My First Love - Chapter One


Chapter One

            Adolescence is a time of discovery, of crushing love and boiling hormones. I know it better than many people, as for me, the tenderness of first love, the startling passion and the discovery of sex happened to me almost as quick as a summer storm. This is the story of my very first and only love.

            In 2005 I was thirteen and Eric was fifteen years old. We had practically grown up together, since our parents were very close friends. As children, we used to do almost everything together. But of course there’s always the fatidical puberty to screw things up. And all of a sudden we almost didn’t talk to each other anymore. I was still a child and he was already a “young man”. I hated that he had started to spend more time with his friends from school rather than with me, but there was little I could do. So I started to spend more time with the girls of my class as well.

            I had always had a crush on him. Our parents always said we were almost brother and sister, but deep within I always wanted something more than that. Then, when I got older, my childish crush grew and suddenly I saw myself in love with him.

            We had started to spend more time together again in the beginning of that year. He had already overcome that annoying stage of puberty and I didn’t look so much like a child anymore.

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   I had barely started to get my curves, but my breasts were already well shaped and even though I still didn’t have any pussy hair, my waist had already begun to get thinner.

            Eric was a handsome boy, with messy auburn hair and very expressive hazel eyes. He was also a true gentleman, the one that will pull the chair for you or open the door of the car or give you flowers on special occasions. When I turned thirteen on March of that year, he gave me a book — I was always fond of reading — with a white rose. I found it so cute and, as every girl in love, I spent the whole night sighing, hugging both book and flower.

            But that kindness, that benevolence that knew no boundaries, also made him suffer sometimes. Especially because many times people would take advantage on him to get something they wanted. It happened twice, with both girlfriends he had.

            This story begins exactly a month after he broke up with his last girlfriend. It was July, 4th, the first day of winter break. In case you are wondering, I live in the Southern Hemisphere. We had agreed to spend the day together, like the old times. We could play videogames, watch movies or do anything else that reminded us of when we were little kids and spent whole afternoons playing together.

            He had been quite sad for the past few weeks after the end of his relationship. We had talked quite a lot about that and I felt like punching that stupid girl that had dumped him and made him so miserable.

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   I couldn’t understand how someone could be so mean to a boy like Eric.

            About that same time, the girls at school started to encourage me to tell him what I felt. We would sit together during lunch to share secrets and confidences and to make plans. When I least expected I saw myself actually planning a way to make him notice me.

            “Dress sexy”, said one of my friends. “You’re very beautiful and all the boys in class always look at you. If you put on some more… provocative clothes, I’m pretty sure he’ll fall for you. ”

            But I was way too shy to wear everything they wanted me to. So I decided to get pretty for him, but only up to a certain point.

            The day was cold; it was winter break after all. Eric lived only about five blocks away and I always went to visit him on foot. So I dressed a denim mini-skirt — the sexiest piece I would allow myself to wear — and a white blouse. I put on my black riding style boots and at last put on my red nylon jacket from Abercrombie, Brittan Bomber style. My aunt had brought it to me from US at the beginning of that year and I had loved that jacket. I loved the colour — red’s my favourite colour — and I loved the fur on the hood.

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   It was so beautiful that I always wore it whenever I could.

            I went to the kitchen and swallowed a glass of chocolate milk. Then, at last, I grabbed my backpack and started to walk my way to his place. It was colder than I had initially thought and my legs were freezing. I was already starting to regret putting that short skirt when I finally spotted the building where he lived.

            The receptionist already knew me and let me in immediately. I took the elevator to the tenth floor, stood in front of his door and knocked twice. I sighed, wondering what he would think when he saw me dressed like that. There was little time to put my thoughts in order and I heard the keys and the knob turning. Eric opened the door with a smile, but as soon as he saw me, his eyes widened a bit. It was almost imperceptible and he soon pulled himself together, but I noticed he did not expect to see me dressed like that. That cheered me and gave me courage to go further.

            “Good morning, Lili!” he said, giving me a quick peck on the cheek, as all boys and girls do here to greet one another. My name’s Aline, but he always called me Lili, as my parents did. “Wow, you’re so pretty.

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   What happened?”

            I frowned.

            “Why, do I need any special reason to get pretty?”

            He seemed a bit embarrassed. I found it very cute.

