My fun night after school


How i lost my virginity.
Her name was Kate, she was about 5 ft 3’’ slender build but with the most amazing tits ever, for a girl her size to have perky boobs and still be a size 32 E confused me.   Her ass was really peachy and she had a smile that would knock anyone dead.   She was 15 at the time and i was 14, we had been together for two months and hadn’t done anything sexual yet, but that all changed in one day.
She came round mine after school, as soon as i shut the door she grabbed me and locked me in a tight kiss, he tongue going deep into my mouth exploring and wrestling with my tongue.   I picked her up and went upstairs holding the kiss as i went; i laid her down on my bed breaking the kiss for the first time just looking in her eyes.   I lightly kissed her neck and she shudder, i gently bit her neck which i knew she loved and would turn her on.   She lifted my top off, rubbing her hands all over my toned body.   I stopped kissing her, let her sit up then pulled her jumper and shirt off in one.   I ran my hand up her stomach onto her tit grabbing it and massaging it, she let out a little moan which showed me she liked it so i reached behind her with my other hand and undid her bra letting it fall, releasing those beauties; she blushed.  I kissed her hard then told her not to worry and to lie down.   I ran my tongue down her neck in-between her cleavage then back up fastening my lips over her nipple flicking my tongue over them in circles.   With my other hand i was pinching and twisting her other nipple, her breathing became shallow and she started to squirm.  
She pulled me off and told me it was my turn to lay down so i did, she went down my body rubbing her hands all over me then came to my shorts and boxers and in one swift movement pulled them both down letting my 8 inch erection lose, her eyes widened and she licked her lips.   She wrapped her small fingers round my shaft gently stroking up and down smoothly, she laid a kiss on my bell end sending a shiver down my spine which she obviously felt because at this she let loose and took my cock into her mouth swirling her tongue round and round sucking gently bobbing her head up and down.   I started to groan quietly, she lifted off and said she wanted my cum in her mouth so i just told her to carry on what she was doing.

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    She did just that but picked up her pace bobbing and sucking quicker and quicker until my balls tightened and i shot wad after wad of cum down her throat she tried her best to swallow but couldn’t help letting a little bit fall out of her mouth.  
She got up and smiled that smile that i loved i had to return the favour quickly so i flipped he over lifted her skirt up and with my teeth ripped her panties off.   I smelled that sweet aroma that i loved and it was evident that she was very horny as her pussy was dripping wet.   I ran my finger slowly up her slit not getting to her clit, then back down teasing her hole,  she was thrusting her hips forward wanting my fingers in her but i wouldn’t let her yet, i ran my finger up her again then i pinched her clit, rolling it around in my fingers then circling it quickly making her squirm, i went back down her wet slit and put my middle finger in slowly spreading her tight hole, i added a second finger into her wet pussy picking up the pace, she started to moan loudly so i put my mouth round her clit and sucked gently flicking my tongue over it.   I took my fingers out and replace them with my tongue as far as i could into her pussy, she moaned even louder so i explored inside her licking her walls and going as deep as i could while rubbing my palm over her clit, she screamed in ecstasy and without warning her juices came flooding down into my mouth and licked them all up, i came up form between her legs and she kissed me like she never had before pulled away and said i love you so much i want your cock in me now take my cherry.   I wasn’t a boy to disappoint so she could have what she wanted.
I laid down on my back with my now hard cock sticking up, she squatted over it then gently lowered herself on my helmet parting her wet lips and sliding in as her cum lubricated her pussy, my cock struggled to go further so I pushed up spreading her tight virgin pussy wide, she went as far as she could before it hurt, I was resting on her hymen, I told her not to worry it wouldn’t hurt to much and i loved her so much.   These words reassured her and she slammed down on my cock hard breaking her own cherry, she screamed a scream that was a mixture of pure pleasure and pain.   She started to gather pace sliding her wet pussy up and down over my rock hard cock, the feel of her moist, warm virgin pussy on my dick was pure heaven; she was now going quickly throwing her head back moaning loudly while those massive tits were bouncing in front of my face, she shouted oh my god I’m cumming and i restrained myself from doing it, i felt her warm juices run out of her sopping pussy down my dick and onto my thighs.  
She said u didn’t cum well we will have to sort that out, she got on all fours on the bed and stuck her ass up presenting herself for me, she said we might as well do everything i want your cock to be the first in my ass, this blew my mind not in a million years would i have expected her to say this but i wasn’t going to let her down.   I spread her cheeks and tongued her ass hole to get it lubed up but then just got some of her pussy juice and rubbed it in thrusting my fingers as far in as they would go lubing up inside her ass hole.
      I couldn’t believe how tight it was.   I positioned my cock outside her ass and pushed hard my head just pushing through but it seemed as though her sphincter wasn’t going to grant me access, she really wanted me to cum so she pushed back as hard as she could and with an “ouch” from her my cock slid in about one or two inches, i pulled out slowly and pushed back in, she started to moan, with one mighty push i thrusted my whole dick into her ass she screamed louder than ever.   I rested in her for a while letting her ass muscles get used to my intrusion, i pulled out all the way then pushed all the way back in, she was furiously finger fucking her pussy with three fingers so i thought id match her pace thrusting in and out of her like a jack hammer her screaming and making herself cum with her fingers, she screamed again that she was cumming this tightened her ass hole which was too much for me i shot my load deep into her ass and we collapsed on my bed.
    We lay together me still in her for a while, she whispered in my ear i can feel your cum in my ass.

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      . . i love it.   I kissed her deeply and pulled out of her ass, we fell asleep soon after, cum still dripping from her pussy and asshole.  
    We woke up with the house still free, kissed each other then realised we needed a shower but that’s another story all together.
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