My Career Pt 6


My Career Pt 6
The next few months flew by. Tracey called me out about twice a month and not always for sex. Once we went to a red carpet movie premier and another for a TV show being shot in town. The sex was great including doing it in the back of a stretch limo as we cruised around town. Anne and I were also getting it on regularly, one time we about to do it in her fathers bed again when Chelsea arrived home, we hid in the wardrobe and watched as she was fucked by Tony from the tennis centre. I still saw Val when she came to give me details of when to meet Tracey or to drop off a payment but I had stopped having sex with her as she was getting into some weird shit.
The last time with Val she dressed us in matching lingerie. Black stockings, supenders, crotchless panties and satin tops and had me fuck her on the pool table. To get me excited she did a dance with the pool cue which included her using it to fuck herself like it was a giant dildo. While I was fucking her from behind she kept telling me slap her arse and treat her roughly. When I was about to shoot my load she took my cock and sprayed my cum all over her tits and face. She kept on jerking it even as it went soft asking me what I needed her to do to get hard as she wanted more cock and wanted it now. She left me for a moment and returned with a large cucumber and then lay on the floor and slid it into her cunt stretching it to twice the size that my cock would have.
By Christmas my sex life had sort of drifted away. Tracey thanked me for one last time and told me she was moving on to see new people as her contacts were beginning to think we were a steady couple and so were leaving her out of single's functions and she was missing too many business chances. Anne told me she had finally got a chance to try her luck on the ladies pro golf tour but that meant being away from home for weeks at a time.

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   I had an idea that it was Chelsea who arranged it to get Anne away from the house. Finally Mom told me that Richard had gotten a promotion at his work and he and Val were moving to be closer to the head office.
So here's a summary of my sex life, loses virginity just before 16th birthday, by mid year I was fucking three different women of three different ages and then by 17th birthday I'm sitting at home looking at porn magazines.
Now that Val had moved on I had no contact with the mysterious women who had taken over running the SLUTS. I nearly went to see Bev to find out if she could hook me up but decided that a 17 year old guy ringing up about sex may not be the best approach. Because I had everything laid on at home for free all the money from Tracey and Mr Tink went into a locked box under my bed. I spent money on CD's and video's and stuff but was shocked one day when I spread it out and counted it. Over a year with Mr Tink and several payments from Tracey totalled over 15 grand and thats at early nineties prices.
I spent the next year working with Mr Tink. I used some of my savings to by a car so now I could catch up with some old school friends and generally doing what 17 year olds do. Anne came home for a break from golf and we had several frantic sex sessions. I went out with a few girls my age but they really only hung out with me because I had a car, I had money and wasn't at school. They were always wanting me to spend money on them but no sex in return. Well as another year rolled around and my 18th birthday approached I didn't realise my sex stocks were again about to rise.
It all began at my Mom's 36th birthday party.

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   My mom, June, had invited about twenty of the women from her office to celebrate her birthday as well as the closing of a big sale. My Mom works for a property development firm along with her younger sister Mai, aged 33. My friend J and I were working as waiters. Well some of these women were getting a little frisky and several times as I bent over to serve drinks or sandwiches I felt a hand rub my butt or run up my leg under my shorts. J even told me one women, Mrs West, had given his cock a squeeze as he serverd her a drink. I approached Mom as she talked with her sister about getting some more ice and drinks. I mentioned that a red convertible was blocking the drive so I could not leave.
"Oh that's mine" said Mai "I'll let you drive it if you can drop me at home so I can change clothes. "
When we got in the car I told Mai about the grabby women inside.
"What's up, wouldn’t you like a quickie?" she said.
"Sure, if this was a normal party I would have snuck off but working as a waiter I'll be missed pretty soon. " I replied.
I drove to her place which was only minutes from our house. As we went in she headed for the bathroom calling out for me to do her a favour.
"Go into my bedroom and in the top drawer you'll find a small blue box with my contact lenses.

