My friends brother and me.


I was having a sleepover with my friend and the two of us are bi and we often enjoy a session together having lovely girl sex together.

This time she was on the rag and sex wasn’t desirable and we decided to give it a miss as there would be plenty of other times.

I was really on heat and I said I wanted to masturbate if she didn't mind. She was cool about it as we had often done it together in the past.

While I was fingering myself she was sitting with me as I gave myself a workout.

I came and had a wonderful experience knowing she was watching. After I had recovered and felt a bit sorry for her I asked her if she would like to give me a fingering herself.

She was really happy to do it to me and as I laid back and enjoyed the experience she was giving me I played with her tits and fingered her ass hole.

She gave me a wonderful orgasm which I really enjoyed. After it we talked for a while and then she said why don’t I ask Mike if he might like to give you a fuck. Mike was her brother who is two years younger than us but I liked him and I wouldn’t mind giving him a bit of extra experience.

She went out to his room – still naked and she asked him to come to her room she wanted him to see something. When he arrived I was there fingering myself madly and I said how would you like to finish me off.

He was really surprised that I would ask him and said are you sure.

I said I wouldn't ask if I didn't want him to.

Jan his sister said why don’t you – You might not get an opportunity to fuck an older girl again .

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Shit he said – this is unreal I would love to and he said when – I said right now get your pants off and lets get into it.

He looked at Jan and said are you going to watch.

She said if you don’t mind – I would love to watch the two of you fucking each other.

He said he didn't know if he could with his sister watching.

She said OK I will wait outside until you do it.

As she left he dropped his pants and out popped this beautiful hard cock. He pulled his shirt off while I studied and fondled his 7 inch hard magnificent looking cock that was as stiff as a pole. It felt great in my hand and I thought it would feel better inside me. I told him how good it looked and felt and that I was sure I would enjoy him fucking me.

Jan had told me she already knew that he could use it and use it well, but she was not wasn’t going to tell me who the girls were.

I looked at Mike and his beautiful cock said lets get started.

He got down on top of me and without any kissing or anything he slipped his cock into me and it felt great, even though I had cum twice my cunt was still sensitive enough to feel him going up inside me. The sensation of his hot naked body on top of me felt great. Then he began to fuck me. His cock was well and truly inside me and I liked the sensation.

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   As he fucked me he said could I feel your tits – I really love feeling a girls tits.

I said by all means – I love having them played with and I got him to do the things I enjoy like, squeezing my nipples and I let him suck on them which was a first for him. All this was going on and he was still fucking me like a pro.

After about five minutes Jan sang out has he cum yet and I yelled back no – and I don’t want him to for ages - he is fantastic. I then said why not let Jan in – she cant do any harm. He was enjoying fucking me and playing with my tits so he said OK.

She came in and she watched us. I said he is fantastic – its a pity you cant try it with him. He laughed and said if you only knew. She is no innocent sister. She can fuck like a real pro.

I said how do you know. He looked at Jan and she pulled a face and she said we have done it together a few times – but please don’t tell anybody. I let him fuck me on his first time. We had masturbated a few times and one night I came home after I had been fucking and he knew who I did it with and asked me what he was like.

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We talked about it for ages and while we talked he pulled his cock out and began to masturbate in front of me. We had both done it together before and I finished it off for him. Two days later our parents were out for the night and he asked me if he could fuck me - for his first time so he would know what to do. At first I said no but we talked about it together for a while. I gradually began to get hot and thought why not. We talked about the fact that what we were planning to do was incest and what would happen if I got pregnant to him. He said he would pull out before he came. I was a bit hesitant and we talked and finally I agreed I would. He had to promise absolutely he would not cum inside me.

He agreed and he got ready to fuck a girl for the first time. I knew what it was like but it was his first time and wanted him to enjoy himself. .

As he went up inside me, he said how good it felt and it was so different to wanking. I was a bit concerned that it was my brother fucking me but he was more than happy.

He went hard at it and we fucked but he was a bit quick.

