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hi. my name is jay. i am 13. and i will tell u about the first time i had sex.
i was downstairs playing some video games when i heard footsteps coming down the stairs. when they reached the bottom i saw lizzie, erika, lexi,and lea. these were girls from my school. we were friends in school but i never expected them over my house. lizzie came over to me and said hey. i said hi back. next, she started stripping. all of the girls did soon after. i was surprised to see this. lexi had an extreamly hairy pussy and erika had the biggest tits any 13 year old could ask for. i got the biggest boner ever. next they started to stip me.

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   my cock flung out. it was about 6 inches at the time. i havent shaved my cock yet so it was very hairy. lexi started to suck it. i couldnt help but moan. lizzie then sqated down in my face so i could eat her hairy pussy. next to me, erikas pussy was being eatin my lea. after i cumed in lexis face, i went to fuck erika in her pussy. her giant tits bounced everywhere! next i gave.

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