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   Can you get it? Thanks. "
She closed the door and I headed for the bedroom. First problem was there were three sets of drawers around the room. I went to the one on the right of the bed and looking in found only some tissues and a paperback novel. Next drawer on the left had some scarves and underneath I found a slim pink vibrator and a large black dildo and my cock began to twitch as I thought of my aunt tied to the bed by the scarves or fucking herself with the dildo. I then went to the last set of drawers and this contained her underwear. I pulled out a pair of white satin briefs that had a full lace panel in the front and I imagined seeing her pussy hair through the lace. I never heard my aunt enter the room until she wrapped one arm around my chest and the other began to grope my cock.
"So are these a turn on for you or are you getting hard thinking about the women back at the party?" whispered my aunt into my ear.
She continued to squeeze my cock as she told me that she was getting hot thinking about some young stud fucking her right here right now. She pulled my shorts down and my cock sprang loose. Seven inches of teenage meat ready to be heated. Mai kept her hold on me as we walked backwards to her bed. She climbed onto the bed, face down and butt up, kneeling right on the edge.
"Quickly now I need a fuck and I want it hard.

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  " she said.
I dropped to the floor behind her and began to lick her cunt. I could feel her heat and taste her juice as she shouted into her pillow.
"Don’t worry about cunt munching stick that big cock in me now. "
I willingly obliged gripping my cock and placing the head in her slit moving it up and down to coat it with her juice.
"Now, now, now " she yelled so I plunged it in in one quick thrust. Mai almost jumped off the bed with that first thrust but then she began pushing back to meet each thrust as I nearly withdrew my cock before plunging back in. I could feel my balls slapping against her and see her ass move to meet me.
"Oh, yes. Yeah, Barry, push it all the way in there!" She exclaimed, as her hands slapped the bed. I pushed and with little effort, I had her fully impaled on my erect cock. She was loving it. "Yes!" She squealed, as I pumped myself into her, frantically. She yelled at me to go harder and this only served to excite me more, as I pounded into her with all of my might.
"Faster, harder , faster" she said "fill me up I want to feel your cum in my cunt.


  " Mai had her hand under her rubbing her clit and her breathing was very rapid
"Yes. . . yes, now. . . give it to me" I had increased the tempo and was nearly pushing her off the bed with each trust. Mai was screaming for me to keep fucking her. The sound of our bodies slapping together cracked like a whip around her room I could not hold back any longer and let out a primal scream as I pumped her pussy full of cum. I could feel shot after shot of cum exploding from my cock as Mai also screamed in climax. I rolled to one side and flopped on my back onto the bed, Mai crawled around and began to suck my cock getting every last drop out of it and licking it clean then she took the lace panties I still had in my hand and pulled them up tight even pushing the crotch up her cunt to soak up my cum. She slipped a finger in and it came out cum coated and then she dabbed it behind her ear like perfume.
"This will really drive those women crazy as they smell the scent of fresh sex" she laughed. "Come on lover get your gear on so we can get back to the party. " It was when she said "lover" that I realised I had just fucked my aunt and she was not the slightest bit concerned.

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Mai dressed and we left her place, got the ice and drinks and were back at my house and had only been gone 30 minutes. Mai got straight out of the car and headed insided without even looking at me or saying a word. I grabbed the ice and drinks and went to find J. The kitchen was empty so I grabbed a tray of sandwiches and began circulating the room.
Mai was talking to a group of women who were all smiling and laughing. I went out on the verandah and saw Mom but no J so I asked her if she knew were he was.
"Putting out some trash I think" she replied.
After about 20 minutes I returned to the kitchen and there was J leaning on the bench. "Man you will never believe this" he said "I went to serve Mrs West with the sandwich tray and when I leaned over to show her the tray she reached under the tray and began running her fingers along my cock. Then she asked were there any special snacks in the kitchen?" I pulled away and then your Mom asked me to take some of the rubbish out to keep the kitchen clean.
I went out through the laundry and when I came back Mrs West was waiting in there for me. She grabbed my cock through my shorts and began to breath really heavy, stroking it and pulling me towards her. Then she dropped to her knees and pulled down my shorts, my cock jumped up and she just swallowed it like an ice cream. Man, she was sucking my teeth out through my cock and she pumped it and pulled it but she never made a sound and in no time I shot load after load down her throat, I just lost control. She swallowed the lot, then stood up and asked for my phone number.

