My Career Pt 5


My Career Pt 5
Wednesday is my regular day off and having slept in I had just showered and was getting ready to head to the golf course when Val rang. We hadn't talked much since the other Saturday night, I was still a bit ticked off at her not telling me the whole deal. It seemed Tracey had called her and asked if I could come to her office ASAP. Val asked me to dress in my navy blue suite and be ready for her to arrive. The BMW stopped outside and I climbed into the passenger seat and headed off to the city.
"Is this a social call or is it for sex?" I asked in an abrupt tone
"Don't give me any attitude. Just enjoy the ride and do what the client asks. " she spoke as she screeched the BMW through a tight turn onto the freeway.
I sat back for the ride into town wondering what the day was going to throw at me this time. We made good time and Val stopped in front of a tall office building. She reached into the back seat and gave me an attache case.
"It's one of Richard's and its empty. Go to level 21 and ask for Tracey. If anyone asks your there to help Tracey with her report. I'll be back around here in an hour and if your not here I'll wait in that cafe over there. " she pointed to a cafe across the street as I got out of the car.

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I had no sooner closed the dooor when she sped off, blending into the traffic, and dissappearing from site. I made my way the 21st level and as I exited the elevator a women at the reception desk asked if I needed assistance. I told her I was here to see Tracey and she picked up the phone and rang. She indicated that Tracey's assistant would be a minute and told me to have a seat.   A girl who looked about 18 came and escorted me to Tracey's office. Tracey was holding the door open and ushered me in while telling Anne that not to let anyone in and to buzz her 15 minutes before the meeting.
Tracey closed and locked the door while I stood in the middle of the room. She walked up to me and wrapping her arms around me pulled us together for a long passionate kiss.
"I need you to fuck me now" she whispered in my ear "fuck me before this meeting because I need to release the tension. "
She was pulling at my jacket, then my tie, while marching me backward across her office. My legs hit something and my knees folded as I dropped onto a sofa. Tracey was reaching under her skirt and pulled off the same blue panties from the other night.
"You were right about these panties. I wore a pair with a skirt that was slit almost to the waist. Lots of people commented about how long and how good my legs looked.

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   They even got the attention of the promotions manager which is why I have to give this presentation. " Tracey said all this while fumbling with my belt and trousers.
I took over undoing my trousers as Tracey undid her blouse and her bra showing me her small breasts. She grabbed my semi hard cock and began jerking it until it was stiff enough to feed into her mouth. She licked the head coating it in saliva. Her grip was tight and it felt as if she was trying to squeeze it off. Her head bobbed up and down as she slowly fed each inch down her throat. Tracey massaged my balls as I just sat there on the sofa. She continue to suck for several minutes then she stood on the sofa placing a leg on each side of me and lifting her skirt to show me her pussy. Tracey leant forward holding herself against the wall as she lowered her pussy to my face.
I shifted to a more comfortable position and gripping her hips stuck my tongue into her slit. Tracey moaned softly as I opened the folds of her pussy with my tongue, tasting the freshly flowing juices. I probed her deeply with my tongue before running it up to her clit and giving it a rapid flicking. This must have been an extremely sensitive spot because she grunted and groaned each time I returned with my tongue here.
Tracey began to kneel but I pushed her to one side and bent her over the arm of the sofa.

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   Standing behind her I had the perfect view of her arse, her cunt waiting for me. I gripped my cock and positioned it at her opening. Without any warning I thrust forward sinking my seven inch cock right in to the balls. Tracey muffled a scream that probably would have brought security if Anne had heard it outside. I pulled my cock right out and pushing forward again repeated the dose almost sending Tracey over the arm. Now I built up a rhythm pounding my cock into her, giving her arse a slap, forcing each thrust in as hard as I could. Tracey was biting hard on a cushion but had a hand between her legs rubbing her clit. We both neared our orgasms when Anne's voice issued from the intercom telling Tracey it was 15 minutes till the meeting. The sudden sound of another voice triggered the first spurt of cum from my cock. I kept on poundining away as I felt other shots of cum empty from my cock, finally I collapsed onto Tracey.
Tracey lay still for a minute then pushing her arse back dumped me off onto the sofa. She went to the ensuite near her desk and I noticed she walked with her legs together. I heard the sound of running water and when Tracey reappeared after a few minutes she was dressed and made up for her meeting. Crossing the office she picked up the blue panties from the floor and carefully put them on. She tossed me a damp handtowel and told me to clean up and look respectful.

