My girlfriend and I


Being a 15 year asian old boy at a prestigious boarding school in the States doesn't seem so far-fetched. Like all asians, my dick wasn't too big: 6 inches. But unlike all the other geeky asians in my grade, i was a jock. I worked out once every 2 days, undefeated rookie wrestler (145 lbs), pretty good lax player, and I had a hot girlfriend. Her name was Lisa, and she was the hottest asian in our grade. She was a swimmer and sported a body to prove it. Her firms tits were either big B's, or small C's. and my god did i love her body. Her long black hair fell down to her shoulders, and her tight ass jutted out like a homing beacon for all eyes.
This is the story of our "adventures". Some parts may be part of my fantasy.

Saturday Morning ( Day 1):

"Good morning, love" I said and kissed her. My hand at their usual place on her body, her two tight butt cheeks. Today she wore awhite tanktop, and some jeans. . .

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  no bra. No panties? Well I guess i would have to find out. We stepped into her dorm like we usually do on Saturdays and sat on a nice secluded couch in a small secluded room. The dorm was always almost empty on Saturdays. So we basically could do anything we wanted. But just in case we get caught we would be "watching" a movie on her lap top. Today we were watching "The Prestige", since I told her it was a good movie and we should watch it. So we did. And pretty soon her head was on my shoulder, her arms on my thighs. My arm was over her shoulder with my hand under her shirt. My other hand was on her jeans right over her crotch. She looked up and I kissed her open mouth. Passionately our tongues wrapped themselves around each other. My hand squeezed her tit so that she moaned into my mouth a little. i broke the kiss and started sucking on her neck.

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   She sighed and wrapped her hands around my back. My hand found the hem of her tanktop and lifted it up so that her two beautiful tits were exposed. I pushed her down on the couch and she held my head as I sucked on her tits. she moaned and squirmed, pushing my head harder down onto her tits. i came up and brought her up with me. I gave her a soft peck as she smiled and whispered "Thanks for taking advantage of me" feigning her indignance. We made out again, but we heard some ruckus in the next room so we quickly assumed our neutral positions on the couch. After a minute our anxiety passed, and our horniness returned. We made out with renewed feelings of lust. One of her hands was on my cheek, the other on my chest. Both my hands were hard at work feverishly trying to undo her button and her zip up on her jeans. I yanked her jeans down, and saw she was wearing black laced panties. My dick got even harder almost immediately. i pushed against the couch and my hand slid over her panties. She was wet and waiting for me.

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   So I rubbed her through her panties, and her breath came in sudden rasps as I found her clit. She groaned into my mouth as I forcefully rammed my fingers into her pussy through her panties. But as soon as I stopped, she seemed confused and broke our kiss. In that moment i stuck my hand down her panties and fingered her with one finger. She gasped and I kissed her forcefully so she didn't make too much noise. Her pussy wasn't as tight as it was the first time I had fingered her a couple of months back so one finger really only got her started. she panted as my finger explored her pussy, but she gasped and groaned when i inserted another finger into her. But just as quickly I pulled them out and she whimpered. she gazed up at me and i rested my forehead on hers. She closed her eyes and was about to kiss me, when I rammed my two fingers up her pussy as far as they could go. She arched her back and groaned. I quickly covered her mouth with mine to shut her up. But I didn't stop there, i rammed my fingers up and down making her moan and groan, and produced a soft smacking sound in her pussy. she panted and groaned as she whispered through clenched teeth, "I'm coming!" My whole hand was doused in her pussy juices as they flowed out of her love hole. After a few more seconds I pulled my fingers out and started rubbing her pussy.

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   She was wetter than ever. Her two fat lips seemed to want more since they wouldn't close the gap to her beautiful wet hole. she panted as I rubbed her clit, but I was even more surprised when her hand found its way to my dick. I let her pussy be and wiped my wet hand all over her tits. As her hand moved up and down over my jeans where my hard dick was pounding i twisted her titties and she smiled. I gave her a hand with my jeans and slid them down just a bit. She reached into my boxers and gave my dick a squeeze. I winced, and kissed her. I took hold of her hand and pumped it up and down my dick, it felt so good once she got the rhythm. I panted into her mouth and broke the kiss and groaned as she pumped my dick with more intensity. When I felt I was about to blow my load, I gasped out "I'm gonna cum!" and she let me blow my load all over her beautiful tits. She had never given a blowjob to anyone yet so she wasn't gonna lick me clean so I just sighed and sat back down. For the rest of the morning we had an intense make out sessions with bits of a handjob and finger fucking in between.

Friday Afternoon (Day 2):

Today was the day everyone was leaving for Winter Break. Lisa and I were nearly inseparable.

