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"Man I dunno what it is about her but shes so amazing. " Greg said following Amanda to her seat with his blue eyes. Amanda sat two seats behind Greg and only one behind Jason. "Hey guys" Amanda said as she scooted past the bookbags and purses in the asile. "Hey" they both said in unison. Amanda's smile took Greg's breathe away. "You'll never have a chance. " Jason said sitting back in his seat as the teacher began the lesson. Greg just rolled his eyes. He was determined to ask her to prom. This was a daily routine for Jason and Greg, nothing more then hey or a can I borrow a pencil from Amanda. Never did Greg know that Amanda was dieing inside everytime she saw him. Her stomach jerked and fluttered as he flashed his 1,000 dollar smile. Greg was in with her crowd but they never really talked. Maybe in a group at parties or at lunch as they all sat together. Amanda, only being a sophmore and 15 thought Greg was so mature for since his other friends were jackass jocks.

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   She loved her english class when she could watch him. "Amanda is so smart". Greg thought to himself as she answered one of the questions that the teacher asked her. He turned around to look at her as she smiled and politly answered. She flashed him a smile gleaming her deep green eyes at him as she leaned back into her chair and fiddled with her pencil. Greg smiled back and instantly felt a little buldge in his pants. God, her tits were perfect in the low cut shirt with green and white stripes that she had on. Just lightly pushed up and tan. Her hair lightly brushing her bronzed skin as she flicked it over her shoulder and wrote down something in her notebook. Her long thin legs were crossed in front of her as she bobbed her foot back and forth, looking bored. From the constant looks that Greg gave Amanda, he had memorized the way her ass looked and the way it fit into her pants. It looked soo good. All he wanted to do was grab it. "Greg would you please turn around?" The teacher said as Greg snapped back into reality. "Huh?.

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  . . . . Oh sorry. " Greg said as he quickly turned around and blushed. All the kids were laughing, including Amanda because she knew he was looking at her. Soon the bell was to ring and Amanda quickly put her books in her bookbag and her pen back into her purse. It was about mid May and so hot. Their english class was outside, so now she had to hightale it to her next class inside the school, before the bell rang. Amanda picked up her book bag and started walking to the door when Guy Morgan stepped out infront of her. One of the best known juniors in the school and he liked Amanda. He always bugs her and asks her out. And each time its "No Guy. " "No Guy.

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  " He had a reputation with the ladies as being. . . . . . . . . . . . . . well.

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  . . an asshole. Amanda was so much better than him, and she knew it. Thats why she never gave him the time of day. But since prom is comming up I guess he is more hell bent on getting her to go with him then Greg was. " Hey Amanda, your looking good today. "" Thanks Guy. " Amanda said trying to dodge him as she rolled her eyes. " So. . . I was thinking, maybe you and I could go out this weekend. What do you say?"" Guy, how many times have I told you I dont want to go out with you?" Amanda said stopping and talking to him. " Uhhhhh.

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  . . . . I dunno, like 6. " Guy said putting his hands in his pockets. " Exactly, so don't you think you need to take a hint?" Amanda said walking off and throwing her arms up in the air. All this while I have been standing there watching the two yap at eachother, and to tell you the truth it started to get on my nerves. I knew Guy and he hung in our group, but never did we ever really talk. He was way to cocky for me and it was a little hard to get to him with all the swarms of girls he had locked to his arm. He always wore polo shirts, jeans, and some color of Tims. He geled his hair everyday and permantly had a pencil lodged behind his ear. You know the saying, "you always want what you can't have", well Guy Morgan could NOT get Amanda and thats why he wanted her so bad. But anyways back to them yapping. "Amanda wait! Why?" Guy said grabbing her arm.

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  " I have told you a million times Guy, and to put it lightly. You too fucking cocky and I dont like guys who are cocky. Sorry, dont mean to be mean but you just dont get it. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  Good bye. " Amanda then walked off. " Hey wait! Amanda!" Greg shouted as he trotted after her. " Are you ok? I saw you gettin a little upset with Guy. "Amanda's heart dropped, Greg Jefferson was talking to her. " Yea, I'm ok, thanks. He is just way to pushy. Please don't think I hash out at people like that normally, cuz I don't. "" No, I know you dont. So dont worry about it. Where is your next class?" Greg said as he slowed down their walk, trying to get every minute he could to talk to her. " Umm, Biology Honors. " she said as she smiled her white teeth at him. "What about you?" She asked as she nudged him a little while they were walking. " Chemistry Honors.

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  " He said, looking at his feet and then up at her. He was a bit taller than she was and had dark brown shaggy hair. Just like an Abercrombie model. Even wearing the clothes and colonge. His bright blue piercing eyes were like deep pools that you could get lost in forever. Oh my god did he smell good. Amanda thought as she get a swift of his scent as the wind blew. " So today, would you like to have lunch with me?" Amanda asked as Greg switched his chemistry books into this right hand to avoid at all costs touching hers. "Yea, that would be cool. " Greg said as he opened the door to the inside of the school. "Thank you. " She said as she looked into his eyes and stepped inside. "No probelm. " he said as he let the door loose and stepped inside aswell. " Well my class is this way.

