My First Time (Best Friend's Mom)


Once, I came out of the water and saw her laying on her back on the blanket. As I came closer, I saw that her eyes were shut from the glare of the sun. What a sight! Her legs were open a bit and I could get a clear view of her pussy mound and down a little between her lovely legs. There were actually small tufts of hair peeking out from either side of her suit! Her cunt hair! Glorious, reddish-golden tufts of real cunt hair! My cock was instantly hard and began pressing out the front of my trunks, like a tent. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her cunt, and the wonderful, mysterious hair that was peeking at me. I could even see what I imagined were the puffy lips of her sex, pressing out the material of her suit, between her legs. All I could do was stare with my mouth open. After what seemed like hours, but was really only seconds, she shifted and closed her legs. I tore my eyes away from down there, and realized with a shock that she was looking right at me! She must have seen me staring at her there! And my suit was standing out in front like a big tent! I started to stammer how sorry I was, but she just looked at my tented front, sort of smiled at me and asked me if I wanted a soda. Well, you can imagine how many times I jacked off to that image running through my head. I must have masturbated 3 times between them taking me home and dinnertime. I kept thinking that she wasn’t even mad about me staring at her like that, or about my obvious state in front of her. In fact, she seemed to like it! Every time I thought about her laying open like that for me to see, I got another boner and had to do something about it. I masturbated a few more times before falling asleep that night, and again the next morning, but now I had settled down a bit. Here I was at Paul’s house, picking him up to go skating. As I rang the bell, I was hoping I might get a chance to at least say hi to his mom before we left and see her again.

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   Well, here she was at the door herself in her robe, like she had just come from the shower. “Uhhh, hi, Mrs. Jones. Is Paul ready”?“Sorry, Timmy, he had to go away with his father. He won’t be back until later this evening. But you can come in for a while and have some milk and cookies if you want. ”“Sure … OK. ” And with that she led the way into the house, and as she walked in front of me, my eyes never left the sway of her bottom in the thin dressing robe. It sure looked to me like she had nothing on under it! I was starting to get hard again. Here I was alone with the object of my fantasies! We went into the kitchen and I was treated with the sight of her bending over in the door of the refrigerator as she got the milk. The light shone through the thin material of her gown, and outlined, for a second, the shape of her wonderful woman’s body! I just knew I was never going to be able to get up from the chair. I was just too hard! We chatted for a while about … well . . I don’t really remember, because of her next question. “Timmy, I saw you looking at me yesterday at the beach.

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   Did you like what you saw?”“uhh, ummm, I-I-I’m sorry, Mrs. Jones, I wasn’t trying to look at you. Honest! It just happened”. “It’s OK, Timmy. Don’t be sorry. I thought it was a nice compliment. And I know you liked what you were looking at from your reaction, and the tent in your trunks”. “uhh . . gulp . . uh . . yes, Mrs. Jones.

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   I liked it very much”!“Mmmm, well, there’s no-one here. Would you like to see more?”“Ohh yes!”She stood up and undid the tie on her gown and slowly opened it. I couldn’t believe my eyes! She was completely naked underneath! I was actually looking at the first real naked woman of my young life! I couldn’t get my breath for a few seconds, and I know I was staring again, but I was beyond caring, and I think it was intended that I look all I wanted to. Her breasts were firm and high and topped with dark brown nipples that were standing up as if begging me to leap up and suck on them. She had a flat tummy that rolled slightly down to the most beautiful sight I had ever seen! There was a forest of rich golden-red hair that tried, but failed, to hide the full mound under it, and the pink wrinkly lips that were peeking out from it. I was really, truly, looking at the first real pussy I had ever seen. I know my mouth was hanging open, because she reached over and cupped her hand under my chin, shutting it and gently lifting me from the chair. I looked up into her eyes just as her hand gripped my hard cock under my pants! I was looking right into her eyes as I began to cum in my pants! My God! All she had to do was touch me and I was cumming! I grunted and puffed as I came, and she just smiled and squeezed me tighter, releasing and squeezing as she watched the passion in my young eyes. It seemed as if I would never stop shooting, but eventually I did, and I never even had time to feel embarrassed because she was leading me by the hand into her bedroom. She undid my pants and let them drop to the floor, along with my cum-soaked underwear. Then she took some Kleenex and wiped cum from my once again hardening member, and my stomach and legs. All this time her robe was hanging open, granting me several views of her body. Of course, I was getting hard again. I would have anyway, but with her touching me, and what I was seeing, there wasn’t a chance that I wouldn’t be hard again in no time. I was no way prepared for what she did next.