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   I just stood there as she turned and walked away like it happens every day.
I decided not to tell J about Mai for now so we loaded up with drinks and munchies and started doing the rounds again. A few hours later and it was getting late and people were starting to leave when a very attractive blonde asked if I'd seen a black purse. She said she put it in one of the rooms along with the coats and stuff but now couldn't find it. We went up stairs to the spare bedroom were I had put all the coats and bags earlier. I walked in and the blonde, Sally, came behind me as I dropped to the floor to see if the bag was under the bed I heard the door lock click.
"So was it you or your black friend who fucked Mai ?' she asked "I could smell it all over her, fresh sex. " She came toward me peeling off her dress and revealing a matching bra and briefs in a sheer black fabric. "My husband has been away for two weeks and I need a cock now. " She grabbed my head and pushed it into her breasts so I began to kiss and lick them. She moaned "Oh yes this is what I need. "
She then forced me on to the bed and climbed on top placing her pussy over my face "Eat it and eat it good" she growled and I kissed and licked her pussy while she reached around to grab my cock. I pulled her panties to one side and slipped a finger up her cunt this drove wild as her hips bucked up and down on my hand. She pulled my cock from my shorts and began to suck deeply humming around the head. After a few minutes of this she rolled on her back and ordered me to fuck her.

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   I reached for her briefs but she just held them aside and said "Get on with it" so I positioned my cock at the entrance to her cunt and in one push rammed my 7 inches all the way in. She arched her back way off the bed and began grinding her hips as I pounded my cock into her. Harder and faster I pushed thinking she wants it quick so lets make it quick. She was gasping for breath but telling me to keep going when suddenly she went stiff as she felt my first spurt erupt into her pussy.
She grabbed my butt and pulled me tighter onto her and then her whole body shuddered as a serious orgasm passed through her. Her breathing slowed as her body regained control over itself. She rolled aside and said "You might replace my husband next time he's out of town. " Sally rose from the bed pulled on her dress and left. What is it with women I fuck lately they all just seem to go when they're finished.
On the way downstairs I grabbed some rubbish so it looked like I'd been cleaning. I entered the lounge and only Mom , Mai and J were left "Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves we may have to have more parties don't you think ?" said Mom. Mai and J just looked blankly as if nothing had happened at all. following Wednesday Mom came home all excited from work, it seemed she had impressed someone with the sale and / or the party, because she had been given an interstate trip to inspect some new properties. She was flying out next Monday morning and would be gone for the week. I kept telling her I could take care of myself and that most days I'd be working with Mr Tink.

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   She seemed satisfied with that answer.
As it turned out the weather changed on Friday and it rained all weekend with the forcast of more rain for the rest of the week.
    Mr Tink rang me late Sunday and told me he had cancelled all our jobs for next week due to the wet conditions.
    Come Monday morning and I just stayed in bed and kept out of Moms way as she got ready to leave. I heard the phone ring and assumed it was the taxi company calling to say the cab was on its way. Mom was dressed in a matching blazer and skirt when she came in to kiss me goodbye. Turning away from me she nearly tripped over a towel I had left on the floor. She bent from the waist to pick up the towel and I got a good look at her arse as the material stretched tight across it. I could even see the line of her panties. Her stocking clad legs looked long and sexy as they disappeared under the skirt. A sudden memory of the time Val and I had listened in to Mom and Richard having sex caused my cock to twitch and swell. I rolled onto my stomach to hide my erection from Mom but a sudden knock at the front door took her away without turning around.
    I heard voices downstairs, then the front door closed, so I lay on my back thinking of how to spend my day. My hand strayed to my semi hard cock and began to stroke it. My mind was miles away and the stroking of my cock was so soothing I never noticed Mai standing in the doorway, wearing a towelling robe, and watching me with a smile on her face.