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   By the time Anne knocked to say 5 minutes we looked like a couple of respectful business people.
Tracey came over and gave me a kiss telling me she felt very relaxed for her meeting. Picking up several folders from her desk she walked to the door and opened it. I was sure Anne jumped away before Tracey turned around but she just gave me a smile and a wink as she showed me out. Anne escorted me to the elevators and kept looking at me carefully. I tried to avoid eye contact and even looked at the walls of the elevator as the doors closed.
Val wasn't to be seen so I crossed to the cafe and ordered a sandwich and some ice water. Lunch and Val arrived at the same time. The thrill of sex in an office surrounded by any number of people who could have walked in and caught us cancelled out most of my anger towards Val. She ordered a cappuccino and we sat in silence till the waiter brought her drink and left.
"I wish you would tell me whats going to happen when I go out to meet these clients. " I finally said
"The not knowing is the best part. Some of my dates ended up with no sex at all, but as long as the client is happy, that's all that matters. They won't come back if their not happy with the service. Come on smile for me.

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  " Val kept on talking as I finished my lunch then she paid the bill and we headed for put all my energy into work on Thursday and Mr Tink told me on the way home that tomorrow was clear for the moment as both our usual Friday jobs were away on holidays.
"I'll ring in the morning if anything changes. " said Mr Tink as I climbed from his truck.
I was not surprised when the phone rang Friday morning. Mom answered the call and came to my room to say Mr Tink would be here around 10:00 AM as a job had come in for today and that she was leaving for work.
Mr Tink arrived right on time and asked did I know the O'Shea's, end of Ridge Road opposite the entrance to the golf club. I shook my head and realising we would bee near the golf club I rushed back in ang grabbed a change of clothes and threw them in a bag and dumped it in the back of the truck.
"I'll check out the job if you can drop the bag at the Pro shop and tell Ernie I'll be in for a game later. " I told him as we drove up Valley Way and turned right onto Ridge Road.
"What if you need me?" he asked
"If it's a two man job I'll wait out the front so you can see me when you drive out from the course, OK" I gave him the look that says I know what to do.
Mr Tink dropped me off and headed for the golf club, I walked to the front door and knocked and was I ever surprised when the door opened and Anne from Tracey's office was standing there.
"I knew it was you" she said as she grabbed my arm and pulled me through the door, kicking it closed behind us.
Before I could do anything she had pulled me down level with her and was kissing me wildly. Off in the distance I could hear Mr Tink's truck rattle by and as Anne continued to kiss me I thought this really isn't a two man job.
"Got somewhere else to go soon?" I joked as I covered her mouth with my own.

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   Her lips were full and pouty and my tongue could faintly taste what she had been eating before I arrived. My tongue, her tongue, they wrestled for control. I felt my cock rapidly growing hard. She moaned passionately, as my hands freely to explored her body.
She hugged me to her, pulling me close with a hand behind my neck. I slipped a hand to her arse and squeezed tightly, waiting for a comment, but she just kept kissing me. Being more daring as she continued to passionately kiss me I slid my hand between us and massaged her crotch through her shorts. She broke our kiss and again grabbing my arm pulled me up the stairs. I thought it would be her bedroom she took me too but she dragged me into the main bedroom and threw me on the unmade bed.
"Get you shorts off" she said as she reached behind her neck to undo the halter to she was wearing.
Leaning forward she gave me a complete tit shot. She had puffy nipples and the perfect little cone shape tits which would have fitted a Madonna type bra. When I asked her should we be doing this here she told me her Dad had fucked her step mother last night when they got home and again this morning before leaving for work so some extra cum stains won't be noticed.
When her shorts met mine on the floor along with the halter top she stood next to the bed in nothing but a deep purple thong, pulled up tight so as to seperate her pussy lips. Thinking that if it worked once it should work again I reached out and grabbed an arse cheek and told Anne how sexy her underwear was and how it made her legs look long and desireable.

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That did it, she jumped on top of me and began kissing me again. Anne was breathing heavily through her nose as she kissed me, while pushing herself off the bed as she dry humped her sweet young pussy through the material of her panties against my painfully hard cock.   When next she slid back she kept on going until her ripe little tits were wrapped around my cock. Anne folded her tits against my cock, leaning forward to lick the head as it bobbed between her breasts. She then took my cock into her mouth and I nearly shot my load from the sensation. I just lay back and enjoyed the attention has her head bobbed and her tongue swirled around my cock.
Soon my cock was slick with her saliva and looking up at me she whispered "Do me from behind. "
She positioned herself on all fours as I crawled up on the bed behind her and positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I pulled aside the fine material that covered her cunt and slipped my cock head between her folds. We both let out a low moan as I slid inside her steamy mound. My hips meshed with her ass cheeks as I tried to push even more cock inside her. She gave a small sob and I was about to stop when she pushed back against me. I could not believe the difference between her cunt, which was a tight little fuck, and the more experienced Val who I thought gripped my cock well. . I began fucking her slowly, feeling ever little inch of her hot pussy.