            “Of course not… It’s just that you don’t usually wear skirts, so I thought… Well, never mind. You’re gorgeous. ”

            I smiled and he closed the door behind me. He guided me to his room, where the TV showed some random anime. He had always liked Japanese anime.

            “Well, if we do need a special reason or occasion, what about being here after so many time apart from each other?” I said all of a sudden, gathering all my courage. He stopped and looked and me. Then he seemed a bit down.

            “I left you alone for quite a while, didn’t I? I’m so, so sorry, Lili. I never meant to turn my back on you like that. I never meant to leave you, but…”

            I shook my head with a smile.

            “Never mind it.

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   It’s over now. ”

            “You got mad, didn’t you?”

            I sighed.

            “I can’t deny that I missed you. But as I said, it’s over now. The important is that you remembered me this year and we’re here today, like the old times. ”

            “Like the old times” he said smiling.

            Eric gestured me to sit down and opened the drawer with his PS2 games. We were about to choose a title when his cel phone rang. He looked at the number who was calling and his eyes grew wide. He mumbled something and left the room to get the phone. I thought it strange, but I waited him hang up to ask something. It took about five minutes until he came back, quiet and looking down.

            Eric sat down on the bed facing the wall. I was scared of asking something but deep in my heart I already knew…

            “Eric… What happened?”

            “It was Barbara. ”

            I made a face when I heard him say the name of his ex.

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            “What did she want?”

            “The usual… Pester me about the end of our relationship. And say how Luke’s so much better than I, how he’s much more manly and…”

            “And she’s a bitch!” I interrupted him, totally angry. I was beet red of anger.

            “She’s so stupid and idiot for dumping you!” I said without thinking. “She doesn’t even realize she dumped a perfect, polite and delicate boy.

If she wants to be with that ogre, then let her be. She’s the looser one!”

            Eric seemed surprised for a moment with my words. Then he smiled.

            “You know… I found myself thinking the other day… Why didn’t I fall in love with you, Aline? Things would be so much easier…”

            I felt my heart pounding fast as I heard that.

            “I would never hurt you or make you suffer or break your heart…” I whispered, mostly to myself than to him. There was not much I could do. I had just accidentally declared myself to him, the most unexpected way possible.

            I looked to the floor, too embarrassed to face him. Suddenly I was not so sure I wanted to spend the whole day with him. The silence that followed lasted only a few seconds, but to me it lasted hours.

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   Then Eric called me.

            Still embarrassed with what I had said, I looked at him, only to find a smile full of kindness.

            “I… I never noticed…” he said.

            “I pretend quite well”, I answered, still unsure where to look.

            Eric raised my face with his fingers and his smile grew wider. Our eyes met and he leaned forward slowly, almost as if he asked if he could really do it. But I was not going to stop him. I was too apprehensive to offer any resistance.

            I had absolutely no reaction when I felt his lips on mine. I didn’t know what to do. I had dreamed of my first kiss for so long and when it finally happened I had no idea of what to do. I was euphoric, I think. I was happy, but also scared. Eric probably felt it and broke the kiss.

            I stood there, with my eyes half opened, half closed.

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   I didn’t know what to say. I felt my breath heavy and had the palm of my hands all sweaty… And I DIDN’T HAVE THE SLIGHTEST IDEA OF WHAT TO DO!

            “Lili?” he called. “Lili, I’m sorry. I…”

            If he said he “didn’t mean it” I would probably throw myself out of the window. Ten floors would be enough to kill me, I guess. Once recovered from the initial shock, I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him tight before he could finish the sentence.

            “Don’t leave me…” I asked softly but desperately, with my eyes shut. “I dreamed so much of it. And it’s going to hurt so much if I open my eyes and discover it was not true. ”

            Eric softly pushed me.

            “Then keep your eyes closed…” he said and kissed me again. This time I kissed him back. They say your first kiss is magical. For me, it was the second that made me feel butterflies in my stomach and my heart beating fast. It probably happened on my first kiss as well, but I was just too shocked to feel or recall anything.

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            I felt his tongue on my lips and opened them, feeling it invade my mouth delicately. I clumsily started to touch his tongue with mine. At first I was too concerned not to seem a complete idiot and correspond properly to his kissing. But Eric was always so gentle that soon my fears vanished and I started to actually enjoy the kiss.

