My Freshman Girlfriend, Part I


Topic: My Freshman Girlfriend, Part I~The When I was a junior in highschool I was having my luck change with girls.   I lost my virginity at the age of 13 while in the 8th grade, and since I live in a small town word travelled quick and no girl in my grade or older wanted anything to do with me.   I loved sex, but thats not all I enjoyed in relationships.   The only good thing that came out of this was my new nickname "The Ocho". I'm not hispanic, rather I'm of Irish decent, my nickname was given to me in Freshman year Spanish I when my ex-girlfriend told everybody that I had an eight inch penis.   Ha. . . for some reason she thought that was small, but to her disapointment that is above average.   Nobody believed me until I proved it at a party I got drunk at, but still girls wanted nothing to do with me because they thought I would turn them into a slut like what happened with my 8th grade Sophmore year was relativly uneventful with girls, but when I hit Junior year I must have hit some new level because all of the freshman girls wanted me.   I won't lie, I'm not exactly tone, but I play soccer and have great leg muscles.   My stomach isn't a 6-pack, more of 2-pack.   Durring my Junior year I became a very prominent member of my highschool's Drama Club, which is how I met my freshman girlfriend.   My school does a "Shakespearian Festival" every year and I was one of the main roles, and my future girlfriend was a servant girl who was basically the maid for my table.   About a week after the final night of the festival I received an e-mail from the girl, Liz (short for Elizabeth, obviously).   The e-mail explained how she had come to like me, but that she didn't know me that well and wasn't sure where this would go.

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    I immidiatly began hatching plans, but I decided to play it cool for now.   I told her that I would have to get to know her a bit better before anything could happen, but that I was interested.   Roughly two weeks later we began Let me take this moment to describe Liz for you.   She was not your average girl.   She was skinny, but not sickly belemic skinny.   I can't tell you for sure what her bra size was, but she was my little A-cup Angle, I know that for sure.   She had long brown hair and piercing green eyes.   She wasn't "hot" but she was definetly cute.   Durring the two weeks I spent getting to know her better I learned that she was basically a goddess of the bass guitar.   She was involved with a small local band that, has actually done quite well within our home state, but that is besides the point.   She was exactly what I needed to, relieve some pressure in my shorts. ~The begining of the I decided that I would take this naiive virgin freshman slowly.   The beginning of our relationship was cute.   Our first kiss was on Valentines day, and I asked for it in a cute way.   "Would it be a cliché if our first kiss was on Valenties Day" I asked.

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    But before she could respond I leaned in and gave her a strong kiss on the lips as she sat there speechless I said, "I never really worried to much about making clichés".   With that she began to feverously kiss me.   Thinking ahead I told her that, we should wait because that would be moving to fast.   The young girl believed me. . . sad.
        After about a month of dating we began to regularly make out, but I would never allow myself or her to go beneath the clothing, and she was just eating it all up.   But I knew what I was waiting for.   Prom was within a few weeks and I had big plans.         One of her friends soon got a huge crush on one of my single buddies.   So with a little help from Liz we pushed her friend, Natasha, and my friend, Kyle, into a relationship.   This would only help with my later plans.
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