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   She was very horny and very loud. I liked that.
Anne began oohing and arghing in time with my strokes as well as mumbling things to herself. I told her to let it all out.
"This is so good, I love this so much," I whispered above her.
"Please don't stop," she panted. The sound of our lovemaking filled the room room. The bed squeaked as I slapped against Anne's well rounded ass. The sounds of sex filled my ears and the aroma of Anne's pussy wafted to my nose. It was a very X-rated Kodak moment. All our efforts were building to a peak, Anne was becoming intense. My cock was rock hard and balls were set to explode. I bit my lip and tried to hold off my impending orgasm. But it was no use, Anne was just too hot and too tight. I slapped her ass as my cock began exploding into the recesses of her moist cunt.

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   She clenched her pussy around my cock. I could feel it gripping like a hand as she tried to drain every last drop from my cock.
"You must have been this good for Tracey. " she said as she winked and crawled back next to me.
"She got a nice bonus for the presentation and landing the new client. I hope you got a share or were you paid by the hour?" her laugh was infectious and this was the first time I can remember being so relaxed after sex.
As we lay there she told me about how she had recognised me at the office as the guy who had won the under 18 golf title at the club last year and how I could not be a twenty year old business man. Again she laughed and slapped the bed I just lay there and grinned. She then told me about her father who was mid 40's and her step mother who was 23.
"They fuck, All the time. I think she's trying to kill him with sex. " said Anne
We just lay on the bed talking for an hour when Anne asked did I won't a shower. "With you, certainly. "
Picking up our clothes we headed for the bath room. The hot water from the shower was stinging against my body but felt good and the site of a fully naked Anne was bringing my cock back from the dead.

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   Anne asked me to soap her back and coating my hands I at first rubbed her shoulders, then her back, worked my way to her arse, paying attention to the crack, then in one motion I swept my arms around her body and covered her erect nipples with my soapy hands. Anne just melted against my body letting the water and my hands cover every inch of her body.
My hand snaked across her flat belly until it met the tufts of her pubic hair. I let my slippery finger explore deeper as we swayed together under the shower. I found her clit and gently flicked it with my finger causing her to moan. Her own hands reached around to my arse and she pulled us tightly together my cock slipping up the crack in her butt to be enveloped ny the fleshy globes of her backside. I continued to work her clit increasing the tempo of my finger action.
Anne turned off the water and moved around to face me. Putting a hand on each shoulder she pushed me gently to my knees. "Damn, your beautiful," I said, looking at her sparsely haired pussy. I ran my hand over it, gently brushing away the soap bubbles. I couldn't believe the object laying before me, it was  sweet, moist and inviting. I placed my fingers on her delicate pussy lips, touching, enjoying and stimulating her sweet young body.
She reacted immediately I realized that she was more than ready. With a broad smile I leaned in and licked her pussy.


"Oh. . . fuck yeh," she said, shivering but not from the water. "Oh yes," she said again. Anne spread her legs wider as she closed her eyes, concentrating on the feeling of my tongue. She felt my long, agile tongue flicking through the folds of her moist pussy. Her body shuddered and jerked as I worked my tongue into every fold and hole. Her breathing was halting and erratic but she kept her hands on my head holding me in position. I could feel her stomach muscles clench as my soapy finger slid into her butt hole while I nibbled her clit.
The shower had a ledge built into it and Anne pushed me away as she plopped her butt onto it, "Fuck me again,"she mouthed breathlessly "fuck me long and slow, now. "
I moved in and my cock slid in all the way without any effort. I pulled back and repeated the stroke. Anne was leaning forward to bite my chest and I found the sensation arousing. I worked my cock in and out slowly letting Anne feel its full length.

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   I ground my hips against hers stimulating her clit, my hands went to her breasts and I rolled her nipples through my fingers, tugging them to puffy fullness. This was the most romantic fuck I had ever had I didn't want to stop. One again though the pressure was building in my balls and crushing Anne against the shower wall I felt the first pulse in my cock as my cum escaped my balls to shoot deep into her vagina. Several more spurts and I was done. Anne sat, eyes closed, and breathed deeply.
"That was sensational. When do you think we can do it again?" she asked grabbing a towel and skipping from the bath room. I picked up my clothes and followed her to her room and was about to say maybe an hour when her step mother arrived home and called out for her. Dressing quickly she hustled me down the back stairs and told me to look at the yard and work out something to tell her when she comes out.
Anne, still wrapped in the towel, raced back up stairs and called out that she was just getting out of the shower. I took my pad from my pocket and was quickly taking notes when Anne and her step mother, Chelsea, stepped onto the verandah and called to me. From my position on the lawn I had a clear view up Chelsea's skirt to her white panties that dissappeared between her legs. Anne was still wrapped in the towel and had put nothing on and was trying to distract me with glimpses of her freshly fucked pussy.   Chelsea asked about Mr Tink and I told her I was his partner and that while he did most of the small jobs I handled the more challenging stuff. She gave me a nod and a smile and turned and went back into the house.

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   Anne looked at me and said " she wants you. " then laughed and followed Chelsea inside.
This was looking more and more like a one man job.

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