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   She dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth! She was sucking on my cock! I had never in my 13 years ever felt anything so good! I could feel her tongue swirling around the head of my cock, and sliding along the underside as she pulled me deeper. Her hands wrapped around my buttocks and pulled me into her face, and my now hard cock down her throat. My God! I had seen pictures of this, but never imagined how good it felt! She was making sort of swallowing movements with me deep inside her throat. It felt like a little hand squeezing me and I knew I wasn’t going to last long! “Oooohhhh Mrs. Jones. I-I’m gonna cum again. Don’t, oh, stop, stop, I’ll cum in your mouth if you don’t!”Well, she didn’t hear me, or didn’t care, because she started bobbing her head faster, sliding her mouth the whole length of me and back deep into her throat again, over and over. Suddenly I was cumming again, deep in her throat, shooting jet after jet of cum into her, head arched back, howling like a loon. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I just knew that this had to be the ultimate thrill, and that nothing could ever top it. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong!As I came back to my senses, I looked down and watched as she finished sucking the last of the cum from me. She was smiling with her eyes as she looked into mine, and as my cock popped from her lips, she smacked them and licked them just like a kitten. She actually LIKED my cum in her mouth! I must have been showing my amazement because she smiled and said “Mmmm that was sweet! I love boy juice. Now I want you to do the same for me. ”With that, she stood up and dropped her robe to the floor, lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide, holding her thighs open, head propped on the pillow, and looked me right in the eye and said “I want you to lick me.

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   Make me cum with your mouth!”Well, I didn’t need a second invitation, and lay on the bed between her legs, looking deep into the first cunt I had ever seen up close. She pulled herself open more and I could actually see right inside her! All wet and pink and wrinkled and wonderful! She squeezed her muscles and her opening sort of winked at me as it opened and closed like a little mouth. I was completely fascinated with her, and watched as some juice seeped out of her and trickled down to her ass. She was not rushing me, and gave me all the time I wanted to just lay there and look at her, marveling in the scent and wetness of her. It certainly didn’t turn me off any to know that Paul had come from this hole. In fact it was even more exciting to be looking at my best friend’s mother’s pussy! I would never be the same around her again, and I wondered if Paul knew what she was really like!I timidly reached up and touched one of the pink lips that lay open and to either side of her dark hole. She jumped as if I had touched her with a hot poker, moaning slightly. Encouraged, I took my thumbs and opened her even more, pulling her spongy lips to either side. She moaned louder, and pushed her hips forward and up, getting closer, and even more open than before, her musky excited-woman scent wafting out of her depths. I knew I had never smelt anything so wonderful before! And I was looking right inside a wet, throbbing, excited woman, who had just asked me to make her cum! I looked up to her face and was thrilled for the first time in my life by the look that a male gets from a woman that wants to cum. That wants to have wild passionate love made to her, and wants it now! There is no look like it, nor are there words to describe it, but it will thrill every man to the core whenever he sees it. This woman wanted me to make love to her! Now!I looked again at the wet wonder spread out before me, and then lowered my head until I could touch her with my tongue. I took a timid swipe up along her opening and was rewarded by a sudden gasp and shudder and raising of her hips again, pressing her sex close into my mouth! I pressed my tongue out and into her, my upper lip tight against the top of her cunt, and she went wild! I didn’t know yet about the clitoris, but my lip was in the right place! She gripped the back of my head and spread her legs even wider and pressed up as if she wanted me to dive headfirst into her. So I did my best to do just that!I instinctively drilled my tongue as deep into her as I could, pumping it in and out like a little cock. She gripped my head and rubbed it back and forth, almost bruising my upper lip against her.

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   Her taste was wonderful, and she was getting wetter by the second. She was whimpering and crying, and moaning, pumping her hips up off the bed, fucking my face as I did my best to please her. I looked up and her eyes were closed, her head thrown back, a grimace, almost like pain on her face. Suddenly, she stiffened, hips up off the bed, trembling, shaking, and wailing to the ceiling. I knew she was cumming! A beautiful, mature, sexy woman was actually cumming in my mouth! I was holding her ass up off the bed, fucking her with my tongue and feeling her in the throes of the first woman’s orgasm I had ever experienced. Let me tell you, there is nothing like it in the world!If I hadn’t just cum twice, I would have creamed the bed from the excitement I was feeling. I must have died and gone to heaven. No, wait, not yet!She slowly came down from the high she was riding on and looked down at me, still laying there like a dolt, no doubt with my mouth still hanging open. I didn’t know where to look. Into the warmest eyes I had ever looked upon, her heaving breasts with their erect, tight nipples, or the wide open, flowing and still throbbing opening there under my chin. Thankfully, she solved it for me. Reaching down, she took one of my hands and pulled me up along her. “Fuck me Timmy! Fuck me now! I need to feel you inside me!I want you to fill me with your hot young cum till I overflow with it!”I couldn’t believe my ears. Paul’s mom talking to me like that! I had never in my wildest fantasies come up with anything even half as exciting! As she pulled my up along her, I could feel her smooth skin next to me, and everywhere we touched it felt like hot coals. Suddenly, I was laying full length on her, her smooth thighs on either side of my hips, the hard nipples of her breasts poking me in the chest.