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  " Amanda said pointed to her left. "I'll see you at lunch. . ok?" Amanda said looking at Greg in his eyes and noticed he was in kissing room of her. He broke the second of silence and said "Yea thats great, see you then. " As he watched he walk down the hall way. All through Greg's chemistry class he could not stop thinking about Amanda, and the way she smelled, talked, walked, and looked at him. He started to think about asking her out. Sure they were aquatinces but being invited to sit next to her was a big deal to him and he didn't want to fuck it up. Greg began to fidget fixing the buldge in his pants. All he could do was think about Amanda bent over with. . . . .

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  . . . . . mmm her cute ass stickin up in the air and him bangin the shit out of her perfect pussy. Greg's hard on kept growing and growing to the point that it hurt. Greg was never big into wackin it at school, but he thought, what the hell its only this once. Greg raised his hand and asked the teacher if he could go to the restroom and the teacher said yes. Luckily his shirt tail was long enough for him to pull it down over his throbbing cock as he walked to the bathroom. "Greg?" He heard a voice behind him as he snapped around to find Amanda comming down the hall. " Hey yea, whats up Amanda. " He said nervously, hoping she wouldn't notice his buldge. " Nothin, just going the long way to the bathroom. My biology class gets a little tiring, so I come out here and walk around.


  " She said as she flicked her hair and skipped a bit. " What about you? What are you doing out here?" She said looking down at his feet and the back up into his eyes. Everytime he looked at her, her stomach would get in knots. Greg wasnt about to tell her the real reason that he was out in the hall on his way to the bathroom to jack off thinking about her. So he told her just doing the same thing, Walking around. " She is so beautiful" Greg thought to himself as he watched her tits bounce as she walked and her looking at him smiling. "Good then you can come with me. " She said as she grabbed his arm and led him down a dark hall. " Now you can't tell anyone I showed you this. . ok?" She placed her finger his lips. " I wont" He whispered as he looked at her. "Alright" She backed up off him and opened a door, grabbing his hand and pulling him in behind her. Amanda flicked on the lights and there were coke machines and candy machines. "What is this?" Greg asked as he was still holding Amanda's hand.

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   Greg's stomach jerked and he wanted to hold her, more then anything. "Its a secret way into the teachers lounge. " "All of my friends and I sneak into here. " "But you can't tell Jeff, and Jason, or any of your friends. . . . ok?" Amanda gave Greg as sweet sexy look as if being in the teachers lounge was a huge deal. Amanda went to walk over to the machines and realized her hand was still locked with Greg's. " Oh sorry. " Amanda said pulling her hand away from Greg's. " No its ok, I like it. " Greg said as he began to look around and was wincing in pain from his throbbing cock. Amanda started to look around and noticed his buldge. " So did this little thing excite you?" She asked as she gave him a sexy look.

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  " What are you talking about?" Greg asked all confused and jumbled. Amanda looked away and then started to smile. Greg knew she saw it and began to blush as he walked closer towards her. Amanda followed him with her eyes and turned towards him as he walked to her. Greg thought to himself, kiss her now or never do it. His stomach twisted and turned. He had a lot of experience with girls and wasnt a virgin. He was one of the popular boys, so of course he is gunna get some ass even now and then. Amanda's thoughts were going a mile a minute. She had only been with one guy in her whole life and all she had ever done was give him a handjob. Not to much experience but hey at least she couldnt be seen as that much of a prude. Greg finally reached her and rubbed her face with his hand and gently placing his soft lips on hers. All he could do was smell her scent and melted into their kiss. Amanda kissed him back passionatly, wrapping her arms around his waist and playing with the edging of his pants. Greg flicked his tounge against Amanda's and felt how soft her lips were.

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   All he wanted to do was grab and play with her cute ass but knew he would blow everything if he did. Amanda on the other hand hadn't been to experienced in the guy field but she could tease the best out of her friends. With each minute that passed Greg got hornier and hornier. Amanda ran her hand lightly over his cock and rubbed his wasit with the tips of her finders. Feeling his smooth warm skin aganist her nails. Greg shuddered as she touched him so and knew she was everything he wanted. Amanda broke the kiss and said that it would be a good idea if they head back to class, but she would see Greg at lunch. They both walked down the hall once again talking and laughing as Greg's sarcasim was to much to Amanda to hold in. Greg decided that he would still go to the bathroom and jackoff and if he got caught skippin by his teacher, he didnt give a fuck because Amanda was worth it. Greg trotted off to the bathroom and the thoughts of her beautiful body shimming out of the tight prom dress that she would have on on prom night kept running through his head. Her beautiful tan ass and pussy sealed tightly under a pink lace thong with a matching bra that made her tits look huge and full. Greg went into a stall and locked the door making sure no one else was in there and took down his pants. He began to stroke his long, hard, dripping cock in slow steady strokes. "MMM when Amanda brushed her hand over it, it felt soo good. " Greg thought to himself has his head slowly went back and he quickened his pace.

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   He began to stroke the head and squirm at the pleasure. Greg closed his eyes and began to imagine Amanda bent over the end of the bed with her ass up and her tits falling down. He stroked his whole shaft vigoursly and began to breathe heavy. " MMM yea, Amanda your pussy's soo tight. Oh fuck back on my cock, just like that. Oh yea. " Greg imagined himself saying as Amanda moaned her sweet moans as he pumped her pussy with full force. Greg slowly opened his eyes and grabbed some toilet paper as he let out a quiet moan as his load shot all into the paper. " uhh. . . oh fuck yea. " Greg said quietly as he whiped the rest of the cum off his cock and pulled his pants up and headed to class. .