Mindy the Slacker


Being a college professor is a nice life. I don’t have to deal with the discipline hassles of high schools and my hours are quite good. I have plenty of personal time and when I do have to travel or conference to further my own study and professional development, it is something I enjoy and I don’t see it as work. It is a good life all the way around. And I am a good guy. I try to help my students in every way possible. Sometimes I probably go too far in helping them as I have passed some students who really didn’t deserve it, but who were good kids and tried. Not every professor will do that for their students and some will even look for ways to fail them any way possible. I still say I am in the education business and not the failure business and so I bend over backwards for my students sometimes. There is only one thing that bugs me and led to this incredible story.
I have a problem helping people who don’t help themselves at all. I’m not talking about the party boy or girl who misses a Friday class every now and then because they are hung over from the Thursday night specials at all the bars. I’m talking about the ones who usually come to class but take no notes and do nothing but stare at the wall or text message people the entire class. And then they of course get themselves in danger of failing and come begging me for last minute help. I will say I have helped those types in the past but on one particular semester of I made a resolution not to help those types any more. If they fail, they just have to live with it.

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   I was put to the test and failed wonderfully that very semester.
Mindy was my slacker. She was the kind that I had vowed not to give in too. I knew she would not pass the class after the first week. Most kids at least take notes for a class or two before they completely quit, but Mindy never even got started. From day one she was inattentive and spent the entire hour putting on make-up. I will say that I didn’t get too annoyed with it because at least she sat at the back of the room as not to draw attention to herself, and she was quite a looker. It was a freshmen level U. S. history class and she was a typical freshmen-gone-wild now that she was away from home. She was a gorgeous brunette with an amazing body and she liked to show it off. She reminded me a little of the movie star Neve Campbell, only I would probably pick Mindy over her in a beauty contest. She had large breasts that she barely covered and long tanned legs. He waist was small and her ass was perfect. She loved to wear extremely short jean shorts and a tight tube top to show off her assets.

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   One day she even came into class in a bikini! Since our university doesn’t have a dress code, I couldn’t say anything to her about it. Though I probably would have not been able to get my tongue inside my mouth long enough to speak. On that day she sat right in the front row and drove me nuts. I even fumbled in the middle of my lecture a couple of times looking at her. The other students would giggle a little when this happened because they knew why. And Mindy would only smile and go back to her usually activities that included nothing of learning.
I knew why she sat in the front row that day and it wasn’t to learn as I had hoped. Mid-term exams were coming up and she was trying to get in good with me, and this was step one. I guess she thought that was enough because I didn’t see her again, and when she failed the mid-term exam miserable, I hoped she would get the message. I was wrong. The next half of the semester was just like the last as she didn’t do a thing. I had told them on day one that there would only be two grades, the mid-term and the final, for the class and that they needed to do well on each of them. But she was acting as if there was still time. At the end of the semester, the day before the final, she finally came to my office and the real story began.
At about 3:00 pm I got a knock at my office door.

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   Since it was finals week, most people who worked in the building were going home at about that time and so I was surprised someone was knocking. I thought it might be a fellow professor but was surprised to see Mindy at the door. And even more surprised to see what she was wearing. She walking into my office barefoot and wearing only a string bathing suit that could hardly be called a suit. He toenails and fingernails were neatly painted. The suit had thin strings that fit over her shoulders and then came down the front to her nipples. There was only a small triangular shaped patch that covered each nipple and left the rest of her breasts bare. Then the two stings made their way down to her crotch, not touching her skin because of the size of her breasts, and had another small patch of material that covered only about an inch above the clit. It was the kind of thing that you had to completely shave for if you catch my meaning. She turned to close the door after she walked in and I could see that the sting only ran out the top of her butt crack and then branched back out into two separate stings at the small of her back and up around the shoulders. She was basically naked and my cock was growing as I hurried around my desk to my chair to hide the bulge in my crotch.
"Can I help you Ms. Merger?" I asked as she sat down in one of the chairs in front of my desk.
"Call me Mindy. " She urged.

