My Daughters Best Friend, (The Conclusion)


They were so innocent looking and totally captivating, intertwined together on my couch. They softly touched each other with tender caresses. They both smiled and looked so at peace. They were totally safe and felt at home. I walked up behind Robin and gently kissed her on the side of her neck, then leaned down and kissed Carrie on her soft lips. I walked around the sectional and planted myself next to Robin and leaned my head against her shoulder. I put an arm around Carrie’s waist and started watching television with the girls. I could have stayed like that forever. They smelled so wonderful; they were driving me crazy. Then it hit me, they both had Kathy’s scent. They were wearing her perfume. On closer observation, they were wearing her panties too. I love Kathy’s panties. They cover enough to keep things exciting but highlight the magnificent curves of her body. They are skimpy, silky and incredibly sexy. We lay there, watching television for a while.

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   Nobody was in a great hurry to move. There were a few kisses exchanged, but nothing major. I think we were all trying to figure out what happens next. This was a big thing for the three of us and nobody felt like getting caught. “Why don’t we get a bite to eat down by the pier,” I suggested. They looked at each other and nodded in agreement. We all got up to get dressed. I was putting on my shirt when they walked in to my room with clothes on hangers. They undressed and powered their breasts just like Kathy does, then slid into their dresses and zipped each other up, sprayed a dab of Kathy’s perfume on each other and said they were ready to go. I stepped between the two lovely Lolita’s and slipped an arm around each waist. I pulled them to me and we all exchanged kisses. I decided to take the sedan and opened the door for them to get in. Carrie slid in the middle and Robin next to her. I closed the door and went to my side of the car. Robin turned the channel on the radio and we settled in for our ride to the beach.


  It was about a twenty-minute ride and the girls sang along with the songs that were playing. I was watching the hemline ride up Carrie’s leg almost to her panties. I rested my hand on her thigh and ran my hand back and forth. When we got close to the beach, I pulled her hemline back down toward her knee. Big SUV drivers looking at her short hemline in my car just wouldn’t be a great idea right now. We arrived at the pier just before sunset and a band was ready to start playing. We got a table outside near the dance floor and started ordering. Dinner was fun and the girls acted like typical teenagers. They laughed, ate French fries and danced to the calypso music. They were so playful and having a ball: everyone was watching them. I danced with them and they danced together, they even danced with members of the band and a waitress. It was a new moon, very dark and was getting late. We decided to take a walk along the shore. We all held hands and walked for a while not saying anything at all. When we got to the South End near the rocks, Carrie squeezed my hand to get my attention.

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   I looked at her and smiled. She looked over at Robin and then at me. She leaned in and kissed me. “You know, I would never tell,” she said. “I love being with you. ”“Me too Daddy,” remarked Robin as she kissed me softly on the lips. “We want it to be like this. ”I hugged the two of them. “I wouldn’t change anything for the world,” I told them. “I love you both very much,” I said. We made our way back down to the pier. We held hands and sat under the pier listening to an acoustic guitar. I kissed Robin and Carrie in the darkness under the pier. “Take off your panties,” I whispered to Carrie. She handed them to me and I slid them in my pocket.

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   She stood in front of me so my cock rested against the crack of her ass. She moved her slim hips to the sound of the music up against my thumping hard cock. Robin looked over and drew in a quick breath. I lowered my fly and pulled out my cock. Carrie moved closer and I lifted the back of her dress so I could touch flesh. Robin watched as I friction-fucked her friend. My finger flicked her clit and toyed with her damp pussy. She started panting and I slid my head inside. We moved with the music, her and I. I was deep inside her tight little pussy in a public place. I must be loosing my mind. The music swayed, and so did our fucking. The drums started playing faster and I used the rhythm as a pace car. She ground her slim ass into my pelvis and I was buried as deep as I could go. We slow-fucked in our dirty dance while Robin watched.


   Her panties were soaked and what she saw, excited her. Her nipples poked through the thin fabric of her dress. Carrie moaned a couple of times and put her hand over her mouth. She drew a deep breath and her whole body shook. She clamped down on my cock and I shot a load deep inside her hot, wet little pussy. I bit her on the neck and a little yelp came out. I leaned over and kissed Robin as I slid my cock out and slid it back in my pants. I handed Carrie her panties and she slid them between her legs, kissed me and walked to the ladies room. Robin was alone with me. “Daddy, I am okay with all of this,” she said in a serious tone. “I gave this a lot of thought. ”I was speechless. We all went back to the parking lot. Again, I opened the door and let them in. Robin sat in the middle this time.

