still in college and work part-time, bullshit jobs that barely pay us enough to buy gas to get to work.
The only reason we can afford to do it is because my friend has a doctor for an uncle. He lives on Southwest 172nd Street with the other wealthy people, but he let's us stay in his beach house for free whenever we come by.
It became a tradition about two years ago when we were in our freshmen year. We started spending a lot of time around the Hollywood shopping area of Miami. We found that that's where a lot of sluts hang out.
I made the trip from Ohio with my friend, Enrique, in about two days as usual. By the time we got there, the tank was empty for the third time. We pulled into the gas station on the borderline of Miami as soon as we came into town.
I went inside and paid for our gas. I made small talk with the cashier while Enrique was filling up the tank. She was a nice old lady that I chatted with every time I came to Florida.

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I went outside and got in the car. "Let's get out of here," I said.
I was tired and wanted to get some rest so we could go club hopping later that night. But just as I said that, something caught my attention at the gas station across the street.
"Holy shit! Look at that!" I shouted.
Enrique followed my gaze to the gas station across the street.
The woman was wearing a black top that bared her right shoulder. Her pants were white and she was wearing white pumps to match. She had a slender, but very shapely, body, with long, blonde hair that was tied in a ponytail.
She was a vision of sex appeal, and she was all alone pumping her own gas without a man in sight.
I learned from previous experience that it's always best to let Enrique do the talking because half these Miami girls can't speak any English. Seriously, it doesn't matter how American they look, it seems like almost every girl we run into can barely speak any English.
Enrique got out and approached the woman. Apparently she liked his looks because she was smiling at him as soon as they made eye contact.
Her smile looked familiar but I didn't know why.

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   It seemed like I knew her from somewhere. Then I started wondering if Rick was trying to pick up a woman that we had already picked up on one of our previous trips here. That would be hilarious.
Their conversation didn't last long at all. She turned around to put the pump back in its cradle, but Enrique wasn't leaving so I wasn't sure if he'd picked her up or not. He screwed her gas cap back on and they talked for a few moments longer. He pointed me out across the street and she started nodding. A few seconds later, they were walking my way.
She walked with a slight switch in her step and checked her hair as they got nearer. She was a lot prettier up close than she was from afar. Her face was gorgeous and her smile was radiant.
I found out she was from Columbia, her name was Pamela, and she didn't speak a word of English.
That's when I remembered where I knew her from. This woman had been on damned near every reality porn site on the Internet, but she used different names every time.
I told Rick to ask her if she wanted to come have a little fun with us.

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I heard a distinct No, which led to Rick popping out a thousand words a minute trying to convince her that it was okay to come with us.
I wasn't worried about her coming. I knew she would, but I didn't know if she was playing hard-to-get or if she wanted money first. It's hard to tell sometimes.
Smiled and nodded to Rick after he'd finished begging in Spanish. "She's down, man," he said.
"She's coming with us?" I said, trying not to sound too excited. I was just glad we didn't have to offer her any money because I wasn't going to.
Before we left the as station, I'd gotten her to flash me a nipple just to make sure I wasn't about to waste my time with a tease.
Since we'd just gotten into town, it took us a little longer than usual to get to Rick's uncle's beach house. We made a few wrong turns and then got held up by a car accident, but we made it there eventually.
I was glad Rick's uncle sent the maid to clean the place up. It was trashed when we left last summer.
We told Pamela she could help herself to anything in the house while we put our stuff away. The only thing she got was a sucker from the candy jar on the coffee table.

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We sat across from her and started asking more questions, trying to get to know her a little better. I didn't want to get straight to the point just yet. I didn't want to take a chance on turning her off even though that probably wouldn't happen since she'd already shown us her nipple.
She mostly spoke in Spanish with an occasional sentence in heavily accented English. She sucked her lollipop the whole time like she was sucking a dick.  I was surprised to find out she was only nineteen, but it made sense. She looked a few years older, but it's usually the young ones that come home with you the easiest.
Enrique started touching her breasts after a few minutes of chit-chat. She seemed like she liked it so they stood and he helped her get out of her shirt.
She had a petite, but very shapely, body. Her nipples were dark and swollen. Rick palmed her breasts and then started caressing them and gently pinched her nipples.
I decided to stay out of this one. She was really into Enrique. I didn't want to interfere, plus it was our first day so I knew there'd be more opportunities later on.

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   I'd just sit back and watch as long as she didn't ask me to leave.
She put the sucker down and lifted her shirt over her head. Pamela's stomach was flat and I could see her abs flexing as she removed the shirt.
She touched herself along her bountiful curves and stopped when her hands touched her pants. She looked at me as if she was asking permission to get naked in front of me.
"Take 'em off," I said.
She hooked her thumbs inside her pants and sexily wiggled them off her curvy hips. She was wearing white, G-string panties with lace. Her pussy was so meaty I could see a slight bulge poking out.
"You like it?" asked Pamela in thickly accented English.
"I like it. You're very pretty. "
"Thank you. "
Rick sat on the arm of the couch and pulled her close to him. She was still facing me, but he managed to get his head around her body so he could suck on her tits.

