Mini-Van Mayhem


Topic: The ride home.  We all packed into the van after a night at the skating rink. We were just about to pull away when taylor called ut for us to stop. We did. She tole us that her mom was out of town and that her dad had fallen asleep. So she basically had no way to get home. She said that she lived about 10 blocks away and tyler's mom said that it wouldn't  be a problemif we took her home. Everone got a seat. Except me and taylor. Tyler's mom told us to get into the very back of the van. She said it should be alright because she had some towels to lay ot so that it would be a bit more comfy.
 Me and Taylor had dated for a while. but it really hadn't worked out. We were still good friends, its just that the main reason that we had to part was because she was so EASY with other guys. So , we got into the van and started to take off. everyone was talking and having a good time up front.

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   But we weren't really talking to them much being as that they were all at least 2 yrs younger than bot of us. It was dark. and all we could see were each others faces. We all of a sudden hit a pot-hole nd she grabbed my hand. But after that she didn't let go. I knew tht she had something in mind. She slowly moved my hand down to her already wettened pussy. I rubbed it slowly but with force and she began to pant softly.
She had always told me that her life-long dream was  to 69 in a movin vehicle. And hell, i believed her. After about 30 sec she started rubbing my cock. I quikly began to swell and she giggled delightfully. She had given hand-jobs to guys before but i had a feeling that i was going to get a bit more. Being as I was only 13 and already had a considerablly thick 6 in. already.

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   after a bit she lay down and whispered to me, "you know wat to".
    She pulled off her skimpy little cheer shorts and slipped off her top revealing her  perfect tits. I sli[[ed down my shorts and climbed on top of her. Immediately she began to bob her head on top of my now throbbing erection. I started lapping at her shaved pussy and she began to buck and arch. IN a few minutes we both orgasmed simultaneusly. It was amazing. She swallowed every bit of cum that i pumped into her mouth and i did the same with her wonderful clit.
    She lay their for a bit panting softly. I put my shorts and shirt back on and she did the same. We pulled up to her house and we popped the back door of the mini van and she got out.   Just as she was walking to her door, i thought that i saw her tilt her head slighltly and give me a wink. Idk, but i know tht i can't wait for next friday. ;)

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