            We kept kissing for a long time. I don’t really know who was taking advantage of the situation the most: if it was me as I knew he had been feeling lonely and needed affection or if it was him, as he knew I wouldn’t deny anything he did due to my strong feelings for him. In the end, I decided we were even.

            After a few minutes his hand that had been on the back of my head went down to my waist, pulling me close. I embraced him tighter and deepened the kiss. Then I felt his hand on my leg. I held my breath and gasped in the middle of the kiss.

            “Shhh…” he whispered. “Trust me, Lili. I’ll never hurt you. ”

            “I know”, I answered.

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   “I trust…”

            I felt his lips on my neck before I could finish and couldn’t hold back a groan. His eyes met mine one more time before he leaned forward to kiss me again. I felt his hand going up and down my leg, making me shiver.

            Eric was so gentle. Each gesture was filled with tenderness. He slowly raised the hem of my skirt and caressed my ass. I moaned again. Feeling no resistance, he moved his hand up my inner thigh and touched my pussy, making me moan louder.

            I was apprehensive at first. A bit frightened too. But I had dreamed so much of being in his arms that I wouldn’t dare to ask him to stop. There was also my curiosity about those things. Theoretically speaking I knew quite a lot about sex. Practically, however… Well, I had just had my first kiss about ten minutes before.

            We kept kissing and he kept caressing me.


   He slowly leaned over me, making me lay on the bed. His hand left my pussy, went up my waist and massaged my breast.

            Our kiss got more intense. His hand bruised against my thigh again, moved my panties aside and touched me directly. I got rigid against his touch. Just for a while. Then he started to masturbate me. It was something new and strange. There was a mix of feelings, of embarrassment and arousal. It was so intense. Not even I had masturbated before on my own. But suddenly I had the perfect boy caressing me and I was definitely not going to stop now.

            Eric started to remove my panties. I was way too excited by all that and completely surrendered to him to complain, so I did nothing to stop him. Free from any barriers he resumed caressing me.

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   I moaned. His touch felt good.

            “Can I take your skirt off?” he asked, whispering in my ear. I thought that he had already taken off my panties, so what as the point of asking about the skirt? I only nodded. Eric unzipped my skirt and pulled it down. I finished the job by kicking it to the floor.

            He moved up on the bed and stretched his hand to me. I took his hand and got closer to him, receiving a smile. There was a naughty shimmer on that smile, a lot like the ones he gave me when we were kids about to play a prank on someone or do some kind of joke. I smiled back at him. I finally had my Eric back.

            He leaned and kissed me. Then he took my hand and guided it to his erection. I felt his hard cock under his pants and gazed at him, unsure of what to do.

            “Touch me”, he said.

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            I started to run my hand up and down. My curiosity got hold of me and won over the embarrassment, so I unzipped his pants. He quickly removed them along with his underwear, kicking them to the floor.

            Eric was already completely hard and his cock was throbbing. I gazed at it for a while, totally mesmerized. He was, after all, the first boy I had ever seen naked. He took my hand again and put it on his erection. I closed my fingers around it and started to move my hand up and down.

            “Don’t be afraid, Lili”, he said, smiling. “Touch it. Do it a little faster. ”

            “Like this?” I asked, quickening the pace.

            “Yes, honey, that’s it. ”

            Eric kissed me again. His fingers gently spread up my pussy lips and he started to masturbate me again.

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   By that time I had completely forgotten about being shy and was moved solely by excitement and curiosity.

            Eric began to massage my clit and I let out a muffled moan. He seemed to like that. Stopping for a brief moment, he finished undressing. Then he leaned over me again and gave me a quick peck on the lips. He kissed my neck, moving the furry hood of my jacket out of his way. His lips went all the way down my body, past my thighs and reached my pussy. My first instinct was trying to close my legs, but Eric held them and didn’t let me. Amazed, I watched as he kissed me intimately. When I least expected, Eric spread my pussy lips with his fingers and started to lick me. I started to shiver and tremble.

God, that felt so good!

            As my breathing grew heavy minute after minute, I watched as Eric gave me the first oral sex of my young life. I was a very shy girl and had the occasion been slightly different I would have died of embarrassment. But at that moment I wanted him never to stop.

            In spite of the cold day, I had suddenly started to feel a heat growing inside.