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   Apparently the teasing had taken its toll on him.
He gently touched her body with one hand and cupped her pussy with the other. She let out a slight moan and murmured something in Spanish. I had a feeling it had something to do with how good Enrique was making her feel.
He moved her panties to the side. She raised a leg in the air to give him better access. He spread her pussy lips wide open and slid his fingers along the slit.
I could see her bald pussy glistening from where I was sitting. She was soaked already.
The groping was coming harder and the breathing was getting heavier. Pamela's pants came all the way off shortly; there was more foreplay and Pamela said, "Fuck me," in perfect English.
That's when I realized what a freak she was. She couldn't say anything else in English, but she could ask to fuck without the slightest hint of an accent.
She turned around and helped Enrique get his cock out of his pants. She started sucking his dick with a hungry kind of passionate lust on her face.

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Enrique stood to lower his pants enough for his entire pelvic area to be out in the open. He lifted his shirt a little to get it out of Pamela's way and she took his cock all the way to the back of throat before letting it out slowly and sliding it deep inside her wet mouth again.
She masturbated him hard while lapping at the head. She started sliding it all around her lips and slapped herself on the tongue with it, successfully driving Enrique crazy while she did it.
He grabbed a handful of blonde hair, put his dick between her lips, and started humping her face like he was waist-deep in her pussy already. She deep-throated him and pulled it out with a loud pop and swirled her tongue around the cock head, then deep-throated him again.
She was bent forward, and for a second, the only thing I could think about was her perky ass and fat pussy lips sticking out.

    I had an urge to whip my dick out and plug her other hole, but I played it cool. I just sat back and watched and told them what I wanted them to do every now and then. I was getting a kick out of it. How many people would let somebody dictate the way they fuck besides Enrique?
    He lay with his head on the couch and Pamela stood over his face. He grabbed two hands full of her Latina ass and helped guide her pussy towards his mouth where he began licking and slurping on her protruding clit.
    Pamela was doing a lot of moaning and talking in Spanish. By now Enrique had her pussy flowing freely and the whole room smelled of horny pussy.
    On our third trip to Florida, Enrique's aunt decided to hook up a hammock that was designed like a chair instead of a bed.

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       It held you suspended in the air like a normal hammock, but you sat instead of lying down. At some point-I can't remember when-we started using it for kinky sex and hadn't stopped since.
    It was hanging by strong ropes that were attached to pillars in the beach house. We had Pamela sit in it. We used the upper ropes to hook her feet in. It left her suspended in mid air with her legs spread wide open.
    Enrique masturbated her with a green dildo while she held her pussy open for him. She was screaming and moaning and shaking like a drug addict.
    Enrique tossed the dildo aside and shoved his eager prick inside of her. Her pussy was so hot and swollen by now that there was hardly any resistant as he penetrated her. He rammed her pussy hard while he kept the chair from moving with his muscular arms.
    Most women love getting fucked in the hammock chair. It's a different feeling, an odd feeling of weightlessness that many women find so erotic that they shoot off one orgasm after another in a relatively short amount of time.
    "Make her cum, dude," I said. And that he did.

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    Her face was growing more contorted with every orgasm; Enrique's cock was getting shinier. After a while, a lot of cum had splashed all over his pubic hairs and it was getting just as wet as her pussy.
    "I cuh-mee!" moaned Pamela. I'm cumming!
    I was quiet now. I was too much into watching them fuck to say anything.
    Enrique turned her around and fucked her doggy style, which amazed me even more because I didn't think it was possible to get into that position in the hammock chair.
    They fucked all over the place. He'd be on top, then she'd be on top; then they'd fuck on the floor, and then on the couch with Pamela grinding her bald cunt on his prick.
    Pamela got up and Enrique laid her on the coffee table, of all places. Her legs flew up and his cock flew back in. They were both sweating and Pamela's hair looked a horrible mess.
    "Fuck meee!" she moaned. "Si, si! Oh, si!"
    Enrique pulled out. He felt his balls about burst. He started jacking off while he fingered Pamela with his other hand.

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       She was rubbing her tits as she watched him, eagerly waiting for his seed to spill across her body.
    He stopped stroking his meat, pointed it at her, and a load of sticky cum came squirting free. It landed all over her belly and tits.
    She wiped some up with her finger before he was done cumming and licked it off. She did it again and again until most of it was in her mouth or spread around her lips.
    They didn't stop for a while longer. There were a few minutes of fondling and playing in each other's juices before they remembered I was there watching.
    Pamela smiled at me and blew me a kiss good-bye. I took that to mean, the show is over so leave while I get dressed. I did, and when they came out, we took Pamela home.
    The only thing we could talk about on the way back was the fact that it was only our first day there and one of us had already gotten laid.
    We had dinner with Enrique's family, finished getting settled in, and went to bed so we'd be rested for whatever tomorrow had in store for us.
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