My Girlfriend's Sister


Our sex life only consisted of touching, rubbing, licking, and feeling. Just about everything but going all the way. I put my hand up her shirt and cupped her breast, moving the other down to her pants. I slid my hand down her pants, slowly over her pubic hair. I gently rubbed her pussy, teasing her clit. "Can I eat you out?" I asked her with a pleading mouth. I wanted to taste her, to feel her. She nodded yes, and I slowly pulled down her shorts and panties.
The smell of her pussy was overwhelming. It made my cock stand on end. I loved the way her pussy smells, and the way her juices taste. I slowly took my tongue and rolled it up and down the entire length of her pussy.
Suddenly I was interrupted.
"What are you doing?" Said Carrie walking through her door. Kristy and I sat there shocked.

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  . . " I started to say. "I was just looking. " I tried to cover up.
"Yeah, he was just looking. " Said Kristy.
"Oh. Don't worry. I won't tell anyone. Have sex, do whatever. You just might want to close the door. " Said Carrie.
"You're not going to tell anyone are you?" I asked.

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   But I have a question. " She said. "Have you two ever. . . had sex before?"
"No. " Said Kristy.
"Oh ok. " Carrie replied. Carrie looked a lot like her sister. She had slightly smaller breasts than Kristy, but shared the same features otherwise. I began to look at her sister in a different way.
"Are you two going to continue?" She asked us.
"Yes. " Said Kristy.

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". . . Can I stick around and watch?" Said Carrie.
"If you promise not to say anything to anyone. " Kristy told her.
"I promise. " She replied to her sister.
Carrie came over and sat in a chair a few feet away from the bed. Once again I pulled down Kristy's panties. I spread her pussy lips with my fingers so I could gaze at her dripping wet cunt. It was amazing. She put her hands on the back of my head and pushed me toward her pussy.
It was a whole new world having someone watch, it turned me on. Her sister sat on the edge of her seat, eyes glued on what I was doing.

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I felt Kristy shake and I knew she was about to come. She rocked her hips and grinded her cunt against my face. Her whole body shook and then she relaxed.
"Oh that was good. " She said, slowly pulling up her pants.
"Does it feel good?" Asked Carrie.
"Yes, it feels wonderful. " She replied.
We were done, and Carrie returned to her room. Me and Kristy exchanged glances, and a quick smile.
"Kristy!" Her mom called her downstairs. She leaned over and gave me a kiss, and said she will be right back.
I sat on her bed listening to the radio when her sister called me.
"Hey James, can you help me with something?" She called.

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  " I said walking into her room. She stood by her bed and had a pile of clothes on the floor. She was wearing a small tank top that was low cut. I could see her cleavage, and was turned on by her sight.
"Do you like this top? Or should I change it?" She asked showing me some more clothes.
"Well, I dunno. What kind of look are you looking for?" I replied.
"I'm not sure. How 'bout this top?" She asked me, holding up a red shirt. Before I could answer she lifted the tank top over her head, and dropped it on the floor. I could see her shapely breasts and the curves through the bra. She put the red shirt on and smiled.
"It's ok. It's not like you haven't seen boobs before. .

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  and even so, I still had my bra on. " She said.
"yea. . I know. " I said, still startled.
"Well if you wanted I could show you my boobs. " She said, starting to put her hands on her breasts.
"No, it's ok. " I said.
"Really, if you want to see them. Here. . I'll show you anyway. " She said.

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   She took of her shirt, then put her hands behind her back. "Ready?" She said teasingly. She unhooked the bra, and slowly let it drop.
Her breasts were perky, and her nipples were hard. She had pretty big tits for her age. Kristy's were bigger, but there was something about Carrie that turned me on, the same thing that happens when I look at Kristy.
"You can touch them if you want to. " She said. She took my hands and placed them against herself. I put some pressure on her chest and then backed off.
"It's not right Carrie. " I said backing away. "It's not you, it's because I'm dating your sister. "
Kristy came backup stairs to find me sitting on her bed. Hours past, then Carrie came into her room.

