my first experiance


 am a boy studying in class 11. it was during my quarterly holidays that this incident happened. our building is a two storied building. we live in the upper floor. we rented the below one. it is quite spacious. the house has been locked up for sometime now. it was a fairly large house, the rented one. in july, a pretty young lady, age around 24 or 25, moved in. i came to know the next day that she was an air hostess. now u can imagine how she would be. that too she worked in lufthansa airlines. there were two of them living here actually. the second girl was her co-worker. i was very much attached to one of them. that doesnot mean that i hated the other.

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   her name was kavya. the other ones name was kreethi. both were gorgeous. kavya helped me in my studies. she was brilliant. every thing she taught, i was able to grasp very quickly. once i went into her house looking for my pen that i left when i was studying there the other day night. i found it in one of the two bedrooms. i just wondered were kavya was. kreethi had left early that day, i saw her leave. i was going around the house searching for kavya. i entered the other bedroom, which had a attached bathroom to it. i heard sounds of water from the bathroom. i went there. to my astonishment the door was not bolted.

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  . . . . . . . . . . . .
i was confused. i did not know what to deceide, weather i should peep or not, what if she finds out??? i was breathless. finally i picked up courage and deceided to have a look.

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i peeped. . there she was. . she was beauty redefined or beauty personafied. she had the perfect of bodies. . fairly large boobs. a nice pussy. cherry red lips. blue eyes. perfect eyebrows. she was like a godess. she was rubbing her boobs with her soft hands. she had a shaved pussy.


   she turned on the shower(hand) i guss that she was caressing herself. . my stick was erected to the full height. she then rubbed her pussy for sometime. i could not hold on.
i had an idea. i becided to burst in. i did so by shouting "kavya u ther??". . and went straight inside. she was horrified and dropped the hand wash. that heavy iron thing fell on her thigh(she was sitting on a stool). she jumped in pain. then slipped while jumping again. i caught her.

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the pose was perfect. my legs in between hers, my face near hers and her boobs touching my chest. i watched like that for a few seconds before she realised that she was nude and pushed me aside. not too fierce just a gentle push. i appologised and left for my home.
i did not bother to wait for her reply. i just rushed home and went to school to write my exam. that was the last one too. i did not do well. . . how could i any way?? it is impossible isn't it for some one of my age to have complete control of my seual relations right?
i returned home soon i went upstairs. to my surprisrise all were busy packing. . i wondered why?then i asked my mom why they were in such a hurry.

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  . they said that they were leaving to atted one of our close relation's marriage. they asked me too quickly pack my things.
i thought for a while about what to do. all the scenes of the day's morning incidents came to my mind. i said to my mom that i could not come. she asked me why? i replied that i had special classes. .
My mom the said that "no need special classes, come with me, i will get u permission later" i refused to go, saying that these were the most important lessons for my exams. we faught for a long time untill i convinced her. then she said"where shall i leave u?". we crossed out all the possibilities, and mom was virtually out of ideas. then i said i will stay at Kavya's house downstairs. she first hesitated then accepted. i was on cloud9.

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   this was gr8. then they left that evening. my mom advised me a lot of things. . who cares, anyhow i was a free bird now. it was 6pm. it was time Kavya returned, but it was Kreethi who returned 1st. i just watched her go and a few mins later i went into their house as usual. i greeted her. she was in a bad mood, many thoughts ran into my mind abt y she was angry. my heart started pumping. she said she had head ache and asked me to rub iodex on it. i did as she said, she asked me"u rub well, u know how to massage?" i replied positive. then she removed her top but still had her bra on. she asked me 2 massage her back.

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  i did so. she asked me to move lower. then upper, till i reached near her bra. i moved still up and next thing i noticed her bra was undone, this was because it was a velcro. she asked me not ot mind ant continue my work afer she removed her pants(panties on). i next moved to thigs on her command. i have watched a few seductive seens so i did what i could do the best.
next thig i remembered was that she was nude on the bed. . .
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