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   I closed my eyes for an instant, just enjoying those new sensations. Slowly they started to grow stronger and stronger and spread through my whole body. For a while I thought I was going to pee. I opened my eyes, but before I could say anything I was taken by the most intense feeling I had ever experienced. I shut my eyes strong as I felt my body shake and my pussy contract violently. I could no longer hold it back and moaned loud as my very first orgasm took my entire body.

            I convulsed for several seconds before the world slowly spun back to its place. I still panted heavily when Eric stopped licking and sucking. He lay down beside me and caressed my face.

            “How was it, honey? Did you like it?”

            I couldn’t say anything for a moment. I could only nod. At last, when I regained my breath, I tried to say something coherent.

            “It felt so good. What did you do to me? I had never felt it before. ”

            “Well, that was only oral sex.

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   I was not sure about how you would react, but I’m glad I made you cum. ”

            So that’s cumming, I thought. If it always felt great like that, then I would without any doubt want to do that again.

            We smiled at each other. Eric got on his knees and pulled me by my hand, making me kneel in front of him. I have always been very short, the shortest of my class. Even nowadays, I’m only 5 foot 1. Back then, I was just 4’9. Eric was already 5’4 and at that moment I felt even smaller next to him.

            Eric gave me a quick peck. He slowly unzipped my jacket and lifted my blouse. I was not used to wearing bras, despite my mother’s complains. I felt them uncomfortable and didn’t like them at all. He smiled when he saw I was not wearing a bra. He gently helped me to take off my jacket and my blouse, leaving me completely naked except for my boots.

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   But they were not exactly on the way, so none of us bothered to remove them. There were far better things to do.

            He cupped one of my breasts and I blushed. They were not big and fitted in the palm of his hand perfectly. Eric leaned and took one of my nipples in his mouth, making me moan softly.

            We lay down again and Eric guided my hand to his throbbing cock one more time. I kept stroking him gently for a few minutes until he moaned and called me.

            “Lili…” he said, softly. “Suck it, please. ”

            I got a bit nervous at that time. But then I thought he had given me oral sex a few minutes before and had made me feel wonderful. So it was just fair to return the favour. Taking a deep breath I looked at his hard cock in my hand. Then, putting aside all my doubts and fears, I leaned and put it in my mouth. It was weird, but it was not bad.

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   Actually, when I heard him moan in pleasure I was filled with determination. He had made me cum and it had felt incredibly good, so I was going to make him cum too. I clumsily started to suck his cock. He began to tell me how he liked me to do it and I slowly understood what I had to do to pleasure him. I realized I shouldn’t let my teeth hit it, because it was very uncomfortable and noticed he liked when I licked right under the tip.

            I kept sucking for several minutes until I heard him groan. I felt his cock twitch in my mouth and he soon started to cum. I didn’t know exactly what to do so I just accepted all his cum in my mouth. I stood still, feeling that warm liquid fill my mouth as Eric moaned and jerked. When he finally stopped ejaculating I took his cock out of my mouth and looked around not knowing what to do. I was about to get up and look for something to spit into when I felt him hug me from behind.

            “Swallow it, please”, he asked, whispering in my ear. “It’s gonna mean a lot to me if you swallow. No girl has ever done it for me. ”

            I turned around and our eyes met.

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   I saw how important that was for him so I simply swallowed all his seed. It didn’t taste bad at all actually, but the texture was quite strange. It stuck to my throat. I thought I was going to choke, but it didn’t happen. I finished swallowing and looked back at him.

            “That’s weird”, I said, giggling. He giggled back and hugged me.

            “Thanks, Lili. Really. You don’t know how much this meant to me. ”

            I just hugged him back. We stood still for a few minutes, just enjoying each other’s warmth. Then I felt a chilly wind blowing from the window and shivered. It was really cold and as we began to calm down, I started to actually feel it. Eric noticed I was uncomfortable and got up to close the window.

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            “Better now?”

            “Yes, but I’m still cold”, I said. He smiled, grabbed my jacket from the floor and helped me put it on, zipping it very slowly as he gazed at my body. I blushed slightly under his gaze but sighed in relief.

            “Come”, he said, pointing to his pillows. “Lay down with me. ”

            I took off my boots and socks and placed them beside his bed. Then I crawled to him and rested my head on his chest. He pulled the blankets over us and hugged me protectively. I hugged him back and he started to play with a strand of my hair. I felt so warm and cosy. Then I suddenly felt all tired and ended up falling asleep in his arms just like that, half naked, wearing only my jacket and nothing more.