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   He was about to cum after only a few minutes – he was that quick. As he had promised he did not cum inside me and he pulled his cock out and ejaculated his cum all over me. I lay there as his cum covered me, it was the most unusual fuck I had ever had. I liked being fucked but I was a bit concerned I was actually doing it with my brother.

After wards we talked about it and he told me he enjoyed his first time but was sorry he was so quick. Then he asked me if I would like him to try again. I was happy enough to after all we had done it once so a second time wouldn’t matter.

Then he got onto me to try again and see if he could last longer – he said he had been really worked up and this may have made him cum quickly. We agreed to try again .

The next time he got his cockinto me, I wanted to make it last long enough for me to cum and I rubbed my clit while he fucked me . This time he kept it going long enough for me to cum. It felt weird with me having an orgasm and my brother fucking me. I cant say it was the best orgasm I ever had but it was an orgasm so I suppose it was OK. He hadn’t cum but he took his cock out to wank it off. I decided to give him something special and I sucked it off for him and I actually swallowed it all, my brothers cum, once more it felt sort of wrong to be doing it, but I had sucked off a lot of boys I didn't really know before so I suppose it just felt like one of them.

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Fuck me I said you two have really got something to talk about for all your lives.

He was still fucking me as Jan and I were talking and he was doing me pretty well. I could feel him inside me and my cunt was enjoying him fucking it. I said have you ever done it doggy style and he said no only like this with me on top.

I said OK then pull it out and we can do it that way for a change.

He pulled out and I got up on my all fours and he got behind me and began to slip his cock back up my cunt. Jan was very interested in what we were doing – she said I have never done it like that, how does it feel.

He said absolutely wonderful, feeling her cheeks as I fuck her feels really good and fucking her is great. I said it feels different and I don’t mind it this way as I can get to move with him and do some of the work. He put his hands around and played with y tits which were swinging back and forth with the rhythm of him fucking me, It felt great.

Jan said have you ever done cowgirl and I said a few times. He said whats that and I said that's when I am on top and fucking you.

I told them there are not many ways I haven't done it. Remember Jack the gym teacher, I had done it a couple of times with him and one night his brother was there and after everybody had left he suggested I might like to try an older guy. He had a great cock and the biggest I had ever seen – god he was almost 30 and I was 15 – and I did it with him.


   It felt strange having a guy that old fucking me but he was really nice and showed me heaps of things you can do. He fucked me in so many different ways but only came twice, it was really cool.

He said that sounds great lets do it. He pulled out and said OK how do we do it and I got him lying down and I held his wonderful hard 7 inch cock and positioned myself above it and slowly guided it into my cunt and gradually lowered myself down onto it.

I worked my self up and down on his cock and Jan was fascinated and watched. Then I said I will do it reverse cowgirl and I spun around without taking his cock out of me and Jan was absolutely gob smacked as she watched his cock slip up and down in my cunt. Because his cock was reasonably long I was able to keep it up me without coming out and I was really having a great time.

He said shit I am going to cum, get off. I said its OK I am on the pill – you can cum inside me , I wont mind. He started to cum and I rubbed my clit and I came almost at the same time and his cock was hard enough for me to be able to do it and enjoy it. He said that was the first time he had cum inside a girl.

After that I got off him and he went into the bathroom to clean himself up.

I followed him and got into the shower and told him to get in with me and we had a shower together and had some fun grabbing his cock and him slipping his finger into my cum filled cunt and getting his cum out. He also loved sucking my nipples with the water showering all over us. He said I must be like sucking a tit with milk in it.

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After we finished we both went back to Jan's bedroom and we talked about how good it was fucking him. Jan and I compared notes about what we liked about him fucking us. He was fascinated and said one night we should have a three some. He said you two can handle sex together while I fuck or suck you at the same time.

I said to Jan that's sounds like fun – when you are off the rag we should try it.

Jan said the sooner the better – having a brother is not bad – I think we can both handle this now – after my periodI am starting on the pill so it wont matter if he cums in me now.

That can be my next story.