My Dream Girl


She understands what I want, and I know she wants the same thing. She rises and slides upward along my chest, until she is straddling my head, and her cunt is above my mouth. Her forearms brace her against the wall. I look up and see the soft protuberance of her belly and the pale orbs of her breasts. She leans her head down toward me and her smile invites me to commence. The aroma of her cunt makes me taste her, lick and suck greedily at the source of her dew. I shove my tongue deep into her pussy and then drag it upwards to suck and lick her clitoris. My hands reach up her body and caress her breasts. Her head is bowed forward, and her eyes are closed, enjoying my wanton tongue fucking. Now panting heavily, she begins to rotate her pelvis, sliding it back and forth to meet my lapping tongue. Faster and faster she gyrates until a low moan begins, growing louder. "Oh my God, oh, ohh, ohhh, ohhhhh yes! Oh yes!" she groans and sags down onto me. I feel her cum spreading across my face. Reviving, she slides her hips down my chest and stomach, leaving a wet streak. She backs against my erect cock; without a pause, she lifts herself up and pushes the head between her drenched pussy lips. Slowly, my cock enters her vagina and slides deep into her belly.

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   The feeling is indescribable. My cock is completely engulfed in the warm, wet sleeve of her pussy. She lifts her hips up and down, wiggling her pelvis, while I watch her breasts bounce in harmony with her motion. I approach my own climax in the erotic dream. My hips thrust upward to match her strokes. I am becoming immensely excited. I feel the first spasm of pleasure. . . I am awake with my cock in both hands, and sticky cum is splattered on my thighs and stomach. The bed is rumpled and damp, and I am dazed and weak. Slowly, my heart settles down, and I get out of bed to clean myself up. Looking out my rear window, I see a dim light in the house behind mine, the house where she lives. I know the interior of that house, and I know the light must be in their bathroom. As I stare at the darkened window of her room, I perceive a movement.

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   A pale face coalesces from the darkness and presses close to the window. I lean forward to see better and then realize that she can probably see me now. She does. Her hand lifts and moves, a wave perhaps. I raise my own hand and imitate her movement. I am standing nude in front of my window, but the lower half of my body is concealed from her view. Maybe she realizes I have nothing on. Her hands move across her chest, and then her nightgown hangs open. She pulls it back to reveal her naked breasts. I kiss the palm of my hand and press it toward her through the open window, and she does the same. I pull on some shorts from my bureau and climb out my window onto the flagstone patio. Walking quietly around the swimming pool fence, I work my way through a gap in the low shrubs and creep quietly to her window. I am happy to find it open. She is standing in the shadow, waiting for me. "I woke up," she says.

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   "I had a dream about. . . I can't really remember, but you were in it, so I looked out my window. There you were, looking at me. " "I had a dream too," I replied. "You were in my dream, but I woke up and noticed the night light; then I saw you. " We stand there silently, gazing into each other's eyes. She is young, clearly less than my seventeen years. I notice that her nightgown still hangs open and my eyes move down her pale flesh until it is lost in the darkness. Lifting my eyes, I see her lips form into a smile. "Do you want to come inside?" "Uh. . . yes, but what about your parents?" "They aren't here.

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   They went to Sparta, but had car trouble, so they are staying with my aunt until tomorrow. " She steps back to give me room, and I climb over the windowsill. In her room I watch her draw the curtain and turn on a small lamp, so weak that the light does not shock my eyes. When I look at her, I see she his holding her nightgown closed. "Do you want something to drink?" "A pop or fruit drink would be good. " She leaves and comes back with two glasses, clinking with ice. I taste the glass she hands me, tangy lemonade, just the way I like it. "Did you make this?" "Yes, I like to use real lemons. It's better than the frozen kind. " "Yes, it is; this is really good. " I sip the cold drink and look at her pretty face. She looks back at me, and I watch her eyes examine my bare chest. "My dream," she says. "We were together. .

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  . in bed. . . naked in bed. " "I know. Maybe it's like my dream. We were doing things. . . " I feel my body grow warmer. Is it the sugar in the drink? I continue. "We were doing some things that I don't understand, things that I never knew men and women do. " She's silent, thinking about that. At last she speaks again.

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   "This dream seems like mine. You were using your mouth to. . . to make me feel good. Then we did it, you know, the thing the bigger kids talk about, sex, intercourse. " I'm becoming excited. I feel my penis swelling in my shorts. "That's what happened. I was using my mouth, and later we fu. . . uh, had intercourse. I never heard of using mouths like that for sex. " "I have.

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   Some older girls talked about it, and I heard them. It sounded rather awful, like something I never would do, but then in this dream. . . I seemed to like it and want it. " "Yes," I admit, "and I liked doing it; I remember that. " She puts down her glass and rises from the bed where she has been sitting. Slowly moving toward my chair, she allows her nightgown to fall open. Looking at her now, I see what was concealed in shadow. I see a sweet cleft parting lips that pout from between her legs. Above that and under the slight protuberance of her soft belly is some downy hair, richly dark like that on her head. I rise to meet her and feel her naked skin against mine. Such a small thing is this touch, but it is surprisingly good. She shrugs off her nightgown, allowing her small, soft breasts to press into me. As I put my arms around her, I feel hands tugging down my shorts.

