My Best Friend's Little Sister


(The events in this story are all made up. Non of these events are true, nor are the characters in this story)    My mother was singing along to the radio while driving me to Leanna's house. She was my closest female friend. Leanna invited me to come over for the day since it was just her, and her little 13 year old sister, Brittney.     I'm 16 years old. A virgin who has yet to do really anything with any girl. Leanna was my age too, and she always said she has done nothing with a guy. But you can tell she's done something, just the way she acts gives it away. But anyways.     My mom dropped me off at Leanna and Brittney's house, an old farm house. As much as it was old, it was still very nice. I watched as my mother drove away and I knocked on the door. The first knock and the door opened, Leanna must of been waiting for me, she gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, welcoming me in.     I looked around the house, her parents weren't home. I wasn't expecting them to be since she did say it was just her and her sister.     "Come upstairs!" Leanna grabbed my hand, making me follow her.

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   Last time I was in her bedroom she attempted to put make up on me. That was quite a day. I could only imagion what she was expecting to do to me next.     She opened the door to her bedroom and I stepped in first, she pushed me on her bed and laughed.     "Like what I did?" She said, I looked around right after, realizing she changed her bedroom around quite alot. I smiled and nodded,    "Yup, it's quite nice Leanna!" She smiled and walked into her closest, "I got a new bikini!" She was getting changed, I could hear her and some times see bare skin.
        "Oh? Is that why you wanted me to come over?" I asked her,"Not quite, I did want you to see this, but I just wanted to hang out with you for the day. Just seeing you at school isn't nearly enough. " I agreed with her on that one and she came out of the closest, my jaw dropped.     She was wearing a very very sexy bikini, pink, very small and quite tight. she was modeling it to me and she bent over and I got a very nice view of her nice sweet ass. I felt my dick get hard. She started feeling her breasts. She was about C cups, about there. My dick got harder and harder the more she modeled and felt herself.

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       She was teasing me, and getting alot of laughs out of it.     "Enjoying this?" She asked me. I nodded and I heard the door open.     It was Brittney. She smiled and waved at me and looked at her sister.     "What are you doing?" She asked Leanna, Leannah sighed and walked back in the closest. I was a little disappointed with the show ending so soon. Leanna came out, dressed how she was before and said she had to go to the washroom. She left and it was just me and Britney.     "So," Brittney sat down beside me on the bed, "how are you doing?" I looked at her, she was wearing a blue tank top and had her red and white pajama bottoms on. I could see her thong a little bit, this was what was keeping me hard. I covered my lap with a pillow. I gave it away pretty easily.     She smiled lightly and stood up, taking my hand, "Come with me!" I tilted my head, I was comfused, didn't know what she was doing, I just followed her and we were in the computer room. She was showing me her collections of songs.

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       She had everything, rap, punk, metal, classic rock. But thats besides the point. I sat down and she went to the computer room door and shut it, and locked it.     "Um. . what are you doing. . " I asked her, she just smiled and pulled her pajama bottoms down a bit.     "Having some fun. " she replied, letting her pajama bottoms fall to the ground. She was giggling. My eyes widen in shock, her purple thong was showing perfectly and my dick got as hard as it ever been before.     "I seen what my sister was doing and. . .

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       " That's all I cought before I just ignored her and stared at her bottom.
      I stood up and walked over to her. She looked up to me, comfused. I just tilted down and kissed her, forcing my tongue in her mouth. She tried to push me away but than just calmed down and let me, I took my belt off and unzipped my pants and took them off too, still french kissing her. She tried to say something but couldn't talk. I took my boxers off and let my dick free from it's cage. I slid my hand down her thong and rubbed her. She struggled a bit but I removed her thonge and pulled her to the computer chair and I sat down, and took her top off. She was biting down on her lower lip. I forced her to sit down on my lap, and I slid my dick in her young tight pussy, wraping my arms around her tightly as I sighed in pleasure of losing my virginity.        I lifted her up and down my hard cock, it felt so good, I took her top off and bra, she had D sized breasts. She was bigger than Leanna, shockingly. I started sucking on them. She was crying a little bit.

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         I just kept thrusting her down on my rod quickly and powerfully, I was about to explode and i heard her moan and tighten up. Was she cumming? But what ever she did made me brust my load inside her young pussy.     I pulled out of her as she stood up off me. She went turned and looked at me. I came to realize what I did. I knew I was in shit now.     "That. . was. . wonderful. . thank. . you.

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        . " She said, as she kissed me deeply. I was shocked, was she wanting me to do this?    We both got dressed and kissed each other again and I left the computer room, going back to Leanna's room and sat back down. Leanna came back from the washroom. Looking relaxed and everything I just smiled at her.     "What took ya" I asked.     She smiled and minutes later we were back downstairs watching a movie, Brittney came down and sat beside me and we were holding hands. Leanna never seen. She had no clue.     I returned home hours later and layed down on my bed. Thinking of that wonderful day.     I started coming over to their house alot more often. Me and Brittney never did anything sexual nor ever talked about it. It was like it never happened. We just hold hands and kiss every so often and Leanna STILL doesn't know anything about it.

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            I love my best friend's little sister. . . .