            I must’ve slept for about forty minutes. When I woke up, Eric was running the tip of his fingers on my face. When he noticed me awake, he smiled.

            “Good morning again, Lili.

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            “Good morning. What time’s it?” I asked, still dizzy.

            “Relax, it’s not eleven o’clock yet. ”

            “Sorry… I fell asleep and left you here alone. ”

            “I slept too. I woke up just a little before you. ”

            Eric messed with my hair and gave me a peck on the lips. The memory of what we had done before we slept rushed back to my mind and I suddenly felt really embarrassed. He noticed I was a bit awkward and frowned, calling my name and making me look into his eyes.

            “Is something wrong, angel?” he asked. Now that was a very funny question. I had had my first kiss, my first orgasm and given my first blowjob just a few minutes before. And I had done everything with the boy of my dreams. My first sexual experience had been amazingly incredible and all thanks to the kindness of that handsome boy, who had made me feel so safe. I wanted to scream, tell him everything was just wonderful, unforgettable and unbelievable.


   Instead, I just nodded with my head.

            We started kissing again. We hugged and cuddled for a while, exploring each other’s bodies. Eric held pulled me him and me closer. Then, suddenly, I felt his cock brushing on my pussy and pushed him.

            “No!” I said, scared. I was not ready for sexual intercourse yet. Eric realized he had pushed too far and his eyes widened. I got scared he would go away and started to panic. “I’m sorry, Eric. I’m just not ready yet… I… I… I’m sorry, please. I’m sorry. ”

            “No, Lili!” he interrupted me putting a finger over my lips. “I’m the one who should apologize. I got carried on; I didn’t mean to force you.

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   I’ll never force you to do anything. I’ll never hurt you. Never. ”

            He hugged me again and caressed my head, whispering in my ear and apologizing desperately. I slowly calmed down.

            Eric smiled at me again and I felt his hand on my thigh. I sighed. He started to rub me again. At that time I discovered how easily I got sexually aroused. Even after the brief moment of fright, I needed only a few touches to get excited and all wet once more. Abandoning all shame and embarrassment, I grabbed his cock and began to stroke him fast.

            I’m not too sensitive on my breasts. I mean, I do like to have them fondled, caressed and massaged. I also like to have my nipples sucked. But what really pleasures me is having my clit rubbed.

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   I cum quite easily when I’m caressed down there. I consider myself quite lucky. I’ve heard stories from women, some of them close friend of mine, saying that they simply can’t cum with their partners and I’m always glad I don’t suffer from that problem. So it didn’t take more than a few minutes to have another delightful orgasm with Eric masturbating me.

            My hand still pumped his cock, going up and down frantically. A few moments after my orgasm, Eric moaned.

            “I’m so close, now… I’m gonna cum, angel!” he said. Without wasting any time so he would not shoot all over the sheets, I knelt beside him and took his cock in my mouth just a few seconds before he started to spurt his seed. I waited until he stopped jerking and took him out of my mouth, swallowing his cum again. It was easier this time since I already knew what to expect.

            I lay beside him again and we stared at each other. As we regained our breaths and began to calm down, my mind started to boil with questions.

            “Eric…” I started, unsure of how to begin. “What’s going to happen now? With us, I mean. ”

            He shook his head.

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            “I don’t know, Lili. Isn’t it strange? You’ve always been by my side. We grew up together and even when I started to hang out with the boys from school, you never let me alone. You never left me. You’re the only girl I can talk about absolutely everything. I don’t know how we didn’t get together before…”

            “It wasn’t your fault. We were raised almost as brother and sister. Besides, I was just too young…”

            “I won’t deny that what just happened was amazing. It meant a lot to me. But I don’t know. I’m confused. I’m not sure what I’m feeling right now. ”

            I felt my heart skip a beat when I heard that, but I tried to sound more mature and grown up than I really was. I couldn’t expect him to fall in love with me all of a sudden after all.

            “That’s ok,” I said.

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   “I don’t want to push you. I do like you very much, Eric. Very, very much. And if you want to be with me, you just have to say. I can wait. I waited until now, I don’t mind waiting a bit more. ”

            I was lying. I d.

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