my gf and i


Finally the weekend came and my friends and I were having a party. Of course my girlfriend was going to be there and lots of other people. So that night, me and my girl friend steph went over to my friends place. Steph was quite a beautiful girl. 16 years old, 5’6” a nice small round ass . she had 32b breasts which were small but alright I guess. That night, when we arrived most people were already there. So we just sat and chilled with friends for a while. Then we started drinking and stuff. We played drinking games for a while . as it got later, some people that had to go home started leaving but steph and I were going to spend the night there instead of going home drunk and getting into deep trouble. So steph and I and a couple other friends stayed late and we kept drinking lots. After 1am , steph started getting dizzy and was acting kind of drunk, so we stopped drinking and we just played some card games . it was quite fun because everyone was atleast half drunk including me which was funny. But I wasn’t as bad as my friend who couldn’t even stand up. So she just fell asleep on the floor and we left her there.

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   Then it was later than 3am and steph was very tired so she wanted to go to sleep, so we went to the room and she collapsed on the bed and I laid there beside her under the blanket. She hugged me because she was cold and it felt so nice. My dick started getting big so I moved a bit so it wouldn’t touch her. She feel asleep quite fast but I was still wide awake for some reason. I had a bit of energy left in me so I just laid there for a while. Then I stared at steph, her beautiful face, long black hair, and gave her a kiss. She didn’t move, so I took my hand, and reached over her shirt and touched her breasts. They were so nice and soft. She was wearing a bra so I couldn’t feel them very well so I went under her shirt and then under her bra and wow. It was the best feeling on earth. It felt so good and her nipples were so soft. Then she started to move a bit so I took my hand out from under her shirt. Then when she stopped moving, I slowly drifted my hand onto her tummy . it felt so warm and nice, so I started moving my hand down under her pants, then I reached her panties and slowly started going under. It was so warm and then I felt a bit of hair there.

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   I knew she didn’t shave because she was a “good” girl. It felt so good that I moved lower and lower very slowly being careful not to wake her. Then when I got close to the top of her pussy, her hand reached over and pulled my hand out. I was afraid she would’ve woke up and slapped me or something but nothing happened.
    She left my hand on her tummy. So I then waited a minute for her to doze back off into a hopefully deeper sleep. Then I started moving my hand back down her pants. I carefully undid the button to her jeans and let the zipper down so that there would be more room for me. So then I slowly drifted down towards her pussy again, it felt so good and I was almost there. I felt her hand move a bit towards my hand so I used my other hand to stop it. I reached lower until I felt some wetness. Then I reached lower until I was touching her pussy. It felt so soft and wet. I rubbed her a bit and she moaned and she started resisting. I could feel her hand trying to move my hand out of her pants, but I stopped her.

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       I reached to the bottom of her pussy and then slowly started sliding my finger in. I knew she was a virgin and she was so tight. It felt so good I couldn’t imagine anything else better in the world. I got my finger in a little and then she moved so I slid it out and her hand pulled my hand away from her pussy. Then she relaxed and fell asleep again. I took my hand and tried to pull her pants down but she woke up a bit and so I pretended I was sleeping. I guess she fell asleep because when I opened my eyes again, it was morning. She was still beside me and woke up a bit after, I walked her home and she didn’t really talk about last night.

    to be continued . . .

    please give me comments on my first story . it is 100% true.

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