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   She pulled my mouth to hers and kissed me right on my mouth! Even thought I had just been licking her flowing cunt! The thought of that sent me soaring. I never even thought about the salty tang to her mouth that was my cum! She was kissing me with her tongue in my mouth, dancing around with my tongue, sucking it into her mouth, sucking on it like she had done to my cock earlier!I could feel my hardness poking into her groin, but couldn’t seem to get it aimed in the right direction. First it slid down between her ass cheeks, hitting the bed, and then it was up over her mound, grinding almost painfully between us. “Hold on, hold on! Slow down. There’s no rush. ” As she grabbed my hips, stopping my wild thrashing. Then she did something that will be forever burned into my memory. She reached down under her leg, took hold of my raging hardon and started the head of it into her! “Ohmigod! Ohmigod! Oh God, Mrs. Jones, that feels so good! So hot and wet!” “Ooohhh yessss, Timmy. Slide it into me slowly. Fuck me!”Ands suddenly I was a man. I was pressing my cock into the hot, wet depths of a woman. I was finally, actually fucking! I remember the slick wetness and the heat of her as I slid into her to the hilt. Never in my life had I imagined anything to good! She kissed me again as I was sliding deep into her, sucking my tongue into her mouth in time with my cock as it slid into her. Then I hit bottom.

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   I couldn’t get any deeper, but she again surprised me by tilting her hips up, getting me an inch or more deeper. I lay there, propped on my elbows, and felt the wonderful all-encompassing feelings of making love to a warm, wet woman. Mouths open and meshed, tongue being sucked deep inside. Hard excited nipples boring into my chest. Her stomach under mine, as it was shaking and jolting to the thrills of me deep inside her. The smoothness of her open thighs cradling me and pulling me into the treasure! And the feel of her open, tilted pelvis, with me deep inside her, the head of my cock against her cervix, her ass cheeks against my thighs with my balls nestled between them. The moans she was making, deep heartfelt and very exciting primal moans. I was as deep into a woman as I had ever been and would ever be again. This is the moment when a man and woman becomes one, one goal driving both, to give and receive the ultimate pleasure. Now, at last, I was in heaven!Then she begins to move under me, lifting and lowering her hips, causing me to slide in and out a bit. Still sucking my tongue into her mouth. I begin to pump too, but she holds my buttocks to keep me from going too fast in my inexperience. I feel her wetness sucking around my cock as I slide in and out. I can hear the wet sounds of our lovemaking, and smell the wonderful smells we are generating, and I wonder why anyone ever gets out of bed, ever! “Faster, harder, fuck me Timmy, fuck me now! Fuck meeeeee!”Suddenly she is matching my thrusts and I am pumping into her as fast as I can! She is wailing and crying, and I am grunting like a pig. I am riding a wave of energy that I had never known before.


   I look down between us, and watch as my cock slides in and out of her. It seems as if I have never been so big. Her lips pull out on either side of my cock on the outstroke, and then curl back in on the inner. Her juices glisten on the shaft and the noise we are making thrill me. I can even hear my balls slapping her ass each time we hit. I feel it coming. The pressure is building in my balls and I know I am about to cum inside a woman for the first time ever! Then I hear her. “Ohhh Goddd! I’m cu-cumming! Fuck me Timmy. I’m Cuuuummmmiiinnnggggggg!!”I have never heard anything so wonderful! She grips my back and digs her nails in, the pain driving me higher! Her hips are high off the bed, taking me as deep as possible, and suddenly I am cumming inside her! I grip her ass with both my hands, holding it high, lifting onto my toes and shoulder and I pump into her as fast and hard as I can. Pounding into her pelvis and shooting stream after stream of cum into her. I remember seeing stars! I must have been howling, but I only remember how she sounded and felt as she writhed and came under me! What a wonderful thrill for a 13-year old boy. A gorgeous, mature, experienced woman fucking me as if I knew what I was doing, and cumming right along with me!Slowly, gradually, our movements cease. I am still deep inside her, and can feel her internal muscles gripping and then releasing me as she hangs there in that orgasmic state I have learned we experience after wonderful, complete lovemaking. I never want this feeling to end, and I know deep inside that this lovemaking might be equaled, but never bettered. My softening cock sort of pops out of her on one of the squeezes, and I can feel the rush of our juices flowing out of her, past the shaft and down her ass to the bed.

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   She gives a long slow sigh, and pulls my mouth down to hers again, this time kissing me with a kiss that is different. This is a deep soul wrenching, loving kiss that is as wonderful in its way as the more passionate lovemaking kisses. The kiss goes on forever, and then she tells me that I am the best lover she has ever had. Maybe so, maybe, not, but that is the ultimate thing to say to an inexperienced 13-year old. My heart swells with boyish love for this wonderful woman. She was my first, and she introduced me to the wonders of making love in the nicest way possible, no surprise or complaint at my fumbling. She gently guided me through the wonders and delights that can be found with a compatible lover that wants nothing more than to make their partner leave the world for a few seconds in a blinding orgasm. We lay there side by side on her bed, breathing gradually coming back to normal, and then I got the surprise of my young life!“Paul, you can come out now. I think I have broken him in to our secrets here! Now we can have fun together!” And with that, Paul came out of the closet where he had been watching, naked and with the biggest hardon I had ever seen!To be continued:.

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