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   Making out in all the secluded corners, maybe sucking on her titties once in a while if we were totally secluded. And on weekend nights, we would "take a walk" to a nearby park or out to the field behind the old science building where we would get down to business. On average I'd at least make cum once a day. If she was really horny she'd squirt her juices down her legs and all over my hands. Anyway today was the day everyone was leaving.

Lisa lived in Canada, so her flight was at 6. She would be leaving Campus at 4. So today of all days we spent nearly every moment together. We had a free period in the morning so I went to the music room to pick up my guitar cable. We walked hand in hand, talking and laughing the whole walk there. the music room had a key lock on it, so only 50 people out of 600 knew the passcode. And one thing led to another and i had her pressed against a wall, with her mouth sucking in my tongue. I desperately pulled down her sweatpants and got on my knees. I stuck my tongue in her hole and tasted her sweetness. She squirmed and moaned, one hand on my head pressing down hard, another on the wall to keep her steady.

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   She came silently, and I pulled her pants back up. and gave her a soft kiss on the mouth. She smiled and wrapped her arms around me.
"I'm really gonna miss you, Ray. "
"Me too," I whispered and grabbed both her asscheeks and lifted them. She Laughed and kissed me full on the mouth.

After School was out, Me and Lisa hung out in the main building (called the Student Center). The freshmen area consisted of 4 couches and we sat on the far one, the one in the corner. Some other classmates joined us, and after listening to their boring talk of winter plans, and lame jokes we decided to leave. We took a walk and I somehow wound up leading her to the library. The side door was always open, so we went in and saw a sign on the wall that said Library Closed. We didn't care. We headed up to the second floor. and when we reached it, I pushed her against a wall and kissed her feverishly. I opened the door to the second floor of the library and picked her up by her thighs.

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   I set her down in a chair and kissed her while I lifted up her shirt and pulled down her sweatpants. my mouth slowly moved down her body, leaving a slick trail of saliva on her neck all the way down to her wet pussy. I cuddled and squeezed her tits as I sucked on them and licked them up, she squirmed and moaned, and I quickly moved on to kissing her stomach and then her pussy. I sucked in her sweet scent and sucked hard on her pussy. she gasped, and groaned. Arching her back as she panted, my tongue flying in and out of her. I grabbed her titties and massaged them as I continued to lick her sweet juices, not leaving a single drop until finally she arched her back with one loud groan and spasmed, spraying her sweet juices into my mouth. She panted and looked at me as I gave her one last kiss on her clit. She pulled me towards her and kissed me like she had never done before. She held my head to her, and this kiss seemed endless. By now my dick was rock solid and there was no way it was getting soft, so I had to break the kiss. I moved my hand over her tits, making her tits stand up once again. My hand moved down lower and without thinking I inserted 2 fingers into her pussy and starting pumping her sweet juices out, immediately she started moaning into my mouth, egging me to go on. But I stopped and withdrew one finger. I didn't know what i was doing.

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  . . but all of the sudden I had inserted it into her tight ass hole. She gasped, but she was ready for one finger. with a finger in each hole I pumped her hard and made her cum all over again. While she was still recovering I slowly inserted a second finger into her ass hole.
"Owwwww. . . that hurts Ray. . . " She whimpered. So I kissed her reassuringly and started pumping her asshole. She gripped my shoulders hard and moaned with pain and pleasure.

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   I couldn't be too rough with her so I pulled out and started kissing her neck. I licked my way up to her ear and whispered as she moaned, "Can I get a little something too?"
She stopped moving for a second. I backed off and looked at her. She smiled and got out of the chair. She took me and pushed me down onto the chair. In a matter of moments, she had undone my belt, unzipped my jeans and pulled my pants along with my boxers down. Like last time she took my dick and started pumping it really slow. She seemed a bit tentative so she started to lick my dick slowly. I moaned, and she noted my satisfaction so she slowly put her mouth on my dick. She pumped my dick with her hands while her tongue licked my dick from inside her hot mouth. It felt too goof. I groaned and pressed her head on my dick. She let me of my dick and started pumping her head on it. Sucking as she went. It felt so good I sighed and groan a bit.

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"Ah, Lisa that feels so good. Mmmmmm. . don't stop. "
I started fucking her head until I was ready to cum, she must've sensed it since she started pumping my dick even harder and she took her mouth off and aimed my cock towards her mouth. I held her head there, and blew my load all over her face. It was a HUGE load. Most of the cum went into her mouth just as she planned, I gave her a small facial and some cum leaked onto her titties. She seemed like the perfect slut right there. She smiled and swallowed every last drop of cum.
I pushed her down and knealt on top of her. I took her hands and held them over her head. So she couldn't move. I kissed every inch of her, some parts more passionately than others. She closed her eyes and moaned.