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   It was their way of sharing, I guess. I ran my hand up and down Robin’s thigh on the way home. When we pulled in the driveway, Robin looked at me and said, “I love you Daddy,” and kissed me on the cheek. I walked in to my room and the girls followed me. I undressed, slid under the covers and looked at the girls. They followed suit and soon we were snuggled up. Eventually, we all started kissing and I reached between Robin’s legs. I ran my fingers through her silky pubes, and then slid my finger in and out of her tight little hole. I brought my fingers up to Carrie’s lips for a taste. Carrie smiled as she licked my fingers; her eyes grew wide at the prospect of licking Robin’s pussy. Robin and I started kissing. Our tongues danced a naughty tango. Carrie coiled her tongue and began probing Robin’s pussy. Robin jumped with excitement while I held her. We kissed as she moaned with pleasure while Carrie licked her pussy.

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   Her nipples were hard and I took one between my teeth. I sucked on her nipples and kissed her. Robin let out a gentle sigh now and then and really enjoyed her friend’s tongue lashing.
    My cock was so hard watching Carrie lick Robin’s pussy. Robin surrendered to her friend’s touch. Carrie sucked on Robin’s pussy and flicked at her clit. As she buried her face deeper in Robin’s pussy, her ass raised in the air. Pre-cum was oozing off the head of my cock as I watched these two girls. They were so natural, and loving, moaning with pleasure. Robin started moaning louder and Carrie was relentless. She lashed at Robin’s pussy, driving her over the edge. Robin let out a long squeal of delight and her entire body convulsed. Carrie withdrew from between her legs and her face was wet with glistening nectar. The two kissed each other and then kissed me. Robin was ready for cock and she rolled on top of me.

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       She straddled over my waist and rocked back and forth sliding up and down my shaft. Back and forth she rocked, teasing the hell out of my excited erection. Carrie watched as Robin took my cock in her hand and glided it to her fuck hole. As my cock slid inside, Carrie kissed her and the two looked at each other. I told Carrie to straddle my face so I could taste her. The girls faced each other and kissed. Robin was riding up and down my cock while my tongue was probing Carrie. They rose and fell in unison and we all started moaning. “Ohhh, fuck me Daddy,” Robin moaned. “Ohhh, fuck her Daddy,” Carrie echoed. Robin’s pussy was on fire and she rose and fell to meet my thrusts. My tongue darted in and out of Carrie’s pussy and ass. The two kissed and touched each other’s breasts. I started thrusting harder and wanting to be deeper in my daughter. I grabbed her hips and ground my pelvis against hers.

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       “Ohhh, fuck me Daddy,” Robin cried. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m ohhh. ” And she shivered as her friend caressed her young body. I was a man possessed, pounding her pussy with every thrust. “Ohhh, fuck me more, more, ohhh,” she cried. Carrie was moaning as well, her pussy was dripping wet and she rocked back and forth across my face. She squealed with delight and flooded me with her hot pussy juice. One, two, three more thrusts and I erupted inside my baby girl. My hot sticky load pumped deep in her pussy and she let out a scream. Carrie kissed her and the three of us collapsed in a heap of sweat, sex and bodies. Nobody made a sound for a few minutes other than panting and deep breaths. Carrie said that she had to pee and went to the bathroom. Robin gently kissed me and held me tight. “I love you Daddy,” she said. I kissed her back and she nuzzled up next to me.

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       Carrie lay down on the other side of me and we all fell asleep. That night, I had more wonderful dreams involving these two beautiful young ladies and Kathy. In the morning, we all woke up, changed the bedding and went out to breakfast. Carrie rode out to the airport with us to pick up Kathy. She looked awesome standing at the terminal. She wore a dress similar to the low cut red one that her daughter picked out two nights earlier. She sat next to me in the front and her hemline rode up her leg. The girls were in the back seat and my hand was on Kathy’s thigh. She looked at me and smiled. When we got home, the girls went in the pool and Kathy and I were alone in our room. I kissed her and unzipped her dress. It fell to the floor and she stepped out. I unhooked her bra and slid her panties down. I smiled at Kathy and kissed her tenderly. She kissed me back and said, “Fuck me Daddy.


      ” Then she let out a wicked little laugh as started to make love. The End.

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