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"Kristy, can you help me. . you know I can't bend over very well because I just got my belly button pierced, and I need help shaving my legs. " She said.
"Yeah, I'll be there in a few. Hun I'll be back. " She said to me.
"No it's ok, James can come too. " Carrie said.
I followed Kristy and Carrie into the upstairs bathroom. Carrie moved toward the tub, and Kristy followed. Carrie pulled down her pants, and stood at the tub with her panties on. I watched Carrie put one leg on the side of the tub, and Kristy applied shaving cream then running the razor along her leg.
"Hang on, let's see if this helps. " Carrie removed her panties exposing her pussy.

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   Her cunt had grown some hair, but wasn't as hairy as her sisters.
"Carrie! What are you doing?" Asked Kristy.
"Well he's already seen your pussy, so what's the difference. " She said.
"Just hold still so I don't cut you. " replied Kristy. I just stood back watching it happen, trying to control my dick from standing on end.
"Kristy, how can you tell if you're horny?" Asked Carrie.
"Well, you get a strange feeling. . " She started to say, then Carrie interrupted her.
"I think I'm horny now. " She said. She started to rub her pussy with a finger. "I don't know about you Kristy, but I want to get fucked.

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   Can I borrow James?" She asked.
Kristy finished up Carrie's legs, then told Carrie and I to follow her. We went into her bedroom and shut the door.
"I want to be fucked too. " Said Kristy. "Is you're cock up for it?" She asked in a playful mood.
"You fuckin bet. " I replied.
"Hey, it was my idea, I want to get fucked too!" Said Carrie.
"I'll let James fuck you after we fuck. " She said.
Kristy pushed me down on her bed and I sat against her headboard, she sat on my lap with her legs around me. I grabbed at her ass and breasts. We kissed hard and fast.
I took off her shirt and she took off mine.


   Carrie removed her shirt, bra, and pants. She came on the bed and sat next to Kristy in her panties.
I laid Kristy so she was flat on her back, and kissed right below her bra, and my lips moved down. I slipped off her bra, and I took off my pants. My dick came into view, and I could see Carrie was anxious.
I slipped Kristy's shorts off, and pulled her panties down with my teeth. I licked her pussy a few times, and placed myself between her knees. She wrapped her legs around me, and I held my dick between her pussy lips. I held her tight, and pushed my dick all the way in. She let out a gasp of pleasure, and soon my hips started to rock back and forth, and her hips grinded against my thrusts.
Her breasts bounced a bit as I continued to fuck her pussy. It wasn't long before both of us were starting to feel it. It was coming.
"Oh I don't want it to end!" Screamed Kristy.

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  . I want to fuck you harder!" I replied.
Faster and faster we moved until her pussy lips tightened around my cock, and I shot my load inside her. She slowly removed herself from me, and laid down next to me.
"Your turn lil sis. " She said.
Kristy remained pressed up against my right side, and I laid on my back. Carrie climbed on top of me, and grinded her pussy against my dick through her panties. I reached up and grabbed her breasts, massaging them and teasing the nipples. I pinched softly, and took one in my mouth. She stood around me on her knees, and pulled her panties down. Her pussy was dripping wet, and my cock was harder than ever.
My fantasy was coming true; I was fucking my girlfriend, and her sister in the same night. Carrie moved herself, and took my cock in her hands. She pointed it towards her hole, and sat on top of me.

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   It was tight, warm, and wet.
She moved up and down on my rod. Her breasts bounced like her sister's had, and her tits shook whenever I met her thrust. I wanted to go deeper and deeper. It was killing me.
"Oh Kristy this feels so good. He’s so big. . " Said Carrie.
Suddenly she arched her back and I could tell she was ready to cum. I felt my balls tighten as I shot my load deep within her tiny hole.
She shuddered and collapsed against me. She moved to my left side, and the three of us sat cuddling on Kristy's bed. After that episode, we repeat our processes occasionally, sometimes in different areas. Carrie and Kristy get along better now, and we three are open to each other more, and the best thing is, I don't have to have Kristy around to fuck Carrie, Kristy gave me permission.

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   So sometimes I'll go off with Carrie and fuck her alone.
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