Mr Baker and Me. Part Three


I woke up in his arms. I was so warm and very happy. I lay in his arms until he woke up.  

" Morning," he said in a tired voice with his eyes half closed. I laughed and I poked his nose to wake him up in reply.  

"Did you sleep ok?," he asked after he stopped laughing.  

" Yeah was the best nights sleep I've had in a while!" we lay there for a solid ten minutes before I broke his hold on me and sat up.  " Do you want something to eat or drink?" 

" Umm… some orange juice would be nice. " I smiled at him and stood up. As I went to walk away he grabbed my hand and pulled be back. He pulled himself up and kissed me then lay back down again. I came back in with his drink and saw him lying down sleeping. I walked over to him set the glass down on the table and leaned into him and kissed his lips to wake him up. I didn't realize he was awake until he grabbed my hips and pulled me on top of him. We started laughing then I rested my head on his and looked into his eyes. I still could not get over how blue they were.

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   We kissed so passionately for about a minute then I rested my head on his chest. I could have lay like that all day.

We finally got up after 20 minutes and sat and watched some tv together.  

" What would you like to do today?" I heard him ask during a commerical.  

" I don't know. We can't go out because someone might see us. "

 " Yeah, that's true. " I moved away from him and said, " I could go to the shop and get some stuff so I can make a nice dinner and get some alcohol?"

 " Yeah that sounds good. We can spend the day getting to know each other. " He smiled at me and hugged me.  

" Right well, I better go get changed. "
 " Ok I'm just gonna make some toast, you want some?" 

"Eh…yeah please" I walked out and got changed into some jeans, a t-shirt and flip flops. I came to the kitchen and quickly ate the toast Jim had made.  

"Right I'm off. What would you like for dinner?" He walked towards me and held me in his arms.

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"I don't mind. I like surprises. " He smiled at me and gave me a quick kiss on the lips and I left.

I came home and called,"Jim I'm back. where are you?" 

"In here," I heard him calling from the living room. I went to the kitchen and put the shopping away and made my way to the living room. I walked in and saw the lights were turned dimmed, one of my favourite movies was on the TV waiting to be played and some chocolate and stawberries on the table, which I adore them both.  He must have walked down to our local shop.  

" Do you like it?" I heard behind me. I turned around and seen Jim standing in the doorway.  

"Yes I love it. How did you know I like all this stuff?" 

" When we used to talk for hours after school, you told me all your favourte things. " I smiled at him amd walked towards him and kissed him the most passionately I have ever kissed him. I broke our kiss with the words,

" I'm really warm I'm going to go get changed then we can watch the movie. " I gave him a quick kiss on the lips and went to get changed.

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I came back in wearing a pair of short shorts and a vest top. Jim was lying across the couch waiting to play the movie. I walked over to him and lay beside him. He wrapped his arms around me and played the movie. About half way through the movie a took a srawberry and put it by Jim's mouth.  

"Can I have a bit?" I smiled at him and he nodded. I pulled myself so my eyes were level with his and moved in to take the strawberry but he moved it further in his lips. We laughed and I moved in again and he didn't move it. I moved my lips to his lips and started to kiss him. I moved away with some of his strawberry. He laughed.  

" What are you laughing at?!" he moved his hand towards my mouth and used his thumb to wp away some strawberry. I laughed with him and then lay my head under his chin.  

The movie finshed about 4:30 so I decided to start dinner.

 " I guess I'll make dinner now.

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 "OK I'll help. " We got up and walked into the kitchen.  

"We're having spaghetti. Is that ok?" " Yeah, sounds good. " 

"We were nearly done when Jim came up behind me and put some sauce on my nose. I turned around and frowned at him in a joking manner.  

" Get it off Jim. " I jokingly demanded.  

" OK. " He walked towards me and kissed my nose taking the tomato sauce off.  

"Its nearly done now. Can you go set the table, please?" he left I finished the cooking and plated up.

I walked into the dining room with our dinner. Jim was sitting on the left side of the table. The lights had been turned off and he lit some candles.

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   I gasped. I was so surprised. I set the plates down and sat opposite him.  

" Did you plan this?" He smiled at me, which gave me my answer. He ate our dinner and drank some wine they went and lay together on the sofa and watched some TV. I interupted the TV, 

" Jim can I ask you something?" 

" Yeah. Go ahead," he replied.

" Do you think we will last long?" 

"Why do you say that?" I sat up and looked him in the eye.  

" Its because your my teacher and I've never heard of those relationships lasting. " 

" I want to be with you for as long as possible. " He smiled at me.  

" But there's a chance we will get caught and you'll go to jail. I don't that to happen. " 

" it's ok it won't. We just have to be quiet about it.

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" OK" I kissed him and lay back in his arms.  

We lay there until I looked at the clock and say it was 1:00am.  

" Its late. I'm going to go to sleep. " 

"Ok. Me too, I'm very tired. " 

"Well I'm sick of the sofa. " He smiled at me. I turned the TV off, stood up and walked upstairs with Jim following me.  

I decided to sleep in my own bed 'cause I knew my parents' bed will be too warm.  

"Nice room. " 


" I like that picture of you and your friend. Your so beautiful" He walked behind me and put his arms around me and put his on my shoulder. I held on to his arms, closed my eyes and enjoyed his hug.

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   A few minutes later and turn around and kissed him.  

" I better go brush my teeth and get ready for bed. " 

"Yeah me too. " I came out in my brothers old rugby jersey which went to my mid thighs and just some female boxers. I saw Jim had a t-shirt and some pyjama bottoms. I walked over to him and whispered; 
" You'll get too warm during the night. " I took his top off. It reveal the greatest body I have ever seen. He had muscle but not way too much. It showed he liked to keep fit but was not overly obsessed. And he had some hair, which I love cause I hate the look of a bare chest.  

"Thanks," he whispered as I threw his shirt on the chair. I looked at his chest and started to tub my hands along it. He was about 5ft 10" so I could rest my head against it. I gave him a quick kiss and went into the bed.

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   He slowly joined me.  

" I'm cold. " I turned around and lay beside him and rested my head on his chest.  

"Goodnight. Hope you sleep well. " I looked up at him and smiled.  

"Dont worry I think I will. " I smiled at him and kissed him on the lips. He slowly parted his lips and our tongues met. It was the best five minutes of my life. He broke the kiss and smiles at me. I rested my head on his chest again and closed my eyes. I felt him kiss the top of my head and whisper,

" Good night. " I remembered those words until I fell asleep, which was the best way I have ever fallen asleep.  

To Be Continued…

(By the way I should mention every part of this story is fictional)    .

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