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    "I hope you're warming that for me?" Mai asked from the door way.
    "Mom just left" was all I could stammer.
    "I know. I passed her on the way out. She told me I could use the shower as the hot water has gone off at my place. "
    "Bathroom's the next door along. " I told her
    "Well you have to get dirty before you can get clean. " Mai dropped her robe to reveal her naked body and walked to the bed and slid under the covers next to me.
    She lay with her back to me and I spooned into her, my left arm passing under the pillows to pull her to me, my right hand reached for her breast and I rolled her stiffing nipple with my fingers. At the same time I kissed her neck. She ground her arse against my cock, that had found its way comfortably to her butt crack. Mai was gently moaning as I nibbled her ear but then she rolled over and pulled my face to hers and smothered me with passionate kisses. I rolled on top of her and with my knee between her legs began dry humping her. I kissed her face, her neck and ears. I pushed my tongue deep into her mouth and her response was the same.


       My hand snaked between us as I began to finger her clit. She was slick and I could feel the heat as my finger slipped into her cunt. I followed it with a second and began to forcibly finger fuck her.
    Mai told me to turn around but not to stop so positioning my cock above her head I dropped my face to her pussy and licked and bit her lips. Meanwhile Mai had taken my cock into her mouth and was feeding its length down her throat. I concentrated on her pussy trying to block out the sensations eminating from my cock. I took one slick finger from her cunt and stuck it up her arse hole, from Mai's reaction I was afraid she may have bitten the head off my cock.
    I could feel the pressure building in my balls so I turned around and again laying on top of Mai I guided my cock to her slippery cunt and slid the head in. Mai gave a little wimper but then told me not to stop so raising my arse up I dropped my full weight on to her and my cock disappeared in one swift movement. Mai made a growling noise in the back of her throat as I pulled back and the next time I pushed in she gave a louder scream of pleasure.
    Mai is only 5-5 while I'm about 6-1 so each time I pumped my cock into her I was pushing her higher and higher up the bed until our heads hit the wall. I kept up a steady motion but we were both laughing at hitting the wall that I fired off my load of cum without realizing it As my cock spasmed again to deliver another spurt I gripped Mai tightly by the shoulders and pushed my cock as far up her as I could go.
    We both lay breathing heavy and sweating buckets when Mai pushed me off and headed for the shower. I lay in bed until I heard the water running and then went and joined Mai, at first she didn't want me in as she said she had to get ready for work. I jumped in anyway, grabbed the soap and gave my slippery cock a good soaping.

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       Then I rinsed off, took a towel, and headed back to my room. I wiped myself down and dropping back on the bed flicked the towel onto the floor.
    I heard the water stop and then the hair dryer going and a few minutes later Mai walked in carrying a small overnight bag and a suit carrier. She had done her make up and hair in the bathroom and sitting naked on my bed rummaged through the overnight bag. She pulled out panties, bra, pantyhose and shoes. Mai pulled the panties up tight and I liked the way they showed the curve of her arse. She sat back down and slid one leg then the other into the pantyhose before staning up to straighten them out. I couldn't help myself and reached over and ran my hand over her nylon covered butt. She gave me a look that said "stop it" as she reached for her bra.
    Taking the suit carrier from the door Mai dressed in a crisp white blouse, that carefully allowed the bra to show through, then a pinstriped skirt with a nice high slit in the back. She slipped on some high heeled shoes and finished it off with a matching blazer. As Mai went to leave the room she almost tripped over the towel I had left on the floor just like Mom. Mai then did the same thing, bending at the waist to pick up the towel I had a good view of her arse just like I had with Mom.
    Mai took the towel back to the bathroom and returned with her make up bag and as she packed everything into her overnight bag she asked me why I wasn't getting ready for work as well. I explained how Mr Tink had cancelled all our jobs for the week due to bad weather so I would be home alone for the next seven days.

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       Stopping as she went to pick up the bags Mai then asked if I could do something for her this week. Telling her I'd be happy to help she then told me she would be back tonight about 6:30 and would bring dinner and explain exerything once she had checked a few details.
    I tossed aside the sheet to show her my naked body and stiffening erection and told her we'd be waiting.

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