My Best Friend\\\'s Brother


Topic: My Best Friend\'s Brother  It was friday night and I was going to see Juno with my best friend Marie and her older brother Chris. I\'ve had a crush on Chris for as long as I could remember but, I never thought anything would happen considering he was five years older than me and he had a girlfriend. Marie knew I had a thing for Chris and agreed to talk to him about hooking up. Before the movie we were just chilling out at Marie\'s house when Marie gave me a look that said she wanted me out of the room. I quickly announced that I had to go to the bathroom and left the room. Little did I know Marie was offering a little more than a makeout session from me.
  When we arrived at the movies Marie and Chris sat on either side of me in the back row. Five minutes went by. . . nothing, another five minutes . . . . nothing, Another five minutes. .

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  . . nothing. I was starting to think that it was over and nothing would happen when finally about twenty minutes into the movie Chris turned to me, smiled, and lightly pressed his lips to mine. I was soo happy it was finally happening! Then those light kisses turned harder and more passionate. He whispered into my ear " Damn Briana you\'re so fuckin hot I want you so bad right now baby. " and he grabbed my tits from under my bra and began to massage them. Then he whipped his cock out of his pants and told me to suck it. "C\'mon baby I promise you\'ll like it" "Sure" I said not wanting him to think I was unexperienced and got on my knees. I took the head into my mouth and sucked on it for a bit. Chris let out a soft groan which told me i must be doing something right I took more and more of his cock into my mouth until I felt the tip hit the back of my throat. Then Chris started thrusting back and forth in my mouth making me gag a bit each time. I felt Chris\'s balls swell a little and quickly took my mouth off his cock not wanting him to come yet.
I climbed on Chris\'s lap and we began making out again as he removed all my clothes. He began sucking on my tits one after the other and I moaned loud enough for Marie to notice.

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   Marie looked over at us and smiled as she saw Chris positioning his cock beneath my damp pussy. "Is this going to hurt really bad?" I asked Marie. "Don\'t worry hun It\'ll feel really good after a second or two. " she said and with that she clamped her mouth down on my tits. Chris took advantage of this distraction, grabbed my hips, and slammed me down on his cock. AGHHHH!!! I screamed in agony Marie was furiously sucking on my tits and the pleasure began to sink in. I started to slowly move up and down on Chris\'s cock. UN!! UN!!! AHHH!! OH FUCK THATS IT CHRIS!!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME!! AGGHHHHH!!!
  Marie was hard at work sucking on my tits while Chris was slapping and pinching my ass. My big titties bounced with every thrust and my whole body was engulfed in pleasure. I could feel Chris\\\'s balls tighten again and I knew he was going to come. OHHHH SHITTTT!!!!! he screamed as he filled me with his cum grabbing on to my bouncing tits.  OH FUCK!!! OH FUCKK!!! YES YES OMG CHRIS POUND MY TIGHT PUSSY WITH YOUR COCK!!! OOOOHHHH GOODDD YESSSSSSS! I screamed as my orgasm erupted.
    I sat slumped over on Chris\'s lap until I recovered enough to climb off of him and get redressed. By this time the movie was over and Marie and Chris drove me back to my house both giving me a long good night kiss. I climbed into bed nervously remembered that Chris and I had not used protection.

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       "Oh well" I said to myself. "All I can do is hope that I\'m not pregnant. " Nine months later I gave birth to a baby girl. Chris and I moved in together,we fuck like rabbits everyday and as soon as I turn 18 we will get married.
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