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The time of this takes place when i'm at the age of 16. to start off i came to US when i was 10 from Czech Rep. When i turned 16 i finallt got my first job when one of my dad's friends offered me a job at his restraunt as a boss boy. I gladly accapted the first month i was trained on how to do all this junk but hey i had to make money some how. working there was ok but it got much better when he startred having me work nights. first night i worked i saw a girl with one of the best boddies ever. her name was Veronika and she was from Albania. man was she smoking hot. she was about 5'10 around 135 lbs her breast were a medium size , but the thing that turned me on the most about her was her amazing ass. it was big and round and everytime i looked at it i was getting hard that instant. i was about 5'7 120 lbs at that time. from the night i met her i'd always spend my nights jacking off thinking of me having sex with her perfect body. the time came and one we were closing down and as usual i check out her ass everytime she passed me by. but this time she bent over and a nice g string poped out. i had to try real hard not to just reach out start caressing her ass.   once we began closing down the restraunt i had the job of mopping the bathrooms and at the end of each night the waitresses would tip me money for my help.

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   and this time i was just mopping away and decided to take a leak. after i finished i shook it around and herd the door opening. it was her veronika. i was so dumb founded i just stood there as she was looking down at my soft 4 inch dick. we did not say anything as she walked up to me and just pushed my pants down to make ankles and pushed me back on the toilet seat. i sat there and watched as she hiked up her mini skirt and dropped her g string. without a hesitation she straddled me grabbing my dick and slowly putting it in her cunt. she started bucking up and down nice and slow while kissing me and licking my neck. it was the best feeling ever having a 24 girl riding ur dick with the nicest ass ever. i was feeling so great her ass cheeks smacking against my balls. the feeling of her shaved pussy sliding up and down on my dick was way too much for me to handle and i cummed right in her vagina i wasn't aware of it at the time but she came at the same time because her pussy got real tight around my dick and she bit my dick to hold back her loud mouns.   she got off me and i was real upset we were fiinishing up allready but she just said she wanted to switch positions. she turned around and lowered herself back down but to my surprise she took my dick and aimed it at her ass. my 6. 5 in dick wasn't all that hard for her to put in and she started grinding on me.

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   i was just rubbing up on her ass admiring my dick sliding in and out of her. we did this for about ten minutes before i came again and got soft. we got ourself cleaned up kissed for a bit longer before we left for the day. after that incident we had sex only about 5 more times as i found out she was married. then i finally got a different job and when i went back to visit i found out she had quit as well.                                   THE END.
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