"Ray. . . Fuck me. Please, do it. " she kicked off her sweatpants and spread her legs for me. Revealing just how wet she still was. She started rubbing herself to get her even more moist and whispered.
"I. . . I'm ready. . . "
Fuck yeaa! I thought and just as I leaned over her, we heard a door close on the floor below us.

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   Our eyes grew wide and we flipped. Lisa got up quick and I handed her her sweatpants. I sucked on her titties one last time and pulled her shirt down. My pants were up in a flash, and we slowly made out way out of there. The last thing Lisa gave to me was her panties, still smelling like her juices she had spilt not too long ago.
That was the last time we did anything. . . for the next two weeks.

Sunday Afternoon (Day 3):

O. K. , that last sentence was a lie. You see I live in Japan, and there is absolutely nothing to do in Japan. So there are always some girls that wanna do something. So one day I came across this girl who had fucked a friend of mine, we started talking and one thing led to another and all her clothes off and so were mine.

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   Her juices were all over my body and my cum was all over her face. I was jus about to fuck her, when I thought about Lisa. . . I bailed. And the rest of Winter break only consisted of a few more hook ups. nothing more.

Back at school, nothing much changed. Me and Lisa met up, and told each other how much we missed each other, which lead to hooking up, some more hook ups and some more. . . we never got tired.
The nearest Monday after we got back, we had a huge lab report due and everyone was freaked. So since I was acing my physics class, Lisa came to me that Sunday afternoon and asked for my help. Standing outside my door, Lisa was wearing sweatpants, and a shirt that showed a bit of her stomach and made her boobs look absolutely magnificent.

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   The one thing I loved about Lisa's body was her beautiful tasty titties. I let her in and we sat ourselves down at a computer. In moments we were hard at work trying to fix her lab report. . . and other stuff. As she typed on the keyboard my hand would sometimes find its way up her shirt, or down her pants. I enjoyed watching her struggle to type as my fingers worked an orgasm out of her. After she had finished, we went down to my room (with the permission of faculty. . . of course) and had a nice time. As soon as we got into the room, we were making out and i lifted her up and set her ass down on my bed, my hands worked their way up her shirt and it came off, her black bra was thrown somewhere in my closet. My tongue darted over her titties as I removed her sweats revealing a clean shaven pussy. I set my head down in between her legs and ate her like there was no tomorrow.

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   She had two simultaneous orgasms. Pretty soon I was naked, and her mouth was lodged on my cock, sucking it dry and her hands pumping it as if my cum were endless. I lifted her up and smacked her ass around a bit and pushed her out flat. I lay down on top of her and held her hands over her head. My chest rubbed against her hard titties and she moaned,
"Fuck me Ray. . . Please. I don't care if I'm too young. I really just want to fuck you. "
I kissed her and sucked in her tongue as I guided my dick inside her. She groaned into my mouth, as I slid my hard stick very slowly into her waiting wet hole. When it was all in I pumped it slowly, since I knew it would hurt her. But after a few thrusts she grabbed my ass and thrusted up with her pussy to meet my dick. i parted out kiss and fucked her hard, she groaned and moaned, arching her back as i thrust in and out.

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   I took her tit into my mouth and rammed her even harder. She turned me over, and now she was on top. she thrust her hips forward and back, and my dick felt alive in her. Her wet walls contracting all around my stick, somehow my dick wanted more. so I lifted her off and set her on all fours. I put my fingers inside her and made her gasp. So i quickly shoved my cock in her and fucked her long. She gasped and fell on to the bed, moaning in time with each thrust. Overall with those 3 positions I made her cum 2 times. I stopped and pulled out and smacked her ass around. She yelled and laughed. i kissed her ass and flipped her over. Immediately i covered her mouth with mine and our tongues intertwined I fucked her good. Without stopping I fucked her harder than I had, and fast as I could. She moaned into my mouth and groaned louder as she grew closer to an orgasm.

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   I was panting hard and clenching my teeth trying not to cum until she had. But finally I couldn't hold it, I blew my load into her hot wetness as she came all over my dick with a small scream. As we lay there I took my dick out, and it dripped my cum and her cum all over her stomach. I lay down on top of her and kissed her passionately. I slapped her ass and her titties around a bit more and she giggled.
Best day ever. (BTW. . . she was on the pill)


Lisa and I broke up a few weeks after that. . . I guess a freshman girl dating a junior pedophile (who only goes after freshman) is more cooler than dating a freshman guy. I was heartbroken. For 3 months I didn't talk to anyone.

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  . . But after a friend sat me down and talked to me about it. . . I was fine. But now I hate girls. As friends they are fine, but as something more. . . they can fuck you over. So until I find someone who's worth the trouble. . . Girls can go fuck themselves.

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