my little red headed neighbor and my friend matt... the final story of the tirlogy


 After I had left macis house that night i must have masturbated two or three more times afterwards. I couldnt contain myself for the next night to come around so that i could feel her body on me. . . and this time matts too. I had told my parents that i needed to invite matt over because we had to finish a project for anatomy. something about muscles. i really dont remember it anymore. i called him up and invited him telling him that he was in for a big big suprise later on in the evening.
He eventually came over around 9 or so and asked what the suprise was and i told him that he was just going to have to be quiet. but be sure that he didnt mention anythng about it in front of my parents. we than headed down to my den (which was thankfully soundproof) and played video games and such for a couple hours. at around twelve thirty or so my mom came down stairs telling me that her and my father were going to bed and for us to behave ourselves. i told her not to worry and that we were going to be like little angels.
At around two or so i heard a light rapping at the garage door and knew it was my special visitor. i opened up the door and let maci in.

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   she was wearing a white cami again with clearly no bra on cus since it was cold out her nipples were fairly erect. and than she was wearing a blue pair of cheering shorts that said cheer on the back (since she was a cheerleader and all) that came up so high that they showed the bottom folds of her ass. i could tell sh e was wearing no underwear under that either. her beautiful red hair was pulled back into a pony tail with a couple curls falling here and there which gave her an already desheveled appearence. she walked up to me and got on her tippy toes and gave me a peck on the cheek and grabbed my hand and led me into my own den. she had been over a couple times before to watch movies with me and a bunch of other friends so she knew her way around fairly expertly.
we went into the den and standing there in suprise was matt. he looked maci up and down and than looked over to me and asked me if she was the suprise. i told him yes and he looked her up and down again and just stared blankly. she than let go of my hand and slowly walked over to matt and got on her tippy toes like she had with me and gave him a great big kiss too. she than pushed him down onto a chair and stratled him and began to make out with him furiously. i didnt know why but all of this was making me eroused. her grinding him and nibbling his ears and neck and letting him run his hands all over his body. i knew he must be erect too cus i saw her starting to adjust herself on him. he was much more endowed than me.

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   he was about 8 and a half inches long and close to 3 inches thick. we had shown eachothers before for comparriosn and i remember how ashamed i was of my little half foot pecker.
she than b roke her kiss and got off of him leaving him confused and amazed again. she than pulled out my futon so it was in its bed form and got under the covers. she was completly covered by the white sheet for a couple seconds and you could visibly see alot of tossing and turning underneath. when she reappeared she threw the shorts and cammi across the room and asked us if wed both derobe too for her. we both obliged and were very shortly standing there next to eachother completly naked. she told me that the only way that either of us was going to get to have sex with her that night was is if i gave matt head. she told me that i was going to have to do it beacuase i had already fucked her before and it would only be fair.
matt had a worried look on his face as did i but i knew that i was super horny at this time and i would do absolutly anything to be able to fuck her again. so i motioned matt to sit onto the seat and got onto my knees. i very cautiously began to take his penis into my mouth. i knew i wouldnt be able to take the whole thing so i just got as much as i could which was about 3 and a half inches or so. i knew he was liking it because he had put his hand onmye head and began to try and shove my mouth farther down, but me being the stronger one of us two i was able to prevent any of his failed attempts. i wanted this to be over as soon as possible so i decided that iwas going to make him cum.

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   i grabbed hiss balls gently and started to lick the top of his head and i felt his balls tighten and than before i could move out of the way he splooged all over my face. i even got a little into my mouth. it didnt taste too terrible but it was definatly not a thing i wanted in my mouth again.
i looked over to maci and she had at this point had the top of the sheet in her mouth and she was clenching on it hard. i could tell that she was also finger fucking herself under the sheet and was enjoying herself incredibally. she managaed to say "now brian. . . fuck matt. . . in the asss. . . .

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   pleeeeeease. . . if you do. . . ill do anything. . . . you ask me too. . . . no matter what.

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  . . " and with that i knew that matt was going to probably back out of this all. but to my suprise when i turned to him he was hunched over ready to take it. he said that he was so horny right now that he would do anything to get into her hot cunt.
so with that i walked up to him and spit into my hand and started lubricating my dick. i than gently pushed it into his ass until it would go no further. he was in visible pain but i think he was starting to enjoy it some what. i slowly began the in and out motion in his ass and was up and running in no time. all three of us were screaming at this point. all screams of pleasure. before i knew what i was doing i was whacking him off and kissing hte back of his neck while fucking him in the ass and all i could hear was maci screamingin ecstacy behind us. i felt him tense up again and than splooge all over the floor and soonly i did too all in his ass. i didnt even have time to pull out. it was by far one of the most incredible cum loads i had ever had in recent memory.

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   i than pulled out and sat there lying next to him.
i looked up and saw maci standing in front of the both of us with the sheet wrapped around her. she than dropped it all of a sudden like and let it drop on to the ground at her feet. she stood there completly exposed and completly shaven from the waste down. She then proceeded to drop to her knees and take a cock in each hand. she started jerking us off at the same time. i looked over at matt and i saw that he was in complete ecstacy and so was i. i than remembered that maci said that since i fucked matt up the butt me and him could pick to do anything we wanted to her so i wanted to see what my little neighbor slut was really capable of.
i told her to stop and for her to stand up. next me and matt got on either side of her. me in the front and matt in the back. i than had maci jump on to me and wrap her legs around me so i could fuck her while matt fucked her in the ass. we began to fill her her up with our hungry cocks and it wasnt soon before her head was thrashing from side to side and she was screaming at the top of her lungs in sheer love of being fucked in two different holes. She began to bite down hard on my shoulder which pushed me over the edge so i ended up shooting ropes upon ropes of hot sticky come into her hungry twat. soon after matt began to shoot into her ass.

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   we dropped her onto the ground and let her stay there to regain herself.
she was lying there covered in cum and aching all over from taking our two thick dicks at the same time. i told her to spoon the cum out of her ass and cunt and to eat it all like she did for me the first time and she happily obliged. i told matt to go and run upstairs and take a shower and id stay down and help her clean up. after matt was upstairs i decided to cash in on my allowance to do anything to her i wanted coupon so i told her that i was going to fuck her so hard she was going to cry. i told her to lay down on the futon and to spread her lets as wide as possible. she was in dance classes so she was doing a perfect split for me. i than postitioned my self on top of her and gave her a humungous thrust from the get go. i heard her yelp and than she was fine again. Next i pushed down on her knees to spread her even farder and than i continued to thrust into her even harder and harder. i was balling her brains out. she began to scream and yell and she even began to cry. she was practically screaming bloody murder when i finally came deep inside of her one more time.
i rolled off of her and than looked her in her face and instantly fell sorry for what i had done. she had streams of tears flowing down her face and she seemed in exreme pain.

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   i began to kiss her tears and told her that this was a one time thing and was never going to happen again. she said she wasnt crying cus of pain because she was so happy that she was fucked so nicely. i got red instantly and grew very bashful all of a sudden. she told me that she was giong to have to go now cus her parents might figure out she left. so she cleaned herself off, gave my cock a nice big kiss, and than stradled me and gave me a nice full kiss on the lips and walked back to her house bare ass naked just carying her booty shorts and beater in hand. i fell asleep on the futon shortly after she left. it was one of the best nights i slept ina long time. and the only dream i had was the next time i was gonna be able to fuck my little red headed neighbor.