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   Without any undergarment, the descent of the shorts down my legs leaves my semi-erect penis poking into her. We begin to kiss; my penis thickens and hardens between our bodies. "Let's get on my bed. " She pulls away, catching my hand, and leads me to her perfumed nest. Willingly, I follow, and she pushed me down onto the sheet. "On your back, remember?" she says, as she backs away. I watch her touch the little lamp, and the light dims. She climbs onto the bed and kneels so that one leg is on each side of my hips and my erection is pressed against her pussy. "Should we do what happened in my. . . in our dream?" she asks. "Yes," I agree. "I want that. " She moves along my body.

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   I lift my head and watch her pussy move to my face. Her sex, which I only have seen in my dreams, is now hovering above my mouth. The sexy fragrance wafts into my nose. Seeing it close up for the first time, I notice that pink inner folds lie between her plump outer lips. I look up and see her belly and small, almost conical breasts jutting over me. Above, her pretty face smiles down. "My pussy, kiss it; lick it, like the dream," she whispers. Willingly, I obey her request, wanting to fulfill her need. I begin by kissing the plump lips, up one and down the other. Looking up, I see her eyes close, and I continue, now inserting my tongue boldly amidst the pink folds. Tasting her for the first time, I am overwhelmed by the chemistry of her body. My lips savor her juices while my tongue delves ever deeper into her sweet cunt. With long strokes I lap her from bottom to top. Soon her clitoris emerges from a small fold above her smooth outer lips, and I touch it delicately with my lips and tongue. "Yessss!" she hisses above me.

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   Now, each time I stroke her pussy, I caress her clitoris with my lips. I feel her pelvis begin to shift back and forth, at first subtly, but soon, blatantly gyrating as she becomes more excited. Now she is panting while I eat her delicious pussy. My hands are holding her to me, my fingers digging into her firm ass cheeks. Little moans begin, and she presses herself against my mouth. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!" she chants softly, informing me that I am filling her need the way she wants. I feel her body shake, and I reach up to touch the protuberant nipples jutting out above me. "Aahhhhhh!" she gasps and shakes with her pussy pressed against my mouth. Somehow, I am able to work my tongue into her until she gasps, "No more. . . I can't take it any more. . . Stop now.


  " I watch her slide down my body just as I notice the wetness that has appeared on my chin and neck. Her eyes are still closed when she pressed her face against mine and seeks out my lips. My hard cock is between her thighs, waiting for its release; I have been hard for so long now. Soon she lifts her face up from mine and whispers to me. "That was. . . it was so good and so much better than the dream. Now it's your turn, but we can't have intercourse as we did in the dream. I'm a virgin; I'm not ready, and I don't want to spoil our special moment with pain, so I'll take care of you another way. " "What other way?" "You'll see; you'll like it. It's like what you did to me. " She gets off me and kneels next to me. "Move over a little. I need more room.

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  " I shift away from her. She sweeps her hair back and to one side, smiling at me. Gripping my hard shaft with her little hand, she leans over and kissed the head. The touch of her lips was like a shock. Slowly stroking my penis, she smiles at me. "This looks so big. I hope I can get it in my mouth. She leans down again; I feel a wet warmth engulf the top of my swollen penis. I lift my head and watch her lips grip my shaft above her fingers, and both lips and fingers begin to move up and down my cock. The shaft moved deep into her mouth; when it slides out again, it glistens with her saliva. She rises up again and runs her tongue across her lips. "You taste good. I'm going to enjoy this, and I'll try to do it right," she promises before she leans down to swallow my thick cock. I have never been so stimulated. I feel the twinges begin in my groin, signaling my semen welling up deep within me.

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   I pull her pillow under my head to help me watch her mouth sliding up and down my cock. I don't know where it is going, and I don't care, but somehow an incredible thing is happening. Now she has just the head in her mouth. Her tongue is rubbing the head as her hand pumps the shaft. She looks at me and sneaks a little smile, even with her lips tight around my thick penis. My moment is upon me. I groan again, then again. "I'm. . . coming. . . I'm. .

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  . coming. " This announcement serves only to invigorate her. She takes more of me into her and stokes my shaft faster. I feel a fire in my dick as my spunk begins to rush through its hidden channel. "Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhh! AHHHHHH!" My cum is squirting into her mouth. I see it drip from her mouth and chin and slide down the shaft onto her dainty hand. She never ceases to pump me, and now I can feel and see her sucking on my penis. I feel myself throb repeatedly, shooting my cream out for her to taste and consume. All to soon, it is over except for the lingering thrill combined with a noticeable emptiness. She lifts her head from me and smiles. "Was that good, my dream lover?" "It was incredible," I mumble, watching her gather up my cum, pushing little dribbles into her mouth. She holds out her hand to me, and I see the drops of my semen. I lift my head and lick her hand. She smiles and cleans her lips with her tongue.

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   Lying down next to me, we begin to kiss. We share the flavors of our love juices and lie pressed together, legs and arms entangled. We doze for a while. I awake to find her next to me. I gentle breeze comes in through the loose drapes. I run my hand along her feminine curves, looking at the soft flare of her hips. Her face is framed with raven hair. Responding to my touches, her eyes open. In the dim light they appear to be green. "Do you love me?" she asks. "You know that I do. What about you?" "Yes. " "I have to be back home before my parents wake up," I remind her sadly. "We still have some time left. " She moves against me.

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