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   "The reason why I’m here is because of my grade. I know I should have come in much sooner, but I hoped I could do better. I have a problem concentrating in class as you know I’m sure. And I know I can’t pass the final so I’ll make this short and to the point. I have to get at least a C in this class or my parents will likely quit sending me money. If I studied from now right up until class time I know I can’t ace the final and that’s what I would have to do. So I wanted to offer you something in exchange for a passing grade. "
"Well Mindy, I don’t see what you could possible offer me. My advice would be to hit the books and see what you can get. I will not help you, but I will be fair in grading and hold no grudges for anything that has happened in the past. You never know. With enough study, you could maybe get your grade up to a D or a C. "
"It’s no use professor," she replied, "I know that won’t work but I do have something that might. I know you are one of the youngest professors on campus and that you are not married or anything. Do you have a girlfriend?"
"I don’t see what the relevance is, and I think that is a personal question for a student to ask her teacher.

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  " I replied.
"I’ll take that as a no. " She said. "My offer is this, and it’s kind of forward so I hope you don’t flip out. I will give you a hand job if you will give me a C for the class. "
She stopped with that and I just about hit the floor. I had never had such an offer before and even though I should have seen it coming, I didn’t. There was a long pause as she looked at me with a bashful smile. During that time I couldn’t find the word ‘no’ in my vocabulary. I found my self not only entertaining the idea, but devising a counter offer that I decided I couldn’t pass up. The chance to have sex with this beautiful little slacker was too much and I came up with a beautiful response.
"Well, what do you think?" Mindy finally asked.
"I tell you what. I have a few counter offers that might interest you. I don’t know if a hand job would be enough to earn a C, but I will give you a D for it.


  " I replied.
"That’s nice of you sir, but it’s not enough. My parents couldn’t live with a D grade I know. I’m hoping a C will be enough. " She answered.
"I have three offers I will give you then, and I think they are generous. You won’t even have to come to class tomorrow. " I countered. "First offer, if you will give me a blowjob and swallow, I will give you the C. Second offer, if you swallow my cum and then let me fuck your little pussy until I cum I will give you a B. Third offer, and this is the best, if you swallow my cum, let me fuck your pussy, AND let me fuck your tight little ass, you get an A and we never have to see each other again. "
"Mr. Powell! That’s getting really personal don’t you think?" She said.
"That’s the three, you can take one or leave them all, but you will likely fail the course without at least one. " I was pressing more and more as my cock was pulsating.

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"I have never even done it in the butt before. " She said, and then paused a long time.
"I would have to see your dick first Mr. Powell. The size will make a difference in my decision. " She added.
"Well, you show me yours and I’ll show you mine. " I replied like a school boy myself.
I watched as she slowly stood up, undeniably embarrassed, and slipped the stings off her shoulders letting the entire thing fall to the floor and fully exposing the most luscious body I have ever laid eyes on. Her pussy was completely bald and her body was tanned all over. She looked at the floor and only lifted her head when I dropped my trousers to the ground. My cock is about average or maybe a little above average in my estimation and I reassured her it would not be a problem.
"I guess it’s not TOO big. " She replied and then finally gave me the answer I wanted.
"If I’m going to do this, I might as well go for the A Mr.

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   Powell. What do I do first?" She said as she slowly began to walk toward me.
I sat down in my chair again and told her to suck my dick first. She slowly lowered herself to her knees and shyly took my raging hard on in her hand. Then she moved her mouth over the head and took about half of my cock inside her mouth before I felt her full lips close around my shaft.
    She started slowly but quickly became more aroused and more vigorous. She began to suck my cock hard and run her hand up and down my shaft in rhythm with her head. It was so amazing that I was dumping my first load of the day into her mouth in a matter of only a few minutes. Her suction on my cock’s head at the time of my orgasm intensified at just the right time to almost bring me completely out of my chair. It was the most intense thing I had ever felt. It felt like my cum couldn’t leave my balls fast enough as she drew my semen. I felt her finally swallow and spring to her feet, with her mouth still around my shaft as if she couldn’t bring herself to pull away. She was on her feet, bent over at the waist and bobbing her head sloppily over my cock as she massaged my balls. She then pulled away rapidly and ordered me to fuck her as she sprang into my lap and sat her pussy forcefully down onto my cock, slamming into my pelvis with her own. Her movements never ceased as she found a nice quick rhythm, and I knew almost immediately that she was the best I had ever had.

