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"You interested in buying a computer?" she said"I dunno, what are you asking for it?" I replied, caught off guard.
She started to explain to me how it was fairly new and that she wanted to get $150 for it but she would take $90. I didn't really have a need for a computer, but I figured I would humor her and ask her for her phone number so I could call her when I knew more.
"Well" she said "I don't really have a phone right now. Actually I'm broke and I don't have any money to pay for anything, but if you could follow me to my place and look at it. " she explained.
It sounded too much like a bad movie to me, so I told her I wouldn't be able to because I was running short on time. She then asked me for my phone number so she could call me later in the week to see if I had found a buyer yet.
I gave her the number then listened to her go on and on about how she was broke and had no money to pay for anything, and that she had to leave by the end of next week to avoid paying the rent money. I told her how awful it all was and that I was sorry to hear all of it, but then she interrupted.
"Well I really need some cash, you don't have anything I can do or anything for a few bucks do you?" She asked
I didn't know where she was headed and I was nervous yet excited so I asked her what she meant.
"Well" she said, "We can fool around or I can get you off or something. "
I was stunned. I was so excited yet I didn't want to seem like it, because the truth was I only had ten dollars in my pocket.
"Yeah" I said, "That sounds good, but I only have ten dollars. .

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  . "
"That's ok" she said. "Where's your car at?"
I started leading her to my mom's mini-van while she was still explaining the computer set up to me.
I was so nervous as we approached the van, I had no idea what I was supposed to do. As we arrived I opened the back sliding door for her to get in. She got in and quickly moved to the right to allow more space for me. I quickly climbed in and locked the doors behind me to avoid any curious passers by.
I had no idea what to expect. I sat there for what seemed like forever waiting for some way to initiate it when she suddenly told me
"Well pull it out and let's see what we're workin with here" My cock immediately swelled with anticipation. My hand was tense as I searched for my belt buckle and zipper. I wasn't sure weather or not I should just pull out my dick or my balls too. I decided to go for it all, I had no clue who this lady was and chaces were that I probably wasn't going to see her again. My head was racing as she wrapped her had around my twitching throbbing cock. It felt so good to have someone besides me touch my cock that I almost lost it right there. She said stuff to me while she first started examining it like "Damn your so hard", and "You got a fuckin beautiful cock".

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   Her hand encircled my wildly throbbing shaft and for the first time I could feel the heat of a woman's hand on the length of my dick. My cock seemed to be the hardest it's ever been. It's thickness and length seemed double of what it normally was. Thick dark veins that were normally invisible now appeared on my engourged rod and head. My forskin was drawn tight around my dark red purple head. Her hand now seemed to be wrapped tighter and more controlling as she began pumping me. Her right hand soon moved to the base of my cock while her left hand began twisting the crown. She then firmly grabbed my balls, milking and squeezing them while her left hand explored my milky white ribbed shaft. She was squeezing and coaxing the cream out of my tender globes when her left hand withdrew for a moment. She drew her hand close to her mouth as she let streams of hot wet saliva pour out. Her hand then returned, this time bringin her warm wetness with it, and covering my shaft with her slippery warm fluid. She continued pumping and squeezing me for what seemed like only a few short moments, but actually taking twenty minutes. I could smell the warm wet salty scent of her saliva and my sex infusing throughout the van. I knew I was close. I wanted to my release so badly, yet I wanted it to last and last.

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I suddenly felt her lips on the base of my shaft, gently kissing and exploring while her left hand was pumping rapidly. I tried to let out a small warning, but it was of no use. My hot white liquid erupted in spasms all over. My brain was on fire as thick creamy jets of my semen exploded through the air and onto her brown hair and soft warm hands. It was like a dream, as more, more than ever, of my sperm continued to flow. It seemed like hours as more hot jets formed puddles on her jeans and sweater, and on the seats and floor as well. The thick pungent aroma of sperm and semen filled the air as the woman continued to jack me off furiuously. I quickly reached for kleenex to offer to her as I tried to clean my warm fluid from her hair. Before I had even put myself away the stranger had climbed out of the van door taking her ten dollars and leaving me with memories.
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