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       She was very skilled, especially for such a young age, and bounced her tits in my face as I struggled to get my mouth around one of her nipples. My poor chair was squeaking and creaking like it might collapse at any moment so I finally slowed her down enough to raise up and lift her up into my hands. She instinctively wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck as she bounced up and down my shaft where I stood. It was amazing, but somewhat awkward so after a minute or two I laid her down on my desk and put her legs over my shoulders. Then I tried to give as good as she, and I think it worked because she was moaning and screaming so loudly that I was afraid someone would run in any minute expecting to find a murder scene. Instead, if they had, they would have seen me climbing onto the desk and straddling Mindy’s chest as I titty fucked her and pumped my second load of the day all over her chin, cheeks, and neck. This orgasm was seemingly endless as I must have shot cum for thirty straight seconds. She kept jerking my cock with her hand as if she couldn’t believe it was over and then took me into her mouth again sucking hard.
    "Wait! Wait a minute Mindy! I have to have a little break. A man’s penis becomes overly sensitive for a while right after ejaculation. Give me just a second. " I said as I backed away.
    "I can’t wait. Your so hot and I’m so horny I can’t even think of anything else. It’s my ass now, right? Put it in my ass right now!" She demanded, as she squirmed underneath me while I was coming to my feet.

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    She flipped over onto her stomach and spread her ass cheeks with her hands as wide as she could. She looked back at me with a girlish look of want that was irresistible, and I couldn’t let her down. My cock felt spend and satisfied, but I still wanted more and knew I had at least one more in me. I had saved the best for last. I had only fucked a woman in the ass one other time and that was with my girlfriend in grad school when we were both so drunk we could barely remember even having sex. But I remembered that part, and drunk or not, I knew it was wonderful for me. Mindy’s asshole looked as tight as a vice. I spat a generous amount of saliva onto her cute little sphincter before rubbing it in with my finger and trying to penetrate the pucker. Man was she ever tight! I had to work just to get the tip of my index finger inside. She moaned and cringed just at that, but didn’t resist. It took some time, but with enough saliva I was able to slip two fingers in. That’s when I decided to go for it. I really wasn’t sure I would fit, but I had to try. My cock was as hard as a diamond as I positioned myself behind her and pulled my fingers out of her ass. Quickly, I stuck my cock to her hole and gave a push.


       She withdrew slightly as she felt the intense pressure and my cock didn’t find pay dirt. On the second attempt, my cock head popped inside forcefully and she gave out a scream. She tensed so hard that I thought she would surely squeeze me back out and the pressure on my cock was intense. To my pleasure, I was able to keep enough pressure to stay inside as I gave a mighty shove and pushed inside her another inch or two. She was squirming and moaning loudly, but said nothing to me about stopping so I gave another push and was able to fully enter her. This made her arch her back and raise all the way up to me as I put and arm around her neck and kissed her roughly around the ear and neck. Then I began my thrusts as I fucked this doll like an animal. I was pounding harder and harder as she was going out of control with very audible moans and screams of both pain and intense pleasure. I knew she would be hooked on anal sex immediately. I had never had a woman so aroused before in my life. I decided to cum inside her as my orgasm approached. I pumped load after load of cum inside her ass as she fucked back at me for more. Then I pulled out as she still squirmed and I saw my cum slowly ooze and then spill from her ass. I then fell back into a chair and tried to catch my breath as I watched her pump her fingers alternately into her ass and pussy. I was amazed as she began to rapidly rub her clit until her clear cum began to squirt from her pussy! She was a squirter all right, and that was a great ending to the best A I have ever given.

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    After that day, she came to me every so often for counseling advice and a nice romp in the hay. She was without a doubt the best fuck I have ever had. Next year she wants to take my advanced Western Civ class and we have already been talking about the requirements for an A. I just hope I can think of enough fantasies